[Discussion] There needs to be a federal jobs program for those affected by the virus; especially for recent graduates.

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One of my children just graduated from college and they were set to be employed, but all that is gone because of the coronavirus.

And I am assuming that this feeling of uncertainty and anxiety is also on everyone's minds.

If the federal government is not going to give all adults $ 2,000 a month then at the very least there needs to be a jobs program, for young people at the very least.

Agree? Disagree?

Let's discuss!

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Primary contests are going to continue to get postponed – THE DEMOCRATIC RACE WILL LIKELY BE DECIDED ON JUNE 2. So tell everyone you know in these states about Joe Biden’s terrible record on Social Security, student loans, mass incarceration, segregation, gay marriage, Iraq War, and exporting jobs.

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Reach out to people you know in these states and tell them you want them to vote for Bernie.

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Wyoming Send this form here by MARCH 20th. Vote early here on MARCH 28th. Vote 4/4.

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Sanders on bringing jobs back to the us for national security reasons?

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Ignoring the nationalistic views of America First™ for a minute.

Does Sanders have a position on brining some production back to the US for national security reasons? Thing like basic medications have fragile supply lines which are easily disrupted by issues in or with foreign governments.

I've fleshed it out here: link, but TL;DR: Has Sanders spoken about economic intervention for the purpose of national security?

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Are there any good arguments against the criticisms of Bernie’s Federal Jobs Guarantee?

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Hi everyone! I've recently been cycling through the Sanders, Yang, and Warren platforms. Not sure who I'll vote for yet, but I think some compelling arguments have been made against Bernie's Federal Jobs guarantee that I haven't seen addressed. Just hoping you guys can offer me a perspective I haven't seen, and clear up any possible confusion I might have 🙂

  1. What if you don't like the job the government assigns you? When you're at the point of being assigned a job by the gov, it seems you have no other options.
  2. What if you're a bad worker? This is intended to combat unemployment, so I'm assuming it would be very hard for a person to be fired. And having a bunch of unproductive workers on staff is harmful to the programs they are a part of.
  3. This is a bit of a multi-parter. What are the long-term prospects of such a federal program, when the data shows that 47% of total employment in the United States is at “high risk” of automation (i.e. in an occupation with at least a 70% chance of automation) in the next decade or two? What is the purpose of hiring humans to perform jobs where AI/robots are cheaper and more efficient? What jobs is Bernie envisioning being available that wouldn't be more easily and cheaply handled by private contractors? And thinking long term, would there even be enough jobs available a decade or two down the line for such a large program to be useful?
  4. Why create more complicated bureaucracy, rather than just giving people the resources they need and allowing them to make their own decisions (such as with a UBI)? It seems that under Sanders' Jobs and housing plans, people in poverty are no longer capable of individualistic decision-making (at least in terms of their core needs, such as jobs and housing), and most of their life is at the mercy of the federal government.

Sorry if any of these have already been debunked; just looking to ensure I have all the information and points of view before I make any final decisions 🙂

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Policy Question: If a Federal Jobs Guarantee goes into effect, what happens to the economy during a federal shutdown?

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Random facts regarding federal shutdowns:

  • 13 federal shutdowns since 1981
  • The most recent shutdown in 2018/2019 was 35 days (even throughout the Christmas holiday) with an estimated loss of $ 11 billion.
    • ~800,00 federal employees (380,000 on furloughed pay, the rest working without pay)
    • Furloughed pay puts an estimated 60% of employees at risk of missing rent and bills as most Americans can't pay for an unexpected $ 400/500 bill

To my understanding, a FJG would substantially increase the number of federal employees, putting more families at risk during a federal shutdown.

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Can anybody point me to a resource where Bernie’s Job’s Guarantee is really fleshed out?

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Specifically, I'm curious about the logistical aspects. Bernie's in my first tier definitely (I waited in line for literally 4 hours to vote for him in the primaries last cycle!), but I'm admittedly a little skeptical about the practicality of this. The two main points I'm caught up on:

  1. How do we create the right number of jobs in the right places? (Un / Under)employed people exist in every town and city in every state in the country. If the entire target population for a federally guaranteed job existed in one area, then okay, easy! Solar cell manufacturing plant right there and voila. But since (un / under)employment is totally diffused throughout the country, where do we put jobs (and which ones) exactly?Obviously we can't build a manufacturing plant in every township in the country. Would we just have like central hubs that people commute to? I live in rural Utah in a town of <5000 people and the nearest thing even resembling a city is an hour away. Would I just have to make that kind of commute every day? Or is there some other way to create localized work that I'm not seeing?
  2. How do you match people to jobs in a way that actually suits their particular skills, interests, or requirements? If we do figure out how to create the right number of jobs in the right places, can we also provide people with choices? Do we just guarantee a job? Like there's just the one and take it or leave it? What if the one kind of job that can be made available to me is totally misaligned with what I find rewarding or even tolerable? What if the job makes me miserable? Like do I apply for a transfer and have to relocate or something? Or just go back to my options in the "free" market (which clearly weren't working if I needed a federally guaranteed job in the first place).

Anybody want to think out loud about this or point me somewhere discussing either the logistical issue (point one) or the like experiential side of all this (point two)?

Thanks! <3

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