Critics might want to tread lightly, as it seems probable that Bernie will have new allies like AOC, Ro Khanna and Rashida Tlaib supporting him. These potential campaign surrogates have already shown they can fight with the best the American right or center can muster.

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He hasn't even announced a run yet. He can handle anything they have to say about him and I expect he will gather more supporters than in 2016, both celebrity endorsements (Cardi B?) and from within government (House members, and representatives in state government and city councils). I also know at least the Michigan and California Democratic parties have become much more progressive-led since '16.

Here's the unedited final lines from yet another article pointing out the media criticism of Bernie. Sick of reading about criticism, which is why I posted the positive stance this article ultimately concluded:

Critics might want to tread lightly with their more dubious criticisms on social media this time around, as it seems probable that the Senator will have new allies like Alexandria Ocasio Cotrez, Ro Khanna and Rashida Tlaib supporting him. These potential campaign surrogates have already shown they can fight with the best the American right or the center can muster.

Whether Sanders runs or not, bold progressives like these coming into government may be his insurgent 2016 campaign’s greatest accomplishment.

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Why is Bernie sanders for Democratic socialism and not Social democracy like Sweden’

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I always see Bernie sanders point out Sweden as a prime example of Democratic Socialism but Sweden is a Social Democracy.

It even got to a point where the PM of Denmark had to tell" Denmark is not a socialist nation, It has a "market economy."

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Bernie Sanders is 77 only 5 years older than Trump but he looks like he could be Trumps father, does America really need a leader who could deteriorate in health much faster while being President? I wouldn’t trust him to drive a car if he was my Grandfather with how he looks.

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It’s a serious question, what if he wins and he dies the next year, can America really handle that right now? What America needs is a young leader not someone who is no longer fit for it. Change my mind

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What a 2020 would look like ( State by State)

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Hi guys so i wanted to have a little fun and lets go over all 50 states for the democratic primary and if Bernie runs what states he could win.

So the people that i think will run are the following

– beto o'rourke: At this point it would be a huge surprise if Beto didnt make a run because the Mainstream media is head over heels for him

– kamala harris : She is the go to pick for the MSM and she is the two favorite things for corporate democrats to boast about. 1 shes a woman and 2 shes black.

– Joe Biden : Along with Harris, Biden is probably the next to the MSM favorite because anything with Obama is something they will hang on to.

Now i dont know if there will be anymore but i will just guess that these will be the 3 people. So lets start going to every state and lets see if Bernie would win that state. Keep in mind we are still a long way from getting information about these states and the primaries themselves but its always fun to guess. Ill go in ABC order.

AL: Wont win.

AK: Could easily win because he won it the last time and heavy red states like this like Bernie and what he has to offer,

AZ: This is a toss up for sure. I will probably say no because people like Biden or Harris could win

AR: Like i mentioned with Alaska, Red states like this can go for more progressive people because of the ideas they have so bernie could easily win here but who knows

CA: If harris is running that could be a tough fight to win. but with the name that bernie has now it could happen.

CO: Bernie would probably easily win here considering how liberal it is.

CT: The northeast could be interesting. id say bernie should win this state considering he only lost by very little against HRC so.

DE: Delaware shares a line with maryland and is very blue but its hard to know if states like maryland and Delaware wouldnt go for someone like Biden.

FL: This will be a very tough state to fight for. I honestly couldnt tell you if bernie would win this state but i would guess no since alot of corporate democrats are from Florida.

GA: I would think Harris could win this state because of the # of the black vote. but considering how much bernie has tried to push his image and help out people in Georgia its hard to know.

HI: Bernie easily wins

ID: Bernie crushed Hillary here so i think people know bernie.

IL: Bernie has a good relationship with voters in the rust belt so i can see his message being well taken by IL voters.

IN: Hard to tell. Like i said Red states like progressive ideas.

IA: We have seen polling saying Biden is winning here, but thats still a year out. I think this is a toss up and its hard to say who would win. probably Biden

KS: Again, Bernie's progressive message is popular with people in the midwest and he could win here.

LA: I dont see bernie doing that well in south considering alot of black corporate democrats will probably try and support someone like Biden or Harris.

ME: Bernie should win here

MD: Maryland is a very rich state even tho its very blue also. I can imagine someone like Biden would probably win here.

MA: Warren's State, I could easily see bernie winning here.

MI: Considering Bernie won here in a massive upset in 2016 i bet voters will remember and vote for him again.

MN: Like i said, alot of states in the upper part will like Bernie and his pro worker stance.

MS: No way

MO: Bernie could easily win most of the rust belt so heres another part of it.

MT: again, red states tend to vote for bernie. but it could go else where so i dont know.

NE: Bernie won here in 2016 and i can see it happening again.

NV: a weird state, its hard to know for sure but id say its a toss up.

NH: won in 2016; basically NH knows bernie

NJ: probably not winning. Its gonna be the same with NY because alot of corporate dems are in this area.

NM: Toss up; Id probably say no, but i can see it happening.

NY: Probably not; NY is a very big state where there are alot of rich democrats and i can probably seeing them voting for someone like harris or Biden.

NC: Probably not

ND: Both Dakotas are very weird because Hillary won one and bernie won the other. I could see bernie winning here but who knows.

OH: Toss up: This will be a hard fight between biden considering Obama won there when he got elected.

OK: Won in 2016, could easily win with the support he had there back then.

OR: Very blue state and fill of progressive; Bernie easily wins here

PA: Another hard state to see who could clearly win. If bernie goes very pro worker then you could see a win

RI: Won in 2016; very blue state so i could see it happening again

SC: probably not

SD: Same with ND, could win but its hard to know. Id probably say yes.

TN: probably not considering its a very mixed bag.

TX: if Beto is running i could see him winning here or Biden.

UT: Bernie easily won here so no problems.

VT: Are you serious? lol

VA: hard to know, MD and VA share alot of ideas in terms of politics. Biden probably wins here.

WA: Deep blue state that loves bernie.

WV: Red state that he won in 2016 and i can see that happening again.

WI: Rust belt state that bernie won in 2016, probably will win again.

WY: Won in 2016, Bernie has a good appeal in the west coast so i can see a win here

Conclusion: So the way i see it, Bernie could easily win a good part of the North east, The Rust Belt and part of Middle america along with the upper north west. The way bernie will win is that he has win states like PA, FL, CA or NY. We will see if those states are different this time. (Typing 50 states was harder than i thought lol)

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I hate loaded pieces like this. If nothing else, this shows that Warren is no Bernie because the establishment would love Warren to win.

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This piece (that I think is attempting to portray itself as neutral) does a lot of things that you can expect to see (if we're lucky enough to have Bernie run again).

Here's the link:

Things that stood out to me (and piss me off):

"a snowy-haired obstacle, a political iceberg, looms ahead."

Ageism and also portraying him as isolated and a hindrance when he is the best and most optimal path to progress.

"confident that, even at age 77, he can rekindle the progressive energy that powered his insurgent campaign three years ago."

Screw them. Warren is old too. And he doesn't need to "rekindle" anything. That fire is still burning (probably even more so after all the slights that we've endured).

"If both jump in, the result would be a very crowded left lane in the Democratic primary, with Warren competing against a man who has a proven appeal to her core constituency of liberal voters."

But Sanders has larger appeal across the voter spectrum than she does. They make it sound like it's the opposite.

"the two discussed climate change, income inequality, and other issues both have made a staple of their platforms, these sources said."

Warren cares about these issues as much as spineless/follower lip service will allow. She'd be an even more milquetoast version of Obama. Better than Trump, but good lord America needs a Sanders presidency and even that may be insufficient to avoid the approaching collapse (my opinion).

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