Bernie is the only one who cares about people like this. Enough with “compromise.” Medicare for ALL, or you’re a heartless corporate sellout who will allow sick people to rot. No exceptions.

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I was walking home from the grocery store in 16 degree weather, and at one point there was this poor guy in front of me, also just having gotten his groceries. I don't know exactly what he had, didn't look quite like ALS or muscular dystrophy, but his legs were super bent and he was dragging his feet on the pavement, using a wheeled walker to help. It took him so, so long to finish each step, and I kept thinking about how long it'd take him to get home, regardless of how close by he lived.

I also wondered if he couldn't afford a wheelchair. Attempting to walk seemed not just ineffective, but incredibly painful, for this man.

There's also another man in a wheelchair in my neighborhood, and maybe I shouldn't assume things like this, but whenever he looks up at me, he just looks so sad. It seems like he hasn't been able to find good people who love him despite his disability. Now it's dawning on me that I should make an effort to talk to him.

So many of us complain because we don't have money, or the body of a supermodel, or whatever it is. But like…if you can see with both eyes, and your legs work, and you're not an amputee, you've basically won the lottery. And how many of us act like we know that? Close to zero. In fact, a lot of the time, I feel like it's disabled people that surprise me with their infectious gratitude and amazing outlook.

If anyone who's physically disabled is reading this, I just want you to know you're amazing. It takes so much strength for many of you to do things that able-bodied people don't even have to think about.

God, I hope he wins this.

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Why Medicare for All? From

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There's a lot of disinformation out there about Bernie's Medicare for All Plan. Here are some facts to help you counter the dishonest attacks on how the plan works.

Why Medicare for All?

Bernie believes access to medical care is a right not a privilege. If someone needs medical care they should be able to get it. No one should be afraid to see a doctor because they can’t afford to.

Why is Medicare for All necessary? Why not expand the Affordable Care Act and create a public option?

Our current system is a combination of employer-based insurance and private insurance – where profits rise as coverage decreases and claims are denied. Despite the promise that healthcare would become more affordable, that hasn’t happened. The Affordable Care Act, which made private insurance more accessible to more people, was a small victory, but healthcare and prescription drug costs have continued to soar — along with insurance company and pharmaceutical company profits.

Premiums, deductibles, and out-of-pocket costs are far too high, and getting higher. Millions of Americans remain uninsured and underinsured. And not only is the coverage expensive, it’s inadequate. Most people must pay out-of-pocket for dental, vision, and hearing. And people are fully aware that the healthcare system is broken. 70% of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, now support Medicare For All.

What is Bernie’s healthcare plan?

Bernie believes that health care is a human right and the best way to ensure everyone is covered is a universal single-payer system, Medicare for All. Medicare already successfully delivers healthcare coverage for those over 65, nearly 15% of the U.S. population, around 44 million people. Medicare for All would expand coverage, remove the profit motive, increase healthcare efficiency and make sure every single American is taken care of.

This is how Medicare for All will be phased in:

  • In the first year the eligibility age for Medicare will be lowered to 55 and children under 18 will be covered

  • The second year to 45

  • The third year to 35

  • The fourth year to everyone

  • Anyone will be able to buy into Medicare for All during the transition.

This is how Medicare for All will be paid for while reducing the overall cost of healthcare:

  • Personal payment of high premiums, co-pays, and deductibles to insurance companies will be eliminated

  • Prices for healthcare services will be negotiated as they currently are for Medicare

  • Prescription drug costs will be cut in half by negotiating prices (Medicare Drug Price Negotiation Act), letting people buy low-cost prescription drugs from Canada (Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act), and capping prices to what the rest of the world pays (Prescription Drug Price Relief Act)

  • Everyone will pay 4.5% on income and employers will pay 7.5% on employee income. For the first $ 29,000 of income there will be no tax

This is how Medicare for All will change the current healthcare system and expand coverage:

  • Increase Access & Choice: Patients can see the doctors they want because no doctors will be “out of network”

  • Increase Coverage: Coverage will include primary and preventive care, mental health care, reproductive care, vision, hearing and dental care, medical devices, and long-term supports and services for the disabled and elderly.

  • Improve Quality: Allows doctors to make decisions in the best interest of patients not to deliver profits to insurance companies.

  • Reduce Prescription Drug Costs: Lowers prices dramatically, by empowering the federal government to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies. Prescription drug costs will be capped at $ 200.

  • Eliminate Out-Of-Pocket Costs: There will be no premiums, deductibles or co-pays for any medical services.

  • Empower People: Separates healthcare coverage from employment, so everyone will have flexibility to change jobs, or start their own business, without the risk and fear of losing their healthcare benefits. Universal coverage: Covers everyone even if you get fired, leave your job, move, get divorced, turn 26, or have a pre-existing condition.

What will it cost?

Bernie’s plan is projected to cost $ 33 trillion over 10 years while expanding coverage and including everyone.

Last year total healthcare spending in the United States was $ 3.5 trillion. If we change nothing in this dysfunctional system the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services projects that healthcare in the U.S will cost at least $ 38 trillion over 10 years.

In 2018, the average health insurance costs for a family of four was $ 28,166. That cost increases $ 100 each month. Medicare for All will save most families $ 2000—$ 4000 per year. This volunteer created tax calculator will give you an idea of how Bernie’s plans will affect you.

What are the ​expected savings?

Medicare for All will drive down healthcare costs by using a schedule of payments for healthcare services like we already do for Medicare. There will be:

  • Reduced overhead

  • Lowered cost of prescription drugs

  • Reduced administrative costs

  • Consolidated private and public healthcare healthcare spending

  • No more citizen spending on health insurance

  • Increased bargaining power

Mercatus, a Koch-funded think-tank, conducted a study and found that Medicare For All would save $ 2 trillion over a ten-year period. The University of Massachusetts Political Economy Research Institute (PERI) projected that the savings over the same period of time would be approximately $ 5 trillion.

What are other benefits of Medicare for All?

Medicare for All will end the necessity for private health insurance because every citizen would be covered under a single payer system. And, it would save a lot of money – for workers, employers and the government. We can drastically reduce health care and prescription costs, we can cover more people, and we can make the coverage comprehensive. It’s a win-win.

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With Medicare for all, what can we as voters expect coverage for children to be like? We had a child recently and with insurance, currently we owe more than 5K in various bills.

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More info: 1400 for childbirth, 2500 for a doc band needed now, 1400 for blood work and testing during and after pregnancy, 500 for some physical therapy. Our insurance deductible resets in October and we had our baby right before. So deductible wasn’t met before, and now we will be 2500 out of pocket until it is met again. My contribution to my insurance each month is 440.

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A quick story on why we need medicare for all:

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I had a heart attack just after Thanksgiving last year and open heart surgery on 12/3.

I had decent insurance, my life was saved and that started a 6 week recovery clock.

While that was going on, my company was being sold and the sale closed on 1/1. At which point my insurance changed and I lost ALL of my doctors.

I was 4 weeks in to a 6 week recovery, scrambling to find a new cardiologist, new GP, etc.

On 1/3, I started having complications. I was coughing all the time and couldn't breathe if I layed down. We would find out later this was congestive heart failure but didn't know it at the time.

I couldn't go back to the old doctors because my Kaiser insurance had expired. I couldn't see the new cardiologist because Aetna wouldn't let me without a referral from my new GP who wasn't able to see me yet. Initially I was told 3 months, but my new employer is a big enough fish that we have our own concierge, she pulled some strings and got me an appointment in 2 weeks.

So for two weeks I slept sitting up because if I layed down it felt like I was drowning.

Turns out, I was. Congestive heart failure led to fluid retention in my chest, I was literally drowning in my own fluids. That put me back in the hospital for another week while they pulled 4 liters of water out of me per day. 50 pounds in 7 days.

So I'm in the hospital, apologizing to the doctors and nurses, telling them "You know, it doesn't seem fair for one medical system to cut a guy open and then just hand them off to someone else. 'Here you go! Good luck!'"

Every doctor and nurse told me the same thing… "Oh, don't worry, this happens ALL THE TIME."

Forget it happening to me, this shouldn't happen to anyone much less "all the time."

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A methodical analysis of why Bernie is better than Warren on Medicare For All

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1) Bernie does better than Warren in most general election (GE) polls. He's more likely to win a general election

2) Bernie does better in GE polls because he attracts more independent voters and traditional non-voters in the young and working classes

3) As a result of #2, progressives will have better down ballot success in the 2020 primaries and Democrats will have better down ballot success in the 2020 general election if Bernie is the nominee.

Summary 1-3

Progressives will be represented better in the next Congress as a result of a Sanders nomination.

4) Sanders will have his allies introduce MFA legislation early in his first term to allow the opponents to be publicly identified.

Under Warren's plan the opponents will be able to hide until after the 2022 midterms.

5) Public identification of the opponents will enable progressive activists to focus their efforts and provide a lead time to field strong challengers in the 2022 midterms.

6) A President Sanders will be able to use the power of the Executive Branch to twist the arms of the opponents and horse trade for MFA votes.

A Senator like Joe Manchin might not be inclined to support MFA due to his big pharma donors, but those aren't his only donors. When Federal agencies under a Sanders administration fail to execute contracts which start impacting a broad array of the donor class, some opponents are going to blink.

(Sorry to the purists, Bernie is going to play hardball and make some concessions to the donor class in order to achieve larger goals)

7) It goes without saying that Sanders engages a much larger and more activist following than Warren.

The Organizer in Chief will have more people engaged in the political process pushing the change.

Overall Summary – MFA is easily the most effective and logical approach to health care in the US. The only reason we don't have it is due to the power of the corporate health lobby. That lobby will not allow anything leading to their demise to pass. The only way to stop them is to defeat them politically in a head to head confrontation.

We can't kick that confrontation down the road. Bernie has done an amazing job selling the public on MFA the last 4 years and we need to keep the foot on the gas pedal.

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