Bernie Sanders President & Policy Document

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Hi everybody, new to the Bernie Sanders for president sub reddit. I absolutely love this man and everything he has to stand for. It boils my blood listening to him be so perfect, and knowing the American people practically screwed ourselves over with what could possibly have been the greatest President this country has ever had.

I listen to a lot of his congress speeches, debates, and rallies. I have a good grasp on what he stands for and his major policies. However, I was wondering if anyone in the community, had a source, or maybe something like a google document, that has a full list of his policies, with descriptions on each explaining how they would work and why they would benefit America. I believe having like a Google Document where anyone new to the subreddit or wanting to familiarize and learn everything about Sanders campaign, can access easily and get a good overview, somewhat detailed description and explanation on his major/top policies. The more indepth in my opinion the better.

If anyone had such a source, or would be interested in creating one, we should get together and do this. Because his presidency campaign may have come to an end, but his beliefs, ideas, and what he stands for and what we stand for remains live and well in the community, and he will go down as one of the greatest activists and progressive leaders of his generation and quite frankly all of American history. Thank you for each and everyone who voted for this brilliant man, and everyone who stands with his ideas and faith for the future of america!

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