Despite almost 6 months of the media ignoring and then viciously attacking Bernie, he is at his highest poll numbers in Iowa since August.

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If you look at each recurring poll on RCP, you can see that Sanders has his highest numbers since August in all of their most recent runs (the aggregator does not accurately show this). This means that even the Warren and Buttigieg surges in October and December have been complete overcome, and Bernie has been steadily chipping away at Biden. He was ignored for months and then vigorously attacked, but he is still rising. He was attacked by Democrats. He was attacked by Republicans. The establishment simply can't touch him.

Make sure to bring this up to anyone who thinks he is unelectable or can't hold his own against the establishment of either party. No one can bring him down. The only thing he needs is for people to believe in him: vote, volunteer, and donate.

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A primer for political debates on social media

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In light of more aggressive tactics by campaigns (both Bernie's and others), it will be even more important moving forward that supporters make it their personal responsibility to represent the campaign in a positive way. It's important that we focus exclusively on policy, track record, and electability differences while (and this is important) NOT engaging in personal attacks.


  • Joe Biden voted for the war in Iraq, while Bernie voted against it. Bernie is the stronger anti-war candidate.
  • Elizabeth Warren and Bernie's healthcare plans are different in that Bernie will begin rolling his plan out immediately over a 4-year period while Elizabeth wants to have a public option for the first three years, hoping that at the end of three years congress will agree to pass a single payer system. This would give insurance companies more time to bribe politicians and lobby against Medicare for all, making it less likely to pass and making the public option more susceptible to funding cuts by bad-faith politicians.


  • Biden is a neoliberal racist!!!!#!1!
  • Warren is a corporate shill! She's a phony!!!! She can't be [email protected]!

Whether you agree with what's in the "don't" section is pretty much irrelevant; it's not helpful. Consider whether your priority is to help Bernie win the nomination or to "win" a twitter argument. If you encounter an online troll who is insulting you/Bernie, don't sink to their level. Just present a factual, policy-based answer and then cease to engage.

I've seen negative opinions about aggressive Bernie supporters on some social media platforms so take care that you're not coming across as stubborn or belligerent. Many new Bernie supporters don't consider themselves democratic socialists/socdems so trying to argue from the viewpoint of automatic opposition to moderates/neolibs may not be effective and could even come off as antagonistic. Be conscientious that this is an echo chamber.

Remember, this campaign isn't about you, or me, it's about all of US! Happy debating!

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Help break the cable news/mainstream media bubble.

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Any Bernie supporters who have parents, grandparents, friends, colleagues and acquaintances or know any older people that still watch cable news/MSM, introduce them to independent progressive media on Youtube such as Secular Talk, The Rational National, The Humanist Report, The Progressive Voice, The Majority Report w Sam Seder, The Michael Brooks Show, The Young Turks, Tim Black TV, The Hills's Rising with Krystal and Saagar, Rebel HQ, The Damage Report, Ring of Fire, Democracy Now and other independent progressive media outlets that I may have missed.

Those independent media outlets tend to support and agree with Bernie on his progressive policies and spread our movement more and tell you and them information that cable news or MSM doesn't tell them. Mainstream media is biased towards the status quo so many of their viewers tend to vote for the moderate aka GOP lite candidate.

The more cable news/MSM viewers we can convince to watch independent progressive media, the better chances they move on the Bernie train and feel the Bern which greatly helps our movement around the country in areas where they vote more moderate; mainly thanks to MSM. It will certainly help us get more older voters who mainly support Joe Biden or Pete Buttigieg to our side because older voters are more likely to turn out than younger people and plus it helps expand Bernie's base.

Spread this message out to fellow Bernie supporters so they can spread the message out and convince their moderate voting families and friends to help break the MSM bubble.

#Bernie2020 #NotMeUs #Medicare4All #GreenNewDeal #EndCollegeDebt #TuitionFreeCollege #TaxWallStreet #FightingForUsForFiftyYears #StopTheEndlessWars

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Just wanted to make a list of independent media outlets that are not currently suffering from bernieblindness

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Secular Talk

Humanist Report

Tim Black – TBTV

Rational National

Hard Lens Media

Rebel HQ

Graham Elwood

Jimmy Dore

Kim Iversen

Jamarl Thomas

Sam Seder – Majority Report

Redacted Tonight

Ring of Fire

Status Coup

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The Media is going to try to charge Bernie with Antisemitism after how well it work against Corbyn in the UK.

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The best way to combat this online is simply shaming them for the audacity to say that Bernie is such after literally losing his family on his Father's side in the Holocaust.

Do not bother denying or letting them muddy the waters. Shame them and call them pathetic to their faces.

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3 very positive articles published by NYT this morgning. Can the media give Bernie the same treatment as Harris, Warren, Klobuchar and Pete by promoting him for a couple of weeks and then kocking him right down below his rise?

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Or is our campaign resistant to this method?

We should look out and be wary of everything the MSM does

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