NPR politics podcast Feb 3: Bernie is leading in polls

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here's timestamps for each candidate:

  • joe biden coverage starts at about 01:13 minute
  • pete buttigieg coverage starts at about 6:12 minute
  • bernie sanders coverage starts at about 12:45 minute
  • elizabeth warren starts at about 18:30 minute

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Any tips for engaging in local and state politics?

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Bernie is great, but he will need us to support him with more than just voting for him: we also need to vote for state and local representatives that will align with his vision (healthcare for all, green new deal, justice for all, education for all, housing for all, immigration rights, LGBT rights, infrastructure improvement, etc.). When we show up to the polls, we need to make sure we are not just picking the right president, but also the right representatives and voting the right way on ballot initiatives. I think this is especially pertinent to the (largely young) cohort of Bernie supporters who were previously disengaged from politics.

That being said, learning about and engaging with state and local politics is different because there isn't as much readily available discussion of it on the general internet. Do you have any tips for finding out who/what to vote for and on how to sway our community members in the right direction?

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I didn’t give a single flying f*@k about politics and never voted in my life until Bernie ran in 2016.

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Honestly I never cared for politics and never voted before Bernie for anyone because I didn't feel like it mattered.

When Bernie ran in 2016, I looked into him and decided to stand for hours in line just to vote for him in the primaries. Now I can't stop thinking about waiting in line again this year!! He will become president!!! Bernie showed me that it matters!!

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Bernie is the only one who will get money out of politics. He’s the only one not lying about it.

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The only thing that matters in this election is who is getting money out of politics and who will take on corporate greed so we can save the world. I thought Warren was someone who might be able to do that at the beginning of the race, so I donated to her too even though I was already commited to Bernie.

But now I am starting to worry about Warren's honesty in a big way. If she wants to take some money from corporations in the general, whatever. At least own it! This is an email I have got from her campaign (like I said, I donated to her in the past. I wish I hadn't):

"I'm going to ask if you can make your next donation to this campaign to help catch up to our fundraising goal before Monday's FEC deadline. But first, I want to tell you why your support is so powerfully important.

When I decided that I wanted to do fundraising the right way — without spending my time calling up wealthy donors or hosting fancy, closed-door events where guests can only get in if they write a ginormous check — I was told it would be a costly decision.

It certainly meant that we would be outraised by other candidates. But it's given me hundreds of hours of time back to spend at town halls and in selfie lines with more voters, grassroots donors, and volunteers. And that time is more valuable to me than any big check.

I'll just be blunt, though: This decision also means we're counting on grassroots donors like you to help hit every goal.

I'm fighting to get big money out of Washington and put power into the hands of working people, but I can't do it alone — it's only possible with contributions from people like you. Will you make your next donation right now to help make sure we hit this goal before Monday at midnight?

This campaign is based on the core principle that everyone is treated equally, regardless of how much they can afford to give.

That means when we're approaching a critical fundraising deadline, you won't see me hosting swanky fundraisers in the Hamptons or Los Angeles. Instead, we send emails like this one to help hit our fundraising goals.

And when this team pitches in what they can to hit each and every fundraising goal, we send a powerful message — that it is possible to run campaigns without catering to the wealthy and well-connected"

We are all going to die if Bernie doesn't get elected people. Please help him out!

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