Tim Pool:”I was a fan of Bernie Sanders until he said white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor.” Joe Rogan:”That’s hilarious, go to WV and visit the fucking coal miners.” WVian here. He DID, and it’s on video. He asked white people from WV’s poorest county to explain poverty on camera.

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Tim Pool was on JRE a couple days ago and said the above statement. Rogan assumed what Pool said was true and just ran with it. What's hilarious is he brought up WV, my home state, and said Sanders should visit to learn about poverty for white people.

As someone who followed Bernie for a long time, I can attest that he visited West Virginia many times, and he visited our poorest county, McDowell, 3 times. He hosted 2 events drawing attention to poverty in the area, both before and after those "white people can't be poor" comments. I think the gaffe in question was really him badly phrasing an argument about ghettos. Ghettos are definitionally racial creations. It’s true that white people in America don't know what it's like to be poor members OF A GHETTO. That's different from saying white people can't be poor in general.

It's not possible that Sanders would believe there was no such thing as white poverty, BEFORE, DURING(this one's a 1.5 hour seminar almost on poverty in WV's southern coalfields. And Sanders makes it clear the point of it is to give the people of McDowell a voice), and AFTER his presidential run(and that gaffe), he has been drawing public awareness to one of the worst areas for white poverty in the country. More than that, he gave the people of McDowell a microphone and asked them to speak about their own experiences relating to living their lives in poverty.

People should give others the benefit of the doubt if something is said at face value that contradicts everything they've stood for before and after what was said. I think Sanders's comments were just a gaffe resulting from clumsy word choice. I think context + Sanders's clear history prove he believes in white poverty and is concerned about it. Finally I think some lazy-minded people looking to confirm their own pre-conceived biases screened Sanders's word choice to make him look like he didn't care about poor white people, when that's obviously not true.

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Tim Pool on JRE: “I was a big fan of Bernie Sanders . . . [until he said] white people don’t know what it’s like to be poor.” Joe Rogan: “That’s hilarious, go to WV and visit the . . . coal miners.” WVian here. He DID. Watch this 1.5 hr event he hosted in McDowell County, WV, on white poverty.

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Tim Pool on JRE: "I was a big fan of Bernie Sanders . . . [until he said] white people don't know what it's like to be poor." Joe Rogan: "That's hilarious, go to WV and visit the . . . coal miners." WVian here. He DID. Watch this 1.5 hr event he hosted in McDowell County, WV, on white poverty. submitted by /u/Gardnerr12
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How Do We Know That Bernie Sanders Must Run and Win? By the Ridiculous and Blatant Disrespect Shown By The Democratic Party.

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The ostrich with its head in the sand act of the Democratic Party has now reached epically absurd proportions.

No Democrats, looking the other way does not make the most popular senator in America simply disappear. Instead it makes you look awfully silly.

This disregard is also proof positive that Bernie Sanders must run for the Democratic nomination.

It is a very strange thing indeed when a political party's entire public agenda can be traced back to a single politician and that politician is never named. Not on MSNBC, not on CNN, not by any of the Democrats who populate those networks all day, not by any of the mainstream Democratic pundits. Is this supposed to be some sort of Sunshine of the Spotless Mind of politics?

Well, my memories are not erased. I remember 2016. I remember what happened and how important it was.

How important? So important that we are now treated to the disorienting sight of the entire army that viciously attacked Sanders in 2016 now mouthing his ideas as if they were their own less than two years later.

Of course I'm fine with that. Spreading these ideas was always the point, but then why the continual disrespect and smearing of the good senator?

The bad-faith efforts to smear Sanders as a racist, a sexist, or simply as if he did not exist at all are ugly and immoral. Ugly. And immoral.

It is one thing to ignore the liberal in the race and say he can't win. It is entirely another to lose the philosophical argument, steal all of those ideas as they become ascendant, not because of you but in spite of you, and then smear the man whose life work was pushing for those ideas while you mocked and ignored him. Bernie Sanders worked in obscurity for thirty years to bring those ideas to the country that he loves.

When one watches the media refer to AOC, another great American hero as far as I'm concerned, as the Democratic Socialist, as the one with the ideas, as perhaps the future of the party, without so much as mentioning Sanders, the obviousness of this ruse becomes glaring. You will mention the 29-year-old freshman congresswoman, a month in office and not even old enough to run for president without mentioning the 77-year-old senator on whose campaign AOC first became active, involved, and inspired? Why is that?

If the Democrats were so determined to create a Medicare for All healthcare system, demand a living wage for American workers, tax the rich and corporations at much higher rates, and make public college tuition free, then why this endless mistreatment of Sanders?

It wouldn't be hard to treat him as the elder statesman that he obviously is, to simply mention his name in a positive light when discussing the changes taking place in the party. Not only would it not be hard, it would be smart: disrespecting him is disrespecting the millions of Americans who supported him in 2016 and support him now. So why don't they do it?

There is one reason: They are afraid of him because he is serious about these issues and will actually work hard to make them a reality. Which logically leads to the conclusion that Democrats are not serious about these issues and won't work for them once in office. Nancy Pelosi was caught just a few days ago assuring the insurance industry that Medicare for All is nothing for them to worry about.

If the Democratic Party had any intention of fighting for the working people of America they could afford to treat Senator Sanders with decency. Hell, they could afford to let him run for the nomination without all of the lies and ugliness and let the best woman or man win. They could even—God forbid!—see him win and be happy with it.

They can't simply because they are as determined as they ever were to protect the moneyed interests that they have supported for the last quarter century. What other reason could there be for this absurd and painfully obvious Kabuki theater? And that makes all of their talk about bank regulation and Medicare for All pretty little lies.

The silence and scorn heaped on Sanders by the very people who now shamelessly ape his every word prove that he is the one authentic leader in this country. He is the person who can win the nomination and beat Donald Trump. He is the leader who can bring a better life to working-class Americans everywhere.

Senator Sanders, I implore you. Run.

tldr: Bernie 2020

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We know Bernie will remain above the fray. It’s our **responsibility** to destroy our opponent’s campaigns and credibility with the electorate.

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We'd like to think 2020 will be easier for Bernie because he now has name recognition, is still the most well liked politician in the country and his policy agenda has been forced into the mainstream. But superdelegates still exist and they'll decide the election if Bernie doesn't win 50% +1 of the vote in the state primaries/caucuses. If it goes to the supers, we lose. It doesn't matter if Bernie wins 45% of the vote and everyone else gets less than 10%. We will be overridden by the supers and so we can't afford to let the vote go to a 2nd round.

Preventing the superdelegates from voting means absolutely crushing our opponents and winning the primaries in a landslide of at least 50% +1 vote. Achieving 50% with only 2 people running (like 2016) is unavoidable. But the establishment is flooding 2020 with fake progressive candidates to try to dilute the vote to make sure that nobody gets 50% so their superdelegates get to pick another corporate Democrat (likely Kamala Harris) as the nominee.

We face many obstacles. The Democratic Party is against us. The mainstream media is against us. We'll have to deal with more "ballot shortages" in Bernie strongholds, surprise rule changes that hurt us and help the corporate candidates, voter suppression and other election rigging by the Democrats. So we need to be willing to take the gloves off and ruin our opponents by incessantly digging into and exposing their actual records and inconsistencies. We don't need to lie and smear like they do to us. We have facts on our side. We just need to get them out there 24/7 because nobody else is going to do it for us. We can't play nice with our opponents. Just to be clear, not playing nice doesn't mean playing dirty but it does mean going for the jugular.

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