Medicare for all is not Medicare for ALL?

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Posted this in r/BernieSanders, but I didn't realize this sub exists. I see there are more people online here, so figured I'd repost this here (sorry if it's spammy).

I am a HUGE Bernie supporter, but there is a nagging question that I need an answer to…

So a bit about myself: I'm a young 26-year-old American, currently living abroad in the Philippines. I've lived here for many years, partly out of necessity (lower cost of living) and mostly because I just like living here.

However, I follow US politics daily along with my Filipina girlfriend. Bernie is my favorite candidate, followed by Yang. I've even donated to Bernie's campaign.

But in the back of my mind, occasionally I remember/realize that Bernie's proposed Medicare for all plan (along with other Medicare proposals from other candidates) is not REALLY Medicare for ALL, because people living outside of the U.S. would not be covered. If Bernie or someone close to his campaign could correct me on this, I would be so happy!

Unlike every country on Earth, Americans abroad still have to pay income tax no matter where they live. And if Bernie became my president, my taxes would go up without myself receiving any benefit at all. I'm not a selfish person so this wouldn't kill me since I don't make a lot of money anyway, but it makes it harder for me to resist voting for Yang (I can still vote from abroad).. because I assume that his Freedom Dividend would apply to all Americans no matter where they're living, as long as they're citizens. It's just money after all.

I understand that a Medicare for all system would be difficult to implement abroad.. But since that's the case, the tax system should be changed so that the estimated 10 million+ Americans living abroad do not have to pay taxes to the US government anymore. 10 million is NOT a small number of people (in case anyone wants to dismiss my concerns).

Also, if these people living abroad actually DID get coverage abroad, that could translate into hundreds of thousands more votes for Bernie!

Would really love to get a comment from Bernie Sanders himself on this matter. What will his approach be:

  1. Keep the system as is and increase taxes even higher for Americans living overseas without them getting the benefits of Medicare for all (bad)
  2. Provide coverage for Americans overseas (ideally in every country)
  3. Eliminate or at least lower taxes for Americans living abroad

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Bernie’s Medicare for all vs opt in programs

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Can anyone explain why having a public Option is worse than simply erasing the whole healthcare system and forcing everyone to be a part of Medicare for all? Wouldn’t it be easier and cheaper to still have private options available? After the debates last night it seemed sort of silly to me that Bernie would want to force everyone into the same system when other candidates gave a view that simply allowed both to exist. What am I missing about it?

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Wouldn’t Bernie’s Medicare for all *save* 2 trillion? Why are people upset? Also student loan forgiveness question.

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(new to Bernie and dig him! not a troll. Just trying to understand numbers lol)

Why do people keep saying Medicare for all is gonna cost a ton of money? I just did a basic Google search and according to multiple reports it looks like annual Healthcare in the United States costs roughly $ 3.5 trillion each year. Over a ten year period that comes out to be $ 35 trillion. I also read multiple reports and economists stating that Bernie's plan would cost $ 32 trillion over 10 years. Aren't we actually saving money with his plan? Why are people upset?

Also, in regards to student loan forgiveness (again I definitely support the hell out of this. I'm buried in loans): would his plan be an immediate total wipe of all loans or would it be a gradual thing? I know he said he wants to tax Wall Street speculation. Would any money come from the taxpayers? Would he actually be able to bypass the government who hold those loans? Thanks for any clarification. Just trying to get those issues straight. Thanks!

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