Bernie as Beto ends his campaign: I want to thank Beto, who is a friend, not only for running a principled campaign, but for understanding that we must end the horrific level of gun violence in America

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Beto O'Rourke ended his campaign for president today

Though it is difficult to accept, it is clear to me now that this campaign does not have the means to move forward successfully. My service to the country will not be as a candidate or as the nominee. Acknowledging this now is in the best interests of those in the campaign; it is in the best interests of this party as we seek to unify around a nominee; and it is in the best interests of the country.

Bernie thanked Beto in a tweet:

Thank you Beto O'Rourke for running a campaign to bring millions of people together, fight for justice for all and end gun violence in America. We are grateful for your leadership.

And also in his campaign rally today:

I want to thank Beto, who is a friend, not only for running a principled campaign, but for understanding that we must end the horrific level of gun violence in America.

Bernie ran his first congressional campaign in 1988 on banning assault weapons and has been a strong proponent of assault weapon ban from then like Beto.

Donate a dollar today to help Bernie fight gun violence

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M4A will save money but that’s only part of the story.

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First I get chills when Bernie talks about fighting for people who are not exactly like ourselves. I'm Muslim and Tío Bernie is Jewish and yet I know he's fighting for me, others like me and people not like me. It feels good. I love the guy.

As an American, who has lived in a country with socialized health care, M4A won't just save you money. It will reduce your stress. When my kids got sick, injured or whatever we took them to the doctors or the hospital. They were seen and treated. We never had to consider if we could afford it. That is liberating. There wasn't any paperwork. A nurse would ask a handful of questions and that was it. Getting your medication was a simple as handing a slip of paper and wait for the pharmacist to fill the order. No money asked for, none given.

When you're healthy you will pay more than you use to cover the costs of those who are not healthy and in your turn others will cover the cost of your care. It's a beautiful system. If you think about it, it is rediculous to attach health care to employment, when you really need the health care it's unlikely that you will be able to work.

There is one drawback to M4A. A serious one. Plots of movies and shows will need a new motivator when creating desperate characters and hopeless situations. Let's help the writers of tomorrow with some suggestions, when they can't make their character hold a room full of hostages in order to force a hospital to perform a lifesaving operation.

With love.

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My Litmus Test was Standing Rock, Sanders was the only one who stood with the protesters, while the Democrat and Republican leadership twiddled their thumbs

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I don't understand why this contrast hasn't been drawn really at all, with regards to Sanders unique integrity, and ability to stand when it matters.

Warren was my original Sanders, but her silence during the Standing Rock protests was deafening, as Native Americans were attacked using dogs, shot by armed mercenaries, and sprayed with freezing cold water in the dead of winter.

The protests went on for months, and Obama proved he could have ended the violence against the peaceful protesters at any time… by eventually denying the Dakota Access Pipeline permits after enough public pressure. Clinton mean while basically took the side of the executives trying to ram the pipeline through.

Warren finally released a statement in unity with the protesters… on the same day Obama denied the permits, acting in an entirely opportunistic fashion. Where the f*** was she when it mattered? I wasn't mad that she thought she was Native American (I'm not interested in debating her DNA either), I was mad that she had the gall to get in the mud with Trump over her ancestry after abandoning Native Americans when they needed her most. You get zero points for taking the right side of history after the fact, that is not bravery is cowardice.

I really don't think she will fight for us, let alone any establishment Democrat in this race. If you want to see M4A die, or compromised into a useless semi half measure like AHC, then vote for Warren.

I'm done playing games, we have one chance to have a truly transformative President, he may be the only one in our life time, and that health scare has made me realize just how mad I am at his competition, and those trying to now exploit his hard work from 2016.

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In response to the personal attack post targeted at Warren on the frontpage right now: here’s a policy-based criticism of Warren, and an explanation as to why Bernie is the only real answer that the left has to Trump and the rising far-right in America.

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Warren is, fundamentally, a supporter of the status quo. She's a liberal, not a socialist. She has gone on record supporting capitalism, specifically liberal free market capitalism, although she does believe that greater regulation is required.

This is not enough to energise the left into political action and voting. It is not enough to heal the crisis that free market capitalism is causing in the US. Obama's legacy is one of loosening the chains with gradual reform, instead of a sweeping plan to fix the American economy. Obama failed to heal the wound that the 2008 crisis caused, and we got Trump as a result. Make no mistake – Warren will be exactly the same story, perhaps making more substantial reforms, but she will not challenge the capitalist economic heirarchy that is causing the American populace to lurch towards radicalism. She has billionaire donors who are counting on this fact.

This will only empower the far-right in the following years. When Warren, touted as a "leftist" with "basically the same policy as Bernie", fails to fix the contradictions in capitalism that cause everyone but a handful of billionaires to get poorer and more disenfranchised, the anger and vitriol is going to reach boiling point, and we're going to be in a much worse position to fight it. If Trump is bad, then the competent and more dangerous fascist who comes after him will make him look like a moderate. They're already operating concentration camps on the southern border, and talking about designating anti-fascism as a terrorist movement. Think about what a 2024 Republican presidential nominee looks like in this scenario, when the Democrats fail yet again to enact real change.

The GOP know this. They understand, more than the Democrats do, that that free market neoliberalism is a dying ideology, and more than ever before, people are asking for an alternative, a solution. Their answer is to attack the status quo in the form of abandoning free trade as a desirable objective, pulling out of international bodies, and blaming the problems that capitalism causes on groups such as immigrants, "coastal elites", and foreign powers such as China. The reason that this is so effective at energising their base is that they are at least acknowledging that there's a fundamental issue in our economy which requires drastic action to fix, even if their solutions will only worsen it. When they blame "elites", what their supporters hear is the same thing that we hear when Bernie talks about the 1% – but Bernie is genuine, and actually intends to do something about the issue, whereas the Republicans have no interest in actually challenging that elite. This is called false class consciousness, and it's a common tactic used by fascists to draw support from the working class who should really be supporting socialism.

Bernie knows this, too, and so do other democratic socialists. But our solution is different. It'll actually work. We will guarantee healthcare as a right – no means testing, no mincing words – just a comprehensive healthcare system, paid for by a small increase in tax on the richest in society. We will empower the labor movement like no other president has done. We will encourage employee ownership of businesses, so that the profits are spread equally amongst everyone rather than going to a handful of shareholders who did none of the work that produced it. We will mobilise the economy to fight climate change like the existential threat that it is, and damn the profits of billionaires who protest it. We will change the political landscape so that it's no longer controlled almost entirely by the capitalist class of billionaires and business owners. We will move the Overton window to the left, and we will wage class war on the billionaire class who have been waging one on us for centuries.

Warren will not do any of this. She will be the same story of incremental change that achieves nothing that we've seen from every Democrat since FDR. Like I've said, she has billionaire donors, and they're counting on the fact that she isn't going to upset the existing order too much. Bernie is a real threat to the establishment, and they're terrified.

That's why he's the only acceptable nominee.

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Why are polls, which are a projection of the future potential behavior of a population (and only a mere sample at that) asserted as – or really, straight up pushed as -more reliable than data showing literal number of existing supporters (donor and volunteer data)?

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Why are polls, which are a projection of the future potential behavior of a population (and only a mere sample at that) asserted as – or really, straight up pushed as -more reliable than data showing literal number of existing supporters (donor and volunteer data)? Bernie has more than twice as many donors (more than 1 million) than the next candidate (at approximately 500,000). How on earth in all reality can the narrative that Bernie is third or lower be remotely justified when actual literal data definitively exhobits that Bernie IS demonstrably preferred by more primary voters than all of the other candidates. I just keep feeling gaslighted by the narrative that is being pushed by the polls and assumption that a projected sample (polls) are more reliable than data that exhibits literal, actual support that currently exists as opposed to the mere sentiment or idea of projected support of a candidate in the future, i.e. the primary.

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