MSNBC and Pharm. companies display their overt corruption. We see you and we are going to change it all with our revolution.

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This just happened on Hallie Jackson's show on MSNBC. Jeff Weaver was on the show (Bernie's campaign manager) and these were just some of the insanely biased questions she asked him: "Why doesn't Bernie have a plan like Kamala Harris to tax Wall Street for Medicare for All? No one will vote for him if he raises taxes." , "Bernie notably didn't prepare for the last debate, is the next debate going to be different?". Thankfully Weaver is sharp and shot back at both of those ridiculous statements: 1) Kamala, just as all the other candidates, have copied Bernie's M4A plan. His plan has always included taxing Wall Street, however Americans will also need to be taxed to pay for the plan or else it is not feasible. 2) Bernie did prepare what are you even saying?

The thing that disgusted me the most and moved me to make this post was how after Weaver was on, MSNBC played a Johnson and Johnson commercial. This commercial states how J&J are "curing AIDS, Cancer, and Depression and they care for Americans". This is the same Johnson and Johnson that manufactured the Opioid epidemic for profit (1). An epidemic that has cost innumerable lives, filled foster homes to capacity with America's next generation (2), and costs the U.S. healthcare and criminal justice systems $ 78.5 billion (3) each year. They don't understand that we see them. We see the truth. We see that their sociopathic corporations place profits before human lives. They also don't understand that their overt corruption and attempts to suppress Bernie only fuels the movement. They will understand when Bernie wins and the revolution has begun. There is much work to do, please do your part to help change our rotting society. Bernie can't do it alone.

Note: I include sources because as we all know, the internet and media are full of misinformation.




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Our Revolution Candidate for Dallas (June 8 election)

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Remind your friends to vote tomorrow if you live in Dallas! It would be huge to get an Our Revolution endorsed Dallas Mayor! Scott Griggs made it through the primary.

Also, reminder to periodically check

There are a lot of important local elections.

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