Despite almost 6 months of the media ignoring and then viciously attacking Bernie, he is at his highest poll numbers in Iowa since August.

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If you look at each recurring poll on RCP, you can see that Sanders has his highest numbers since August in all of their most recent runs (the aggregator does not accurately show this). This means that even the Warren and Buttigieg surges in October and December have been complete overcome, and Bernie has been steadily chipping away at Biden. He was ignored for months and then vigorously attacked, but he is still rising. He was attacked by Democrats. He was attacked by Republicans. The establishment simply can't touch him.

Make sure to bring this up to anyone who thinks he is unelectable or can't hold his own against the establishment of either party. No one can bring him down. The only thing he needs is for people to believe in him: vote, volunteer, and donate.

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