Bernie should make another video statement and talk about his new War legislation

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We are hanging by a thread on war with Iran, with Trump's sudden approval of a strike (that he pulled out of) . I don't want to have another war. Iraq was terrible, and I truly believe this will be worse. We need Bernie's help again. We need him to make an agressive action to stop this war. I am not sure what he will need to do, but I think another video would be very good, maybe he could have help with some other Dem candidates in it? This is bigger than making a political statement. We need agressive action now! What do you think we should do?

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Please Support Bernie The Most Feminist Candidate With The Most Legislation That Supports Women!

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Why do you think so many women are supportive of Bernie? Bernie Sanders has a decades record of supporting woman! Do you want a candidate that is female or supports, writes legislation and has policies that would benefit women? Bernie bros is a term to discount the millions of woman and POC that support Bernie.

Are you a senior woman on medicare? Bernie will make your medicare better with no more co payments, lower costs for prescription and dental , hearing and vision covered. No more premiums

Are you a pregnant woman… well maternity costs even with great insurance can bankrupt you. If there are any complications…. get ready for giant maternity bills. Universal pre- k ?-Bernie has that! Are you thinking of going to college? College for All! Are you a woman with a pension ? Bernie does not want pensions to get cut. Are you worried about medicare or S.S. getting cut… well Biden did cut medicare and social security already. Most of all do you want clean drinking water and a healthy environment- Bernie has been fighting for the environment for decades. Are you a woman in a job with low pay and poor working conditions? Bernie is fighting for you. Bernie is the feminist choice! Please donate $ 3 to Bernie either here at SFP donation link

or Bernie's campaign site

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