I like Warren, but. A few reasons why I prefer Bernie.

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I think it would help us to solidify some key differences, because she's not more left than Bernie. Not really. She has some singular proposals that kinda-sorta outflank him, but on the whole, he's more left on what matters to me.

A few reasons I support Bernie over her:

  1. He's more outspokenly anti-capitalist, which is important as a symbol, even ignoring that it's not traditional socialism. He's loudly pushing the conversation left, while Warren has undoubtably been more establishment-friendly. She was uncomfortably quick to support Clinton, for instance. The fact that the establishment likes her and call her stuff like "Bernie Sanders for grownups" isn't a compliment.
  2. Warren's said she would take PAC money in the general election. I can't imagine Bernie would do that. (And it's not necessary – winning the nomination is a Yuge money-boost. People pay way more attention in the general than during primaries. Also – Clinton out-raised Trump 2-to-1. It didn't matter.)
  3. He's the most pro-union candidate in the field. Walking the walk, rather than just talking the talk. Warren and Castro kinda meekly muttered afterwards that they would allow their staffs to do the same, but weren't LEADERS on this issue.
  4. This is kinda unfair of me, but I genuinely question whether she's electable. Polling third in your own state isn't a good sign. Her rustbelt polling hasn't been great. Being a woman (in the general election) is at least a little bit of a factor, as much as we wish it didn't matter to people. I recall Cenk from TYT talked about how he was talking to a somewhat reluctant Trump voter, and after chatting a bit about Clinton's flaws, the guy added "plus, she's a broad". Sigh.
  5. Speaking of that – while it FEELS like we're behind the "Pocahontas" thing (and I wish we were!), I'm not so sure. Imagine, if you will, a Trump VS Warren matchup. You think he's not going to bring it up? He will. It might hurt her again. Bernie hasn't been perfect on race, but he hasn't been THAT tone-deaf either.
  6. While she's had a big high point this week, and I commend her for that, I can't pretend she hasn't waffled on Medicare for All. I really struggle to trust anyone who backtracks even a little bit on this issue. M4A is already a compromise, considering it's not the same socialized public health care that exists in Europe and other places. If you don't show that you're 100% committed to that fight, you're not my candidate, and no one has been stronger than Bernie here.
  7. I'm 100% behind Bernie on letting prisoners vote. It's a proposal that genuinely excited me to have him support. It's a human right. Rights for prisoners is always controversial, but this maltreatment is part of why you have a super-high recidivism rate – it shows fundamental disrespect to the people you're SUPPOSED to rehabilitate. Taking that right away is a form of civic death. It's letting the government choose their voters, considering they also choose what's a crime.

Those are just a few of my reasons!

Also, I already know that Bernie is for substantially lowering student debt and making college tuition-free, and I don't doubt for a second that if a bill to eliminate all existing debt crossed his desk, he would sign it. He may not have been "the leader" on that particular issue, but on the whole, I still prefer him to Warren.

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