Need your help: Pooling resources (links to evidence) on the how the 2016 primary was slanted against Sanders

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As you can see on the Wikipedia article on the 2016 primary – if you spend 5–10 minutes looking at the article and its edit history – there is a constant effort by some individuals to make it read as though it was a fair primary with no unaddressed controversies. Among others, username "Avial Cloffprunker" has been working the page since at least early spring this year, and every single one of their notable edits has been to downplay controversy and end every mention of it with "but it was dismissed" or something similar.

When even the Wikipedia page on the subject is the way it is, it honestly makes me question if I'm part of a minority conspiracy myself, despite living through all the shenanigans in 2015 and 2016. Wikipedia is usually my go-to resource when trying to find a relatively impartial view on something. This has huge implications on the people's view of Bernie deserving a real shot at winning in 2020, and possibly the DNC's views on how much they can get away with next time.

So, to all of you who lived the primary through with me, please reply with credible (as much as possible) resources and accounts of what happened in the 2016 primary. It would be great if they were good enough to be used on Wikipedia in a way that motivated people can't discredit the sources or reply with dismissals.

Many thanks for reading.

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Furious about Kavanaugh? Don’t just sit there. We need your power. The truth is, there’s a LOT you can do.

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We may only have days until the final vote, and your voice is needed now. Vote will be Friday. Then 30 hours of debate & final confirmation vote as soon as Saturday night. Time is short.

  1. Call your senators to say no to Kavanaugh—but don't just call the switchboard (202-224-3121). And don't give up if the line is busy or voicemail box is full. Senators have lots of offices. Find them all at Here's Susan Collins.

    Senators employ staff assistants to answer the phone, check if callers are real constituents, then tally their positions. Most offices circulate the call tallies to entire staff + senator every day. Your calls are counted. They count.

  2. DM @resistbot or go to or text "resist" to 50409. It'll help you write a message & send it as a fax or letter.

  3. Stop by your senator's offices in person. This is the week to do it. Grab a friend or ten. Find local addresses at Staff are friendly! Make a plan & go!

  4. COME TO DC. The atrium of the Hart Senate Office Building in DC has been renamed the People's Atrium. It's where folks are gathering. Bird-dogging trainings are happening daily at 8:30am, noon, and 4pm. On Tuesday, bird-doggers spoke to more than 60 senators. Come help reach them all. Follow @mcbyrne for realtime updates.

  5. If you're in DC, bring some food and coffee to the folks in the People's Atrium. And each day at 10am and 5:30pm, head out with the folks from your state to visit your home-state senators' offices to register your feelings about Kavanaugh with a drop-by.

  6. This THURSDAY in DC, folks gather at 12:30pm at Kavanaugh's current courthouse, 333 Constitution Ave NW, and then at 12:30, @womensmarch is leading a march to the court he wants to join—followed by rally at SCOTUS. This will be big. @lsarsour will keep you posted; follow her.

    Thursday is also a national youth and student day of action, with organizing led by @PPGenAction and @genprogress. Youth & students will march to Senate buildings to visit key offices. Follow them for more info.

  7. The fund for Susan Collins's 2020 Democratic Senate opponent—whoever that might be—is up to ~$ 1.8m in pledges from over 63,000 people. To be collected ONLY IF Collins votes yes on Kavanaugh. Give to it here. And spread the word.

  8. Maine is so important. Other important states: Alaska, West Virginia, Arizona, and let's throw in Nevada because Dean Heller should be held accountable. Call your friends & relatives in these states, and ask them to speak up.

  9. If you know of other ways to help, please reply to this thread. [<–source of post]

  10. Don't just scroll through. Show up. Fight back. The time, folks, is now. You have power. If all of us wield that power, we have a chance to win a fight with impossibly vast stakes.

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Need some help finding info

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In light of Amazon raising their min. wage to 15$ an h. I need to find some facts in regards to what happens to pricing and inflation when we have these raises of wages. Does that mean that inflation and cost of goods goes up by the same % as the wages.

For example.. let's say McD raises their min. wage from 7.25 to 15$ an h.. does that then mean their a Big mac meal is also going to cost double?

Basically I have disprove some republican friends of mine that keep saying exactly that is what is going to happen.

Don't worry I believe in Sanders.. Danish guy here and NOT trolling.

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Why are we struggling to survive if we no longer need to?

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Hi there. I am building a new movement. This is an introduction to it. I'd appreciate feedback and critique. Thank you!


Why are we struggling to survive if we no longer need to?

An Introduction to the ‘Enough’ movement

Humanity now has the means, the resources, and the collective will for all human beings to live in material security… no one, no longer need struggle to survive. Through our technological and social development, we are now able to ensure that every human being on this planet has the food, water, shelter, medicine, safety, and education, not just to survive, but to thrive too.

For the first time in 3.8 billion years of evolution, amongst billions of species to have existed, one species – our species – is poised to transcend the violent, desperate struggle for survival. This truly remarkable accomplishment needs now only to be realised and made manifest. The Enough movement is dedicated to this end.

We take it as self-evident that:

  1. If all human beings can have material security then all human beings should have material security
  2. If any human being can help another human being to have material security then that human being should help another human being to have material security
  3. If any human being can help another human being to have material security then that human being should help as priority, to the best of their abilities, without being compelled to compromise their own material security.……

Twenty two thousand children die every day because of poverty on this planet. Such a degree of suffering would be deemed monstrous if it existed within our own societies at even a fraction of the size. Yet, whilst one third of all food produced worldwide is wasted, whilst we overeat and get overweight, whilst we complain and return our unsatisfactory food, we allow poverty to kill over eight million children every single year.

This is not just immoral, and this is not just crazy… this is something so much more – a wretched illness at the heart of our species that does not reflect our true nature nor our deepest desires, and that requires not just the radical transformation of our societies, ideologies and systems, but of each individual human heart and mind. The Enough movement will be dedicated to this end.

Ending the struggle for survival will not be a simple or easy task. But it is possible, it is the right thing to do, and so it is what we must do. It might be that – like all great social movements – it takes multiple generations to accomplish. However, of one thing, we can be certain, and that is that, if we do not at least start then it can never be accomplished.

This is the start, and, as tremendous as the task ahead of us is, because it has been started, it will be accomplished. For this vision is simply too universal and too desirable for humanity to now not eventually make it so. How and when it will be achieved will be determined by the perseverance, diligence and integrity of those who care and of those who engage with and contribute to this movement, and to all like it.

The first step is simple…

If you agree with this vision then share it. Even better, think about it and discuss it.

Think about and discuss what the implications of the struggle for survival have been for the human race. From crime to greed to poverty to war. Think about how much of the suffering humans have experienced is rooted in the struggle for survival.

Think about and discuss what kind of world we could have if all human beings lived in material security. From freedom from suffering to unleashed human potential to more harmonious, peaceful human relations. Think about how your life could be improved if you had all that you need.

Think about and discuss what ‘material security’ means. From nourishment to shelter to medicine to education to peace. Think about what it means to live in ‘material security’.

Think about and discuss how we can achieve material security for all human beings. From social projects to technological innovation to non-violent campaigns to philosophical development. Think about and discuss how, from this starting point, we can begin the journey towards ending poverty, environmental destruction, war, corruption and injustice in the world, such that all human beings live in material security.

Think about and discuss what you need to do in your life to make the biggest contribution possible to this movement. From personal development to sacrifices to the development of ideas to further education. Think about what you need to do and who you need to be to perform an effective role in achieving material security for all human beings.

Think about and discuss how you can help this movement to succeed. From your time and energy to resources to ideas to skills and experiences. Think about what you can do to help us to become an effective movement that ends the struggle for survival.

Let’s create a universal epiphany…

We no longer need struggle to survive… everyone can have all that they need… this we can achieve… this we will achieve… together… for all.

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The growing case of Trump Money Laundering: multiple bankrupt casinos, multiple violations. Secret cash purchases of Trump property. “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.” (Don Jr.) “We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia.” (Eric) — lots more…

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The growing case of Trump Money Laundering: multiple bankrupt casinos, multiple violations. Secret cash purchases of Trump property. "We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia." (Don Jr.) "We don’t rely on American banks. We have all the funding we need out of Russia." (Eric) -- lots more... submitted by /u/imagepoem to r/The_Mueller
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