The Bernie episode on Joe Rogans podcast is now the 8th most viewed episode of JRE at 8.3 million views! Do you think we can share that video enough to get it to 13.5 million and pass Ben Shapiro to get into 3rd place all time!? Let’s atleast try! #FeelTheBern

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I know it might be cheesy but that video has brought a lot of centrists to our side and I think it would add some cache to Bernie’s starpower and it’ll motivate him to get on more long form podcasts!

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Y’all saw the NYT heat map. Let’s step it up with an extra special weekend moneybomb to smash the $200,000 mark on our sidebar money meter. Come get your limited edition 🤑 flair!

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We are less than $ 4,000 away from hitting $ 200,000 in donations originating from our donation link. We think we can hit that with ease.


Post your donation receipt with a timestamp later than the timestamp on this post and we will grant you with the money-mouth face (🤑) flair as a reminder of your contribution to this wonderful week for Bernie.

  • Masterful debate performance ✔️
  • NYT heat map lit up in Bernie blue ✔️
  • Our community digs deep to start August off with a bang ❓

Let's go!

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As House passes $15 minimum wage, let’s acknowledge a politician who fought hard his entire career to increase national minimum wage

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Progressives shouldn’t take the establishment’s bait and divide ourselves up – but we also shouldn’t pretend Warren is the same as Bernie. Let’s discuss how to achieve this balance

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Tl;dr at the bottom if you can't spare 3 minutes

Anyone who's looked at polling this year knows that, the way things are now, Bernie and Warren supporters need to eventually unite by a meaningful degree to beat Biden.

Anyone who's read MSM news – and heard discussions among online Trump supporters – knows that our opponents on the center- and far-right are actively trying to play Bernie and Warren against each other in an effort to divide the left and nominate Biden and re-elect Trump. They're not exactly hiding their strategy.

And yet, we can't sit idle when both bad-faith actors and well-meaning progressives pass on the idea that Warren is a younger, female Bernie with all of his boons and none of his downsides:

  • Bernie is doing much better in head-to-head polling vs. Trump
  • He's much more trusted among the people, thanks to his decades-long steadfast track record
  • The must-win swing states in the Rust Belt (WI, MI, PA; also MN) are some of his strongest areas of support
  • His campaign infrastructure and volunteer network is much better-equipped to take on Trump's massive, multi-billion-dollar re-election campaign
  • He's still leading Warren in most polls, and his supporters are the least likely to support another nominee

I could go on, but I'm preaching to the choir here. And this isn't the point of this topic. From what I've seen, the great majority of this sub are level-headed and nuanced enough to reconcile that Bernie is better than Warren, but that for us to damage her candidacy (and her supporters' opinion of us) is a bad idea.

Still, what I'm seeing happen right now in way too many places is (people claiming to be) Bernie and Warren supporters harshly attacking each other's candidates. Warren is getting called an establishment shill, Bernie is having all these microwaved 2016 smears thrown at him, etc. If this exchange is what ends up terminating the candidacy of one of these candidates, do you see that person's supporters happily crossing over to the other candidate? Because I don't.

And that gets us back to the establishment strategy. Promoting Warren and continually insisting she's taking our support forces our hand, which (particularly after Bernie has been so liberally attacked by so many people) easily boils over into unreasonable levels of paranoia and anger.


So, Tl;dr: How do we combine 1. the promoting of Bernie as the best candidate with 2. the treating of Warren and her supporters with enough respect to facilitate progressive unity to defeat Biden?

And how do we do this in a way that is easy to explain to Bernie supporters everywhere, so they don't go making undue attacks, or sit idly by and let Bernie's candidacy be downplayed?

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With Bernie set to hold a policy address on Democratic Socialism this Wednesday – let’s discuss Democratic Socialism & Social Democracy

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I've seen a lot of people posing "That's not socialism, that's social democracy".

They're right. Sort of.

Many members of Social Democratic parties in Europe, for example, also believe in Democratic Socialism.

It's essentially a theory of change and a mindset. "Democratic Socialism" isn't necessarily a system at all – in my own opinion.

Individual policies can fit inside a Democratic Socialist mold though, such as Single Payer (removing insurance from private industry and placing it under public/state "ownership") but I believe they will either lead to a Social Democracy – or if things are working out well.. True Socialism.

This would not happen unless things were clearly working and there was a Democratic mandate to implement more systemic socialist policies.

Who are the Democratic Socialists?

One example would be the Danish Social Democratic Party.

  1. "Social Democrats". Right in the name right?
  2. If you look on their website, they state: "Our ideological position is democratic socialism, and the belief in democracy and the struggle for social equity has always driven us forward."
  3. Simply put, Democratic Socialism is the roadmap. A Social Democracy is the destination.

Another example: The Norwegian Labour Party.

  1. They describe themselves in the following way: "The Norwegian Labour Party is a social democratic party committed to liberty, democracy and social justice.It is a reformist party that believes in partnership and cooperation on national as well as international level."
  2. They also are members of the European Party of Socialists, recognize the Socialist International, and support syndicalism.

The UK Labour party also leans heavily into Democratic Socialism, but the UK is not "a socialist country".

My main point is the subject is more nuanced than people make it out to be. Democratic Socialism is tricky, and it doesn't help that if you google "What is Democratic Socialism?" It makes it look like it is indistinguishable from socialism.

I hope Bernie eventually does expand more on the parallels between Democratic Socialism and Social Democracy – because most Democratic Socialists in Europe seek incremental improvements to their existing Social Democratic welfare states.

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