Did Obama hurt the idea of a truly progressive president?

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Sometimes I wonder if we reached this point because Obama shattered our idea of a truly progressive president.

Obama campaigned a lot of things and unfortunately did not fulfill a lot of his promises. I'd like to think that he was still a good man that cared for the country and the office of the presidency is a lot more complicated than I thought, but in the end president Obama never backed up campaign Obama. The patriot act which he promised to repeal only strengthened, the banks never got proper regulations or anything close to Glass-Steagal even in 08 and just got bailed out, he never cracked down on income inequality like he promised, everything that went wrong with Libya, the drone wars(completely indefensible).

It's so surreal watching his campaign videos from 07/08. There was so much hope and so many promises he made that never got fulfilled. Even though I like the guy and still think he's the best president we've had since Nixon, I still feel there was a bit of a betrayal. People really, and truly believed that we were on the verge of a new era after Bush, and still see the wars going on, privacy only get worsen, and wages continue to stagnate while income inequality got worse….it just feels people got bitter and it made many people vulnerable to Trump's rhetoric.

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A Progressive Challenge: Level Up

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Level 1

Realizing dystopian novels were a commentary on potential future events that were preparing you for the rebellion and that’s why you read them.

Level 2

Realizing these events were already going on, and that it was a modern day attempt to wake you up to a corrupted system you are a part of without being aware.

Level 3

Watch V for Vendetta and get hyped. Vote, post political articles on Social Media in an attempt to make others aware “hey guys, you seeing this shit? Wtf man, people are racists and corporations bought our government.. that sucks, right, like, we should all be upset about this, I read about this… heyyyy.”

Level 4

Find a local progressive group like Justice Dems or Our Revolution, figure out who to support and volunteer once. Just so you can say “I was out there making calls and/or knocking doors!”

Level 5

Actually get involved yourself. Try a PTA meeting, go to a school board or township council meeting. Research your representative and lobby for your interests. The larger the group to do this the more successful, because dollars are powerful but ballots get counted. Find a local progressive group to join and start recruiting. Organization and unification are the establishments and oligarchs biggest weakness at the moment. You want to say you helped? This is helping.


If you find that there is no candidate that represents your interest in your district AND you are qualified for that position, Run for something yourself. Here is a good guide for what “qualified” means: https://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/videos/news/2016/06/16/86017378/

(^ Spoiler Alert: It’s an inspirational video of Bernie Sanders telling you to run for office)

Level Up

Progressives, I offer you a challenge:

Vote and bring at least one other person who doesn’t usually vote with you to the polls (minimum).

It is your job right now to figure out what level you’re on, and between now and November; Level Up. Do just a little bit better. We can push just 1 Level Up when shit is this fucked up, I know we can, we read those books on level 1, it’s our job.

PS: It will help you sleep at night.

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With liz warren running in 2020? Do you think she will siphon off more vote from the faux progressive then Bernie?

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How is this going to work? Before the primaries were with just two people running as dems. Now there is a bunch of faux progressives and biden . So whoever raises the most right away and wins states right away? Won't some drop out after the first few months?

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There is a concerted effort by neolib Democrats to silence progressive agendas on Reddit

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Over the last few months I have noticed more and more accounts downvoting stories about the success of the progressive movement in the Democratic party and progressives in general.

It isn't just the absurdly Hillbotted r/politics anymore, it's this sub.

They are trying to re-write the facts about what happened in 2016 and how Bernie supporters were dismissed and overturned at every single turn and how the Democratic party un-Americanly overturned the will of the their own constituents.

We fought tirelessly in 2016 in a rigged game that we had not chance of winning because they constantly changed the rules.

Don't let them push you to the center during this election. Stand strong and stay principled…its what Bernie would want, it's what we all want.

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