Does having both Sanders and Warren running split the progressive vote in two, making it more likely Biden will win?

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I wonder if having both Sanders and Warren running makes it more likely Biden will win? It basically splits the progressive vote into two, while the rest of the people will vote for Biden.

I like Warren a lot as a candidate, but I’m worried she functions like Jill Stein did in the general elections by taking votes away from the leading candidate most likely to beat Biden, Sanders.

In all the polls I’ve seen, if you add Sanders’ s and Warren’s votes together, they add up to the percentage planning to vote for Biden. As the race continues, I’m sure Warren is going to continue to go up in the polls, but it's likely won’t ever get enough to beat Biden and Sanders. So it seems she basically takes votes away from the progressive candidate that actually has a chance at beating Biden.

Now I could be very wrong about this. It’s still so early and a lot could change. But if nothing substantial changes, this is the direction it seems things would go.

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