“Breaking” text from the campaign: “One of our opponents’ super PAC is running a 6-figure ad buy attacking Bernie in Iowa”

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The text is apparently referring to this: Pro-Inslee super PAC to hit rivals on climate during debate, which just sounds like a weird way to spend money, given how strongly Bernie has spoken over the years about the need to combat climate change.

The article says:

The ad hits former Vice President Joe Biden, South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and Sens. Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris and Bernie Sanders, saying the leading contenders for the Democratic nomination have not made climate change a high priority.

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Minnesota Berniecrat Running for Congress in Minnesota’s 4th district “Saint Paul”

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Minnesota Berniecrat Running for Congress in Minnesota's 4th district "Saint Paul"

I need help from Bernie Sanders supporters like you in the fourth congressional district. You have an opportunity to support a progressive in next year’s congressional primary August 11th 2020. Unlike our incumbent, I will not accept donations from the military industrial complex or their investment firms, and I will not run with a PAC. Bernie said it will take a movement, let’s make it happen.

Hello I am David Sandbeck, I support Medicare for all, public financing of elections, challenging the military industrial complex, ending regime change wars, student debt forgiveness, tuition free public college, and paying for it by repealing 40 years of voodoo economics that exacerbated wealth inequality. Go to, www.sandbeckforcongress.com and learn about supporting a progressive agenda. Help me champion a progressive platform in the 4th congressional district of Minnesota by caucusing 2.25.2020 on the issues.

I need your help to deliver a competitive primary August 11th 2020 by becoming a delegate at the district caucus, and nominate me for DFL party endorsement. Betty McCollum was a Hillary super delegate and ignored the voice of our district. Now you can withhold the party endorsement from her, by caucusing and becoming a delegate all the way to the district caucus. You might even make it to the national convention in Wisconsin next year if you wanted to. Help me earn the party endorsement, and with your help there will be a competitive primary. Even if there is no endorsement, it will show our incumbent we are serious about a progressive agenda. It all starts at the precinct caucus FEB 25th 2020.

Also, please nominate my campaign to be endorsed by Justice Democrats as soon as you can, I need your help. https://www.justicedemocrats.com/nominate/

I can provide you my answers to the justice democrat’s online nomination questions but you can make it your own. Just email me [email protected] for an answer guide. I also have short position videos on YouTube for you to consider. So please subscribe to the Sandbeck for Congress YouTube channel.

There are so many ways to help, have my yard sign, let your Minnesota friends know about me. I won’t have a million dollars to spend like Betty will, but I hope to earn your trust and convince you to Caucus 2.25.2020 on the issues, then become a delegate all the way to the district caucus to nominate me for the party endorsement. You can help deliver a competitive congressional primary August 11th 2020.

Please call, Text 651-428-2736, and email me [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) to let me know if I can place a sign in your yard, or if you can place one in a window? Are you willing to place flyer/door hangers In your neighborhood, Ill drop some off? You don’t even have to door knock!


Finally, I am going to create a 4th congressional district watchdog group. To keep the pressure on! No matter what happens. We are going to build a revolution. I have sent this letter to a sample of 1,000 Sanders supporters in the 4th district. To help determine if there is viability for a progressive challenger in the 4th district. Subscribe at the bottom of my website www.sandbeckforcongress.com text and call me 651-428-2736. Please leave a message, I work full time and campaign so I can’t always respond in real time. The watchdog group once established will only take a few hours a month. You can even participate remotely. However to be effective, I need at least 300 members in the 4th district willing to sign petitions and with that many we can summons our congresswoman to meet with us on our terms, and send her to D.C with her our agenda!

Once elected, I will use this office, position and platform to go out and find or establish watchdog groups in every congressional district! In addition to being a progressive work horse in D.C. We can take back our government from the 1% and reform our Congress!


Learn more by visiting www.sandbeckforcongress.com

Call or text 651-428-2736, even late at night. I turn off my phone when I sleep so don’t worry about disturbing me, to leave a voicemail or text! Email: [email protected]


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Bernie is the ONLY candidate not using corporate money. Warren’s already running on corporate money (and lying about it!)

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Bernie's campaign is fueled by small-dollar contributions by regular people. Warren, unlike Bernie, took high-dollar contributions in 2018 for her Senate run from Biden's 2020 corporate donors. THE EXACT SAME PEOPLE. Then she transferred approx. 10 million of those corporate funds to her current campaign. Also, approx. 4.9 million came from the Elizabeth Warren Action Fund, which accepted PAC and industry donations through last year. And she continues to pretend like she doesn't run on corporate cash.

One very critical reason why Bernie >>>> Warren. Stick with Bernie. He's the only candidate who can be trusted to do what he says he will do. He's the only one with a massive, grassroots movement behind him to engage in pressure politics to make sure the job gets done.






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