I like Warren, but. A few reasons why I prefer Bernie.

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I think it would help us to solidify some key differences, because she's not more left than Bernie. Not really. She has some singular proposals that kinda-sorta outflank him, but on the whole, he's more left on what matters to me.

A few reasons I support Bernie over her:

  1. He's more outspokenly anti-capitalist, which is important as a symbol, even ignoring that it's not traditional socialism. He's loudly pushing the conversation left, while Warren has undoubtably been more establishment-friendly. She was uncomfortably quick to support Clinton, for instance. The fact that the establishment likes her and call her stuff like "Bernie Sanders for grownups" isn't a compliment.
  2. Warren's said she would take PAC money in the general election. I can't imagine Bernie would do that. (And it's not necessary – winning the nomination is a Yuge money-boost. People pay way more attention in the general than during primaries. Also – Clinton out-raised Trump 2-to-1. It didn't matter.)
  3. He's the most pro-union candidate in the field. Walking the walk, rather than just talking the talk. Warren and Castro kinda meekly muttered afterwards that they would allow their staffs to do the same, but weren't LEADERS on this issue.
  4. This is kinda unfair of me, but I genuinely question whether she's electable. Polling third in your own state isn't a good sign. Her rustbelt polling hasn't been great. Being a woman (in the general election) is at least a little bit of a factor, as much as we wish it didn't matter to people. I recall Cenk from TYT talked about how he was talking to a somewhat reluctant Trump voter, and after chatting a bit about Clinton's flaws, the guy added "plus, she's a broad". Sigh.
  5. Speaking of that – while it FEELS like we're behind the "Pocahontas" thing (and I wish we were!), I'm not so sure. Imagine, if you will, a Trump VS Warren matchup. You think he's not going to bring it up? He will. It might hurt her again. Bernie hasn't been perfect on race, but he hasn't been THAT tone-deaf either.
  6. While she's had a big high point this week, and I commend her for that, I can't pretend she hasn't waffled on Medicare for All. I really struggle to trust anyone who backtracks even a little bit on this issue. M4A is already a compromise, considering it's not the same socialized public health care that exists in Europe and other places. If you don't show that you're 100% committed to that fight, you're not my candidate, and no one has been stronger than Bernie here.
  7. I'm 100% behind Bernie on letting prisoners vote. It's a proposal that genuinely excited me to have him support. It's a human right. Rights for prisoners is always controversial, but this maltreatment is part of why you have a super-high recidivism rate – it shows fundamental disrespect to the people you're SUPPOSED to rehabilitate. Taking that right away is a form of civic death. It's letting the government choose their voters, considering they also choose what's a crime.

Those are just a few of my reasons!

Also, I already know that Bernie is for substantially lowering student debt and making college tuition-free, and I don't doubt for a second that if a bill to eliminate all existing debt crossed his desk, he would sign it. He may not have been "the leader" on that particular issue, but on the whole, I still prefer him to Warren.

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Reasons Why Biden Hasn’t Entered The Race Yet (All Bad For Bernie)

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There is another post on this sub Reddit postulating that Biden not yet entering the race is a good thing. I disagree with that premise. Here is my reasoning.

. . I think Biden not entering the race yet is all part of a strategic plan for the DNC to undermine Bernie. I have friends who were Bernie delegates for the last go around. We have evidence that the DNC is ruthless and plays dirty. They already stated publicly that they have no need to be fair. They are happy to leverage our inexperience in this game.

This past year the DNC rules committee changed how superdelegates vote. Now, in the first round of voting superdelegates are not included in the vote tally. So, if there is a clear winner who receives 50% of the primary votes, that is it. This is what Bernie needs to do – get 50% of the votes in the first round and avoid superdelegates

If the vote is diluted amongst a lot of different primary candidates, it is unlikely that there will be a clear winner receiving 50% of the vote in the first round. In the second round of voting superdelegates get to chime in. They are very likely to vote in a corporate Democrat like Biden or Harris. This is what the DNC wants.

I suspect that Biden waiting to enter the race is part of the strategy to ensure Bernie doesn’t get 50% of the vote.

  1. They are including Biden in surveys even though he has not announced. This is a way to boost his name recognition without draining his campaign coffers.

  2. By including unannounced candidates in the surveys they make Bernie look like he is just another contender. If they had only included declared candidates in the survey, instead of polling around 25-30% Bernie would likely be polling in the 50-60% range. A much more decisive position early in the race.

  3. By delaying Biden’s jump into the ring, they are able to preserve cash. By not spending money now – other than the surveys/polls which include him – Biden will have more money on hand to spend towards the end of the campaign. This will allow him a bigger splash at the end when it is needed.

  4. By delaying Biden’s entry into the race, we will have less time to mobilize and fend off his campaign. We’ll have less time to compare and contrast policies and highlight the negative aspects of Biden’s political career. A short campaign will be to Biden’s benefit – especially if he is able to just bank on his name recognition.

I do not trust the DNC. They were very tactical and underhanded in the last campaign with Hillary. I suspect that they will undermine Bernie in this primary as well.

Although Bernie has declared that he does not want a negative campaign I don’t think we can afford to do otherwise once Biden enters the race. I think we will need to call out Biden on all of his baggage.

So, I say get all of the Biden related memes, cartoons, and artwork ready now. Be ready the moment he jumps into the race.

Also be ready for a Bernie money bomb once Biden enters the race. Donate to Bernie the minute that Biden announces. We need to send a message to the DNC that progressives are going to fight like hell this time around! If Bernie raised more money then Biden in the first 24 hours after Biden announces, that would be a powerful statement indeed!

No milquetoast candidates proposing half measures. We want to be inspired by someone who stands on principles and is going to effect the changes we need.


Edit – same goes if Beto jumps into the ring. 1) call him out for being a centrist and 2) do a Bernie money bomb to send a message.

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Reasons Why Biden Hasn’t Announced Yet (All Good For Bernie)

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  1. Biden hasn't run for office for 12 years. The current policy appetite of the electorate is very different today and his voting and public speaking record aren't a good fit. He still out to figure out what his policy agenda is going to be.
  2. He has to figure out how he is going to respond to the criticisms of his past record.
  3. He doesn't have a small donor money pipeline. He's probably going to need to use Obama mailing lists to try and build one. If that doesn't pan out, relying on bigger $ 2,700 donors and bundlers is going to look bad and be a drag on him politically.
  4. The establishment movers and shakers aren't 100% sure that they want him in. His entry really takes away some of the luster of Kamala Harris, who otherwise has the best chance to beat Bernie. Understanding Biden's lack of success on a national stage in the past and lack of fit for today's progressive demand's translates to a tough choice for the big donors. Biden's entry also takes away the ability to attack Bernie on age.

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Michael Moore on Twitter: “A must-read, whether you’re for Bernie or not. Nobody has to make up their mind a yr in advance. But the facts must be told. We need the one who will CRUSH Trump. “20 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is The One To Beat Trump In 2020 (*Backed By Data)” (from Medium)”

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Michael Moore on Twitter: “A must-read, whether you’re for Bernie or not. Nobody has to make up their mind a yr in advance. But the facts must be told. We need the one who will CRUSH Trump. “20 Reasons Bernie Sanders Is The One To Beat Trump In 2020 (*Backed By Data)” (from Medium)” submitted by /u/writtox
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WaPo: Sanders only appears to be the most electable candidate (but he’s not for reasons they will tell us later)

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No media bias at WaPo. By this WaPo article's own metrics, Sanders is the best candidate to beat Trump. But wait – those metrics can only be applied to ALL OF THE OTHER CANDIDATES, but not to Sanders. Don't ask why – they'll tell us later, much later – like sometime after they can come up with a really, really good reason that they haven't thought of yet.


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