There’s bias from NYT and other outlets against Bernie (over his team’s attempt to address issues of sexual harassment in the campaign) to frame him as being lenient on harassment, while they’re relatively quiet on a top aide to Kamala Harris, another 2020 contender, being implicated in harassment.

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MRW still waiting for NY Times' outrage over Kamala Harris's top aide being implicated in sexual assault

CNN also aired a story pushing Joe Biden (who has been criticized for his management of the Clarence Thomas hearings while he was chairman of the Senate Judicial Committee, but CNN didn't mention that while they were busy painting Sanders in a negative light like if it was whatever to dim his 2020 chances) for 2020 alongside this story during the highly watched coverage of Democrats regaining the House.

To be clear, the media in all these recent instances is being nakedly hypocritical and manipulative as they are undeniably going easy on their favored candidates for 2020 like Kamala Harris and Joe Biden while aggressively targeting Bernie Sanders over comparable faults and issues of sexism and sexual harassment in a large political campaign. Corporate media executives, and this point is often specifically mocked by right-wing opponents of Bernie Sanders and other progressives in bad faith, are actively making decisions with electoral politics in mind, and that includes selectively taking advantage of coverage against a candidate like Sanders for running on an agenda too progressive for them to like. And just so that there’s no doubt about the obscene quantity of bias against Sanders in the first place: Washington Post Ran 16 Negative Stories on Bernie Sanders in 16 Hours (And the fact that the Washington Post furnished a passive-aggressive line as they announced that positive articles had been published after this had been brought to attention)

CNN, Fortune, Fox News, Huffington Post, National Review, NBC, NPR, NYT, Politico, Washington Post, etc, etc, are just a sampling of outlets that have ran this story, to say little about the content and ulterior motives of these individual articles on their respective outlets. Presumably, in remarkably few instances, there are a few headlines that don’t make the impression of suspectively incriminating Bernie, like a GQ headline that goes, "Sexism Isn’t a Problem for Just the Bernie Sanders Campaign."

Conservative and moderate-leaning rich people who shape what the media covers as well as Democratic and Republican policy think that they can get away with giving ammo and inspiration to thousands of aggressive political operatives (one extreme case like the 2012 Newt Gingrich supporter and anti-Sanders troll Sally Albright who was exposed using bots to astroturf on Twitter like the center-right establishment equivalent of Russian trolls) to manipulate many others in order to preserve this status-quo with some horrific policies, and they are right about that until we change the system.

What we need to do is to build up our defenses in organizations that seek to promote fundamental and progressive political change for the country and ultimately the world. Maybe the Democratic Socialists of America is the closest example to that ideal type of organization yet, however far off we still are. This should be done until the current conservative ruling class will wish that they would have let Bernie Sanders himself (or another progressive equal to him) "save capitalism" like FDR.

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