Remember: Bernie is not going to have a Hillary Clinton like primary campaign here

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Their is an idea going around that Bernie is going to dominant this primary and be coronated, and our initial haul helped solidify that opinion. Beto fundraising proved that we aren't in that position, as nice as it would be.

Fight like we did in 2016 (against a much larger mountain to climb), and we will win.

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I’d like some thoughts on this interaction I just had with another liberal

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I can't get it out of my head. It's obviously bothering me. So we were all having a good time, getting ready to all go home, trump comes up and we're all venting a little. Then somehow, I forget exactly how, this person realizes that I'm a bernie supporter and goes from 0-100 instantly, furious at me.

I'm pretty damn far from a "bernie bro", whether that's a mythical thing or not, but I do support the guy and I hope he manages a really compelling case for the 2020 nomination.

So here are the claims that were levied against him:

  1. Yes he was arrested once for protesting civil rights, but he's done absolutely nothing aside from that. What does it matter what he did in the 60's if he's done nothing since?
  2. He's a strong supporter of the NRA and has an A+ rating with them, how can you support that?
  3. He has three houses, oh totally he understands the plight of the working class.
  4. He wrote an essay about women fantasizing about being raped, what a complete asshole.
  5. He lied about marching with MLK, it's a complete fabrication.
  6. That he didn't vote until he was 40 years old.

And some other more minor things. I want to make clear that this is someone incredibly intelligent and who I respect a lot, which I think is why this bothers me so much. I wasn't aware of any of these accusations previously and I looked into them and aside from that weird ass essay he wrote about sexual deviance (he seemed to be arguing that society is promoting sexual deviancy, not that people are naturally this way) I can't find any evidence for the other things.

My main question, I guess, is that I just felt completely at a loss to discuss these issues and I don't know how we're supposed to talk about this. Any ideas? I was trying to be chill and polite but I was being half yelled at, and despite me giving her the benefit of the doubt it seems like the majority of the accusations are just straight up false information.

Any thoughts? I'm sorry if this breaks any rules and I promise I'm not a concern troll, I donated the day bernie announced, I just feel very frustrated over this interaction.

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Silly question, was Bernie being “unlikable” a smear just like Bernie Bros.?

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I've seen many people say he puts people off, but I find him extremely charismatic and likable. I'm obviously biased, but I feel like anyone meeting him (with zero political leanings), they would find him quite a likable guy. I don't know, it's repeated enough that I just assumed that it was true, but I've seen so many interviews and speeches and he seems extremely charismatic. He jokes in an appropriate way, he's personable, and he interacts even during speeches.

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