I’m working on reforming the Democratic Party because historically it has not welcomed young people into its ranks, and I want to change that. -Bernie Sanders

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Source, Oct 3rd

I know that a lot of people like flirtations with third parties but the practical reality is the Democratic Party has to be the vehicle for change. And it's happening. People are not only running for office, but for Democratic Party offices all across this country. I was just at a DNC meeting in Chicago… 30% were 'Bernie' elected people. Change is happening but we have go to accelerate it. That requires young people and people who have turned away from the political process to reengage, to DemEnter and take the party back so we can take the country back…

How you put pressure on the DNC is to run in county committee elections. And you work and help whichever Presidential candidate you want to support because in that process there's a whole process for electing the DNC members from the various states, and you need to be involved…

Your life is not going well because of an economic and political system which is dominated by people at the top whose interest it is to make sure that your life doesn't go well. That's the problem. If Democrats aren't willing to say that people will turn this country over to the white nationalists.

-Jeff Weaver, Sept 24th

Our ascendant movement cannot truly assume national leadership without welcoming the support of those who are not always with us. It's not selling out. It's called winning.

-Jeff Weaver, Sept 28th

We don’t believe in tearing down people, we believe in offering a vision for the future… If we stand together, there is nothing we can’t accomplish.

-Dr. Jane Sanders, Sept 28th

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Who remembers Alan Dershowitz saying he won’t let Bernie steal ‘his’ party?

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Who remembers this? This a-hole was a staunch anti-bernie and said he won't let bernie steal his party! remember this guy? Guess what – Bernie didn't win but he still became a trumpster… I feel like this guy needs to be rediculed more for the sake of other 'democrats' that we have in our party right now who say 'murica capitalism murica'!


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Too late to join the party? FORMER Bernie Bro here. Fuck Bernie…he’s a fraud. I am now 100% in support of Donald Trump. He’s going to go down as the greatest president in American history.

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This guy just blows me away. He has the biggest balls of any president. He's been treated unfairly from day one and still nothing can stop this man. He's draining the swamp, creating jobs, denuclearizing North Korea, lowering taxes, etc… Trump has made me more patriotic than I've ever been in my entire life. Keep up the good work Donald and give em hell!

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