Warren is gaining, we need to work harder!

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Polls are showing something interesting. Bernie is gaining slowly in many states but Warren has had consistent strong growth. She's a far better candidate in terms of policy support than most other candidates, but I dont trust her to fight for issues like Bernie.

I do think there is a (possibly unintentional) conspiracy to boost Warren. I'm sure most people have noticed that media coverage has been comparatively mild and even praising on occasion compared to Bernie. Yet when on the debate stage they're often attacked as a single progressive unit. I forgot who of the lefty independent media youtubers noted the optical of last night's debate: when Warren and Sanders were expected to answer questions with regards to M4A, Warren was consistently allowed to answer first. It gives the appearance that Bernie is following Warren on policy.

Again, she is a far greater candidate but she is not the best. Media is on occasion working to boost her campaign while also implying she's identical to Bernie. No doubt its having the effect of implanting in people's minds that she's the "safer" progressive alternative.

If you know someone that is a likely Warren supporter, point out her flaws. Don't attack her, don't try to suggest she's terrible. Simply point out there are issues she has blind spots on or that from her own language its questionable if she'll push for. She voted for Trump's military budget increase, Bernie didnt. She's used all the sneak words in her healthcare plan and hasn't mentioned single payer once. She notes money is a corrupting factor yet has stated she is not opposed to big money donations after the primary. Etcetera.

If she does become the nominee, vote for her of course. Push her left, and make her beat Trump. But right now we must work hard to get the true progressive in office!

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We need to talk about the NY primary, and all elections, and the need for election judges

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Brooklyn admitted to criminal rigging of the 2016 primary, and Iowa was won by Clinton via a "coin flip". Everyone needs to look into taking the election judge class in their area so that they can save the election for Bernie.


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The world burns, we need the #BernUnit [Discussion, socializing an idea]

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Hey folks,

I've been on the Bernie bandwagon since the primary fight in '16 and am thrilled to see the enthusiasm and be a part of his campaign again. I wanted to socialize an idea for a hashtag and suggest how I think it'd be effective with a 'template tweet'.

After watching some of the town halls, #BernUnit came to mind as in

"The world is burning and Bernie is the best candidate to address the challenges of climate change. We need the #BernUnit"

something along those lines… but I think it's great for almost anything in a template like this

"I've been burned by ____ that's why I joined the #BernUnit so we can be a better US"

I know it's a bit corny, but I'm thinking it plays well in a lot of ways …

  • 'getting burned' is a common phrase that's usually about 'social injuries' so a 'burn unit' in this case is about righting a social problem,
  • it could be unifying thing without any gender dynamics like "Bernie Bros",
  • and it's about uniting to heal our country – recognizing problems, addressing it with a solution – which is counter to MAGA which is implying we need to go backwards to a 'greater' time

Bernie fought since he was a young adult for issues that still are challenging us today. So I know he doesn't think going backwards is going to solve our problems. He wants our country to be better and would hope for us to push forward instead of looking back.

Anyways. Love you guys, love Bernie. Would appreciate any thoughts or similar ideas.

(I had a similar post removed last night, but haven't heard back from the mods about how to improve it… I also looked for the 'daily discussion thread' suggested and don't actually think that exists? So I've added more content, cleaned it up and labeled it as a discussion thread to give it 'direction'.)

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Need some help on a project I am working on please my Bernie Reddit family!

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Hey all – I am working on a project and could use some help. Need several clips of Bernie talking about certain topics- preferably when he is his most passionate about it (as the msm says- he's yelling)

I'm also looking for the interview that Nina did right after the last debate where she said something like "Bernie is yelling for all of us" or "Bernie is yelling for me" or something to that effect, when the interviewer said all he does is yell. I have searched everywhere for it, and unfortunately I can't even remember what network she was on…..

These are the subjects I need clips on

End Corporate Greed/Taking on Wall Street (I have the line "I am dangerous to Wall Street! from the 2016 debate – need more like that!)

Medicare for all (I already have the "I wrote the Damn Bill" line – I need more of that kind of stuff)

Cancel Student Debt

A Green New Deal

Equal Rights For All

Criminal Justice reform

If anyone has favorite Bernie spittin fire moments about these topics and can post a link (with timestamp of where it is in the video) that would be AWESOME!!! – It can be at ANY time in his career – it doesn't have to be recent (in fact, the more time variety the better)

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who helps!!!!

(Edited for spelling/grammar)

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Targeted pitches for Green New Deal – this proposal gives us millions of new voters if we can explain how this benefits them. These are (some of) the sectors and industries where people need to make aware

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Auto Workers – Billions of investment into EVs that will stimulate the sector. Trade in program that will generate sales for dealerships.

Steel/Heavy Industry Workers – The amount of machinery and goods used in this transition. Manufacturing for renewable generation technology, smart grids, batteries, public transport lines. Billions of dollars of value to the sector, if not trillions

Electricians and Electrical Engineers – New Smart grid system will be a massive stimulus to the sector

Renovation and Construction – Trillions in investment for retrofitting of existing homes and businesses. Affordable housing construction

Electrical/Chemical/Materials Engineers – Billions of dollars in investment into these sectors.

Construction Workers – Absolutely bonkers the amount of work they will have with new transport, electrical, water etc networks. Road System

Farmers – High $ $ $ per acre for carbon sequestration through renewable agriculture

I'm pulling these benefits from https://berniesanders.com/issues/the-green-new-deal/, I'll keep updating as others contribute

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I just landed an amazing job. My salary is going to double – I’m finally going to feel financially comfortable after constantly worrying about overdrawing. I have several monetary things I’ve been putting off that I need to address, but my first order of business?

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I’m so, so thrilled and privileged to be in a position where I’ll be able to max out my donations this time around. I’m currently sitting at $ 227.20 donated since February. On my current salary, all I can manage is a $ 10 recurring plus an extra $ 10-27 depending on the month.

I have too much 2016 regretti spaghetti so I’m doing everything I can this time – obviously donating, but I’m going to start canvassing soon too. I’ve even got my SO convinced to join me! I’m all in for this movement, and I can’t wait to put my money where my mouth is! I should be able to max out by early October, I’ll follow up with receipts. I’m so stoked to be able to do this for the campaign. My heart feels happy knowing I can make a real difference.

I hope this post doesn’t come across as too flex-y. I’m just… over the moon.

My monthly $ 10 hit today, perfect timing with Bernie’s new incarceration reform plans! Anyone want to match me in celebration?

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Democrats need to focus on Bernie

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Bernie is the only president calling out the corrupt oligarchy of our nation, he’s the only candidate that expresses true concern for the wealth disparity and the problem that arise from it. We need Bernie, not any other candidate, and the fragmentation among Democrats will lead to the same result from last election if they continue

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