Bernie is damn right! While all the other Dems are falling all over themselves to defend private insurance, Bernie tells the truth! I have NEVER met anyone who loves paying hundreds per month in premiums, thousands in deductibles, co-pays and drug costs. #MedicareForAll #Bernie2020

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All the other Democrats on stage kept rushing to the defense of the private insurance companies, as if they provide some great, flawless service.

They keep saying "people who like their insurance should be able to keep it!!!!" as if those people aren't going to be covered by Medicare For All (hint: everyone will be covered)

Have you ever met someone who was thrilled to pay hundreds each month in premiums?

Have you ever met someone who was absolutely ecstatic about paying a couple thousand dollars for their deductible before the insurance they pay for every month would even begin to cover their healthcare costs?

Have you ever met someone who was just super happy about arguing with their insurance company over which prescription drugs will be covered?

Let me tell you…. Just like Bernie, I have NEVER met anyone who loved any of those things that are a result of the failed private insurance industry.

Medicare for all will solve all of these problems, and the vast majority of people will save money in the long run. For the vast majority of Americans, the amount of the tax increase to pay for medicare for all will be less than what folks are already paying per year for private coverage.


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Polls are all over the place, everything is up in the air.

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Which means we could win with turnout.

How do we get that turnout?

V O L U N T E E R I N G is severely understaffed – you could join today.

The Bern app makes it easy to canvass – you could start today.

Are you going to look back at this campaign and say you did everything you could to get Bernie elected, or are you going to feel a nagging sense of guilt when Bernie loses Iowa by 5 points because you spent your time online looking at polls instead of on doorsteps or on the phones winning hearts and minds?

Our entire strategy rests on bringing new people to the primaries and caucuses so that we vastly outperform the polls. We can't do that if we can't find those voters and we can't find those voters if we don't have boots on the ground. The real campaigning is about to be ramped up this fall and we need you to put your boots on.

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An undiscussed advantage for Bernie over the next year

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I’ve been thinking about a potentially big undiscussed advantage Bernie has in the primary. He’s the only candidate who has run the entire primary calendar before. From everything to delegate counting, dealing with state conventions, handling vendors and events, staffing levels, budgeting, Bernie himself and his inner circle have done this in all 50 states. Hopefully that experience will be an asset over the next year.

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Convince me: Why Bernie over Warren?

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Genuinely am on the fence here. I am quite impressed with Warren's detailed proposals on a number of issues. I'm also aware she pulled a lot of these stances out of Bernie's pocket and Bernie's own detailed proposals are amazing (here he seems to be doing a much better job than Warren of having his detailed issues discoverable on one simple website). Bernie has energy and passion, but I see that in Warren too, in that they really care for what they both believe in and have the drive a leader needs. They're both weak in foreign policy on details, but a strong Sec of State (Gabbard?) could rectify that in the future administration, whichever of the two win. Maybe a Pres-VP scenario would make a good pairing? Or would it not?
To what extent is Warren an ally of Bernie's and where do they fundamentally truly disagree with one another? None of this "One's a system-friendly economic patriot while the other is a revolutionary democratic socialist" stuff, I don't really care for optics or framing or rhetoric (unless you genuinely believe that that is exactly what it boils down to given that the president is very much a symbolic post as well as a functional one); I'm wondering about actual, grounded policies and plans to mobilize the power that the president and the cabinet will ultimately hold. Why Bernie over Warren? Is it solely a "feeling", or is there something concrete underneath that?

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