With reference to CCN town hall: why didn’t Bernie mention some easy answers to these silly questions?

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Firstly the voting rights question… I agree with him that the right to vote shouldn't be restricted from any members of a democracy, but in answering that question, why not point out how loaded it is? The asker paints convicted felons as rapists and terrorists, why not mention the high numbers of first time non-violent offenders? Particularly members of minority groups, then linking it back to what he was saying about voter suppression?

When asked about failed socialist states, why not point out the successes of socialist states in scandanavia, or the successes of socialist policies in major countries i.e. Socialized medicine?

I think people relate less to the theoretical rights analysis and ideologies than concrete examples, or just pointing out how loaded the questions are.

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Did a hardcore Republican just mention, in a passing NYTs quote, “President Sanders” as something on his mind? Sure will not hear this on CNN. Just buried on the back page. interesting, however.

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> “The whole idea that a president — whether it’s President Trump or President Warren or President Sanders — can declare an emergency and then somehow usurp the separation of powers and get into the business of appropriating money for specific projects without Congress getting involved is a serious constitutional question,” Mr. Cornyn said on Monday.


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