3rd Debate Candidates – One Night Only

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Here are the Qualified / Not Qualified for the 3rd debate. Looks like, based on what ABC reported, it will only be one night. I'd rather them break it into two nights of 5 vs one night of 10 but that's just my opinion. I guess it might be good for another Bernie/Warren fighting centrists night.


  1. Former Vice President Joe Biden
  2. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders
  3. Mass. Sen. Elizabeth Warren
  4. Calif. Sen. Kamala Harris
  5. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang
  6. South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg
  7. Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke
  8. N.J. Sen. Cory Booker
  9. Former HUD Sec. Julián Castro
  10. Minn. Sen. Amy Klobuchar

Not Qualified (didn't meet 2% poll requirement):

  1. Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard
  2. Billionaire executive Tom Steyer
  3. Self-help author Marianne Williamson

Not Qualified (didn't meet poll or donor requirement):

  1. Colo. Sen. Michael Bennet
  2. Mont. Gov. Steve Bullock
  3. New York, N.Y., Mayor Bill de Blasio
  4. Former Md. Rep. John Delaney
  5. N.Y. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (Dropped out)
  6. Miramar, Fla., Mayor Wayne Messam
  7. Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan
  8. Former Pa. Rep. Joe Sestak




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SandersForPresident: search results – bernie

13% of Obama voters voted for Trump and only 77% overall voted for Clinton. Also 25% of Clinton Voters Voted for McCain The media should really stop scapegoating Bernie Voters.

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Link to the numbers


Link to Vox article independently verifying those numbers.

So yes we can in fact prove that more Hillary voters voted for McCain than Bernie voters voted for Trump. The bottomline is that Hillary was just not a good candidate. She was dancing with Paul McCartney when she should have been campaigning in the rustbelt. There were other variables that played into her ultimate demise but it's just easier to say that it was Bernie's fault than to actually examine the real issues of her candidacy.

There's a reason she had the lowest favorability ratings of any Democratic nominee in history and the fact that we were all led to believe she was the most electable candidate should count as journalistic malpractice. Not to mention the billions of dollars in free coverage that the media gave to the Trump campaign in 2016.

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SandersForPresident: search results – self:yes

Bernei needs to be more upfront about how his programs are going to be enacted and be direct with his answers. Only then can he stand out compared to politicians like Warren who try to veil their programs just so they seem “not so extreme”

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In the debate, the moderator asked Bernie if he was going to raise taxes to help fund his programs, something no other candidate was asked, making it seem like only his programs would require a change in taxes. Regardless of how it was only targeted at him, he stumbled with his answers. He was not willing to directly say that,"Yes the programs will be paid for by increasing the taxes of everyone, but more for the rich than the poor." I believe that he needs to be more upfront about everything that his programs entail. This will make him seem like the honest one among a group of dishonest politicians who say anything and everything to get elected. Also, there will no longer be ground for criticizing his programs as "some socialist fairyland dream" and make them seem legitimate. He can also distinguish himself more from Warren (who he gets couched together with often) and expose how she has been advocating the same program in a sly manner just so she doesn't scare off people with irrational fear of a socialist takeover.

He should get the message of FDR out more and be more articulate in interviews and debates of how "other politicians want to enact the programs that he envisioned for America but without them costing a penny." RFK's answer when he was asked by a person from the crowd during his presidential run a out how his programs would be paid for also resonates. "From your pockets" was his simple yet profound honest answer.

If he does this, I believe it won't be difficult to topple all the phonies that share the stage with him.

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SandersForPresident: search results – self:yes

Bernie gets twice as many donations as Biden, but only 84% as much money

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Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont raised $ 18 million in the past three months…. Mr. Sanders received nearly one million contributions in the second quarter, his campaign said. The average donation was $ 18, and 99.3 percent of contributions were $ 100 or less, his team said…. 46 percent of its donors in the quarter had not previously given to Mr. Sanders’s 2020 campaign.


Former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday reported raising $ 21.5 million during the first two months of his Democratic bid for the White House…. The Biden campaign "received 436,000 contributions from 256,000 individual donors…. 97 percent of contributions were less than $ 200 and that the average donation was $ 49."


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SandersForPresident: search results – self:yes