THIS IS NOT A DRILL: There are less than 100 days left until the primaries, we need to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to get Bernie into the white house.

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tl;dr Make sure that you're putting in the work to make your voice heard. The media isn't going to give Bernie fair coverage so we have to do our best to spread the word, we need to make sure that everyone knows what Bernie is about, and how much support he has. Volunteer for the campaign, donate, phonebank, go door to door, tell everyone you know about Bernie, make sure that they're all registered to vote. Go set up a booth somewhere and talk to anyone who wants to. Even if it's just upvotes, likes and retweets, this is the time to put in work and every little bit helps. Even just subscribing and following all of Bernie's social media accounts helps. So whatever you choose to do, get out there and let them hear you loud and clear!

• • • • • • •

This is getting down to crunch time and we need to act like it. We're in the home stretch and we need to put in extra work spreading the word and doing whatever it takes. Make sure to do something every day that helps the campaign, even if it's just checking reddit to see if there are any Bernie threads that you can check. Do your best to correct misinformation and fight back against smears. Post comments to show people info that they might not see otherwise, like how much support Bernie really has, how he has most of the youth vote, how he has a record-breaking number of donations, all that good stuff. Post news articles and opinion pieces and any other links you think would be good. Ideally there would be at least one Bernie post on the front page every day.

But if you're up for it, volunteering is probably the best thing you can do. No matter where you are, you can phonebank (and text) to spread the word, even if you're not in the US. Due to our silly electoral process, if you're in an early primary state like Iowa or New Hampshire than you can have a bigger impact than most people, and you can make a bigger difference by going door to door or setting up a booth.

I know that there are a lot of people who aren't doing as much as they can, but I also know that many of you are working incredibly hard and I'm not trying to diminish that. Keep up the good work 🙂

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CALL TO ACTION: Want to help set the stage for Bernie to get elected next year? Then you NEED to VOTE tomorrow. Elections this year will have numerous effects, from reducing voter suppression and blocking gerrymandered maps.

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27 states are having elections tomorrow, on November 5th.

The massive turnout in 2018 resulted in numerous Democrats getting elected to local, state, and federal seats – the blue wave was real. These gains have had obvious impacts from the ability to impeach the president, to the number of bills passed in the house, and allowing state Democrats to prevent voter suppression tactics and gerrymandering.

The MOST impactful action you can take is to vote in every election, regardless of how competitive it is. Voting once increases the chance of voting again; furthermore, the better Democrats do in elections provides momentum to attempt again the next cycle. With so many disenfranchised voters supporting Bernie, it is incredibly important for us to help Democrats get elected to state legislatures – so they can reduce barriers to voting.

Links to resources that will prepare you to vote tomorrow and provide any needed information. I highly recommend reading the links in order

  1. Check if you have an election coming up
  2. Check your registration
  3. Register to vote
  4. Find your nearest polling place
  5. Get an absentee ballot
  6. Sign up for text & email election reminders
  7. Watch a YouTube video that explains the voting process in your state
  8. Find volunteering opportunities on
  9. Donate on Act Blue to Democrats in elections and organizations like SwingLeft and League of Conservation Voters

Tips to improve your voting experience and increase your impact.

  • Figure out how you are getting to polling place.
    • Making a plan and making sure you have a ride to the polling place greatly increases voter turnout.
  • Go to the polls as early as you can
    • Lines to vote get longer throughout the day, by going early you can help reduce congestion.
  • Bring friends and family with you
  • Post a picture of you with an "I Voted" sticker on all of your social media
  • Share these resources with your network

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I need help convincing my family.

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Tldr; My family supports Trump because he 'supports' Christians. I need good persuasive evidence that can sway their Fox News addled minds to see how horrible he is and how Bernie is so much better for their actual views.

I know there is probably a better sub than this but I'm so frazzled I cant think of anywhere else to post this right now. If you have a suggestion please tell me before this gets removed.

This whole conversation started because I went to canvas for Bernie today and when it got brought up in conversation my mom and sister were basically laughing at me. I got upset and I finally asked them why exactly they supported Trump because I could just not understand it, he is a horrible person. The only thing my mom could answer is because he supports Christians. I started listing off reasons why he could not be a Christian and some terrible things he's done. They kept saying, you dont know what is in his heart and that is all fake news. My mom agreed to read some things if I sent them to her, but I don't know what to give her that could change her mind. It breaks my heart because she is the one who taught me to love everyone and to help those who can't help themselves, which is who I'm such a staunch Bernie supporter. Does anyone know of any videos or articles that could get someone who's brain is poisoned by Fox News to change their opinion on Trump?

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We need to win the student and young people vote!

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Students (high school and college) can sign up at! You will receive an invite to the Bernie Students Slack.

And you can also join the Bernie General Slack which has the phonebanking, event hosts, textbanking channels.

Non-students, please reach out to any students you know and let them know they can join their school's Bernie group or start one if there isn't one! Having a student chapter at every school is so important!

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We need angry Bernie

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Bernie is at his best when He's angry (I wtote the damn bill!) Bernie needs to bring that fire back to the debates, call out warren on her voting for Donald Trump's 81 billion usd military budget that is being used to commit war crimes in Yemen right now. If he plays nice and says "look, me and warren are friends bla bla bla" then it's over.

Hillary lost the white working class to trump, no way warren is gonna win them back. Bernie is the only one who can do that.

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I am so enraged. I need to vent.

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My own mother, the person I trust most in this world just gave me a lecture on why I should support Warren. She is a librarian and always talks about voter education and how people should fo their research. I am TERRIFIED that people without knowledge of politics see Warren and Sanders as equals in terms of policy. A vote for Warren is a vote for Trump. She would LOSE in the general election. Everyone is so eager to throw their votes away and waste our main chance to get actual change in this country. I’m losing hope. I’m only 17. Seeing this incrementalism as my future makes me want to literally blow my brains out. (Really easy to get a gun in my state). FIGHT ON!

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Need reinforcement

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I keep seeing poll numbers showing Bernie in 2nd or 3rd in a lot of states and in the national primary. Can someone give me some good reinforcement that he’s still doing really well and I should make my 4th donation? Something like “Bernie voters aren’t reflected in polls” or something like that ?

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