The one thing Sanders and his campaign need to hammer like hell, Register to vote ASAP!

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I never hear Sanders say it on his campaign trail or interviews, and it's the the single most important part of the election; **you have to register as a Democract to vote in the Primary**.

Some States have deadlines that are 6 months before the date of their primary, some have same day registration, and if you're one of the lucky ones you have open primaries, but you have to check. And honestly it's better to be safe than sorry at this point… registering is the best way to ensure you don't get screwed.

**Additionally double check your affiliation as a Democrat, even if you have already registered!** NY in 2016 dropped/change the affiliation of 200,000 registered Democrat voters, so it's incumbent upon us to stay vigilante and double check that we don't get screwed again.

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