Want an Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the Senate?

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Here in my home state of Delaware, we have a wonderful Democratic candidate running for Senate in the September 6th primary against Establishment King Tom Carper, Kerri Evelyn Harris. She's running on a $ 15 minimum wage (Carper stole this and now lies he supports it despite being against it in the Senate), universal healthcare, universal pre-K, legalizing marijuana, etc. If you live in Delaware (which I'm sure very few of you do), please vote on September 6th, and for the rest of you guys, please donate or volunteer for the campaign!!!!! (You can still volunteer if you're in another state, you can still phonebank and text Delaware voters). Tom Carper is endorsed by Joe Biden, the Democratic Party, Stonewall, Planned Parenthood, etc. He's the definition of the establishment, and feel free to look up his abysmal record as a Senator. Harris is endorsed by Ocasio-Cortez, Justice Democrats, Our Revolution, etc. She's the real deal. And I'm sure if she wins the primary she'll get endorsed by Sanders. Oh, and the primary debate is on Monday, I got tickets and I'm hype.


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