All of Bernies endorsed candidates won. All of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezs endorsed candidates won. All but one of Our Revolutions six endorsed candidate won. All three Justice Democrats endorsed candidates won. Main Stream Media………

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  • Tammy Baldwin WI – Senator VT
  • Randy Bryce WI 1st – House of Representatives
  • Peter Welch VT – House of Representatives
  • Ilhan Omar MN 5th – House of Representatives
  • Keith Ellison MN – Attorney General
  • Christine Hallquist VT – Governor
  • Bernie Sanders VT – SEN
  • Emilie Kornheiser VT House Representative
  • Mari Cordes VT House Representative

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[OC] Justice Democrats with a realistic/guaranteed chance to win their primaries today.

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Kansas 3rd – Brent Welder – Brent is surging in the polls and was even on CNN last night. Here is an August 4th poll that strongly favors Brent winning his primary. I place his chances of winning at 85%

Kansas 4th – James Thompson – Thompson won his primary in the special election in 2017 and nearly won the district that was heavily GOP held. He faces Laura Lombard who came in a distant 3rd in the special election primary. Thompson like Welder had the benefit of Bernie and AOC campaigning on his behalf with rallies in Kansas. He should win his primary comfortably. I place his chances of winning at 95%.

Michigan Governor's Race – Abdul El-Sayed – AES like Welder and Thompson had Bernie rallying for him. However he is in less of an advantageous position compared to the aforementioned others. His opponent is pulling in tons of cash and is currently polling anywhere from 5-10 points ahead of Abdul. I would place his chances of winning at 45%

Michigan 1st – Matt Morgan – Morgan is in a very peculiar position. He isn't even on the ballot. However NO Democrat is. He simply needs to achieve a certain threshold of write in votes, which he said (in an interview with Cenk Uygur) he is very confident he will do based on internals. I place his chances of advancing at 90%

Michigan 2nd – Robert Davidson – Robert is running unopposed in his primary. Not much else to say, other than he will be the Democratic nominee in November. His chances of winning are 100%

Michigan 6th – David Benac – David is currently the lowest funded candidate of 4 candidates in his primary. The most recent filings have him 5 times less money than 3rd, 6 times less money than 2nd, and 14 times less money than 1st. Based on this alone, in a crowded primary, I place his chances of advancing at 10%.

Michigan 11th – Fayrouz Saad – Ms. Saad is up against 3 establishment candidates which in theory sounds good for her if they split the vote. However a late July poll had her polling in 4th at 10%. I place her chances of winning at 20%.

Michigan 13th – Rashida Tlaib – Tlaib currently boasts the most fundraising money, however she is up against John Conyers Jr's great nephew. This could come into play because of the last name and familial connection. There is little polling out, but Tlaib seems to be in the thick of it. I place her chances of winning at 40%

Missouri 1st – Cori Bush – Even with the help of AOC and Nina Turner, the push may not be enough for Bush. The incumbent Dem is fairly popular and in his last primary challenge he won over 65% of the vote. Bush may pull an upset like AOC, but there is no information to accurately predict such. I place her chances of winning at 25%

Missouri 7th – Jamie Schoolcraft – I have found nothing on any of the candidates relating to polling, buzz, or any of the sort. I decided to go with purely twitter followers and Schoolcraft is in 3rd in that regard (because 1 person did not have a twitter). I will not predict this race, it's impossible based on the information.

Washington 3rd – Dorothy Gasque – Dorothy was interviewed by Cenk Uygur yesterday and commented on how a lot of her campaigning has been stonewalled on social media because of her combat photos of her prior military service. Based on what I gathered she is in the running vs the Incumbent and Carolyn Long. I place her chance of winning at 40%

Washington 7th – Pramila Jayapal – One of the few current sitting JD candidates up for reelection. She is running only against 1 other candidate, a Republican, so she will be the Democratic nominee in November. **I place her chances of winning at 100%

Washington 9th – Sarah Smith – Sarah is an excellent candidate. However she faces 2 issues in her primary. She is running against a popular Democratic incumbent and a repeat runner on the GOP side. Her problem becomes, can she take enough votes from 2 people who may already have the name recognition and foothold to place top 2 and advance to the general election. I place her chances of advancing at 30%

That's all the JD's up for election today. Remember to go vote! Hopefully all of these candidates listed win!

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Help Justice Democrat Brent Welder raise enough money to fund digital ads ahead of his primary!

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Email from Brent Welder:

If I’m going to be transparent with you, it’s important to me to tell you when we hit our budget, and when we don’t. As you know, we have been spending aggressively to make sure our progressive message gets out to as many voters as possible, and to pay for literature, meals, etc., for all of our hundreds of amazing new volunteers. In fact, as of Monday night, our account was virtually empty.

Tomorrow we need to wire out another $ 40,572 to finish paying for our tv and digital ads through election day (you have to do this several days before they actually air). Yesterday, your generous response raised us $ 19,338 – leaving us $ 21,234 short.

The good news: If we can match what we raised yesterday (plus a little more frankly) then we will be able to stay on track with what we think we need to win this race. Obviously we’ll continue to have other campaign costs associated with our big GOTV/field operation, but this bill tomorrow represents the biggest chunk left for us in this primary.

Even this will not get us as many ads as those being bought by the “Super PAC” multi-millionaire funding our opponent’s campaign – but it will get our progressive message out. I firmly believe it’s the winning message, and I know you agree. I don’t accept corporate PAC money – but I have YOU (and I wouldn’t trade that for the world!!)

You already know that the eyes of the nation are watching. We’ve now had over 22,000 donations in this campaign, and every single one adds up tremendously. I know I’ve asked so much of you recently, and throughout this campaign. But we’ve come this far and if we’re going to win we need to finish this off right. If you can afford to, can you donate again to our cause? It would mean the world to me, our campaign, and the progressive movement nationwide. And most importantly, to the millions who need Medicare for All, a $ 15 minimum wage, and need our help to wrestle their voice back from the Wall Street billionaires.

You can make your donation at this link:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart,


P.S. This is a grassroots driven campaign. Whether you can afford to donate or not, and no matter where you live, please continue volunteering, it's more important now than ever!

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