In the face of mass unemployment and a looming housing crisis, i have an idea i would like your opinions on.

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Greetings everyone, i am just some nobody who had an idea super late at night regarding a possible path forward for our country. I would like your input on the idea, dont hold back on my account. Too liberal? Dead on arrival? feasable? too many draw backs? let me know, sorry for any formating issues, this is a copy / paste from a word document.

Habitat for America

Addressing the housing and economic crisis (very rough draft)

Purpose To create a housing market that allows American citizens the ability to live in an economically harsh environment until such time as they can better take control of their own lives through developing a skill set or seeking higher education, or simply working until they have enough money to purchase their own home and not be “house poor”
Secondary benefit, eliminates homelessness as an issue in American society.

Plan Implement Government jobs program along similar lines as interstate program. Hire all willing American workers with minimum pay of $ 15 per hour, and increasing pay based on skill set.

Task workers with building low cost high efficiency apartment and small “cookie cutter” housing. Housing will be constructed first in states with higher population density and housing costs that are disproportionate to the average income level of the area, and in areas that are not already massively developed (no building in well established cities). This will develop a new metro area if built on the outskirts of cities or existing metro areas. Construction shall be overseen by qualified contractors and / or the army corps of engineers.


Housing built by the project is to remain free of charge to any American living in it. The occupant does not own the property and cannot sell or rent the property. Occupant can also not make structural changes to the property. Occupant is free to live in the property for as long as they choose to do so. Property is to be minimalistic, and is intended to provide free housing for any American regardless of income level, to promote savings on the part of the occupant, with the ultimate goal of the occupant developing their own small stock of wealth, that can then be used to leave the property for a more spacious and accommodating dwelling. Property is to comply with all safety regulations and building codes appropriate to the structure. Occupant is free to move out of property at any point in time, but in doing so agrees that they no longer have a claim to the property and that the property can then be given to another party. Occupant is responsible for all utilities for the property. Properties that have not been occupied meaningfully by their occupant for 90 days will be subject to forfeiture so that a new occupant can move in. occupancy could be confirmed via electronic lock on all exterior doors to the home. Electronic lock will store no dates and no time information, other than the amount of time between successful entry / exits.

Example: If occupant leaves for work on 6/12/2020 at 6:00AM and arrives home from work at 6:00PM the same day, the lock only records that there was a 12 hour window between successful entry / exits. This helps assure reasonable privacy, and upon inspection can be confirmed when in doubt, whether or not the house is still being used by an occupant. These inspections would only be performed after attempting to communicate via letter or phone to the listed occupant, and receiving no reply for 90 consecutive days. If occupant shows an address other than the listed address for the property as an active address, a check of their electronic lock will be conducted alongside attempts of communication to understand why there is a second address.

Money for project should be allocated by congress, a true “bail out” of the people in a way. If congress refuses, could potentially use presidential authority to take already allocated funds ear marked for military usage, and redirect funds towards domestic housing efforts via army corps of engineers. Continue to do this until congressional co-operation is secured.

Pre-requisites for occupant to obtain government house. 1. Must be a US citizen. 2. Must have no current address or must abandon current address within 30 days once key to housing is obtained. 3. Must be at least 18 years of age. 4. Must agree to terms and conditions of property use, including but not limited to use of electronic lock, no structural alterations of the property, no renting the property, and must carry ren ters insurance for the property. 5. If occupant is receiving government assistance in the form of welfare checks or food stamps, such assistance will end 90 days after employment is obtained after moving into the property. If occupant is already employed when they move into the property the 90 days will start on the move in date. Appeals may be filed to retain these benefits for extreme situations and will be evaluated on a case by case basis. 6. Before moving in and before moving out of the property, occupant must attend either in person or online a financial literacy program similar to the program already used for bankruptcy proceedings.

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