An Open Letter To Senator Bernard Sanders

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Dear Bernie,

I, like many Americans, have been following your campaign since the 2016

presidential primary. I believe America has seen a rare diamond scattered

amongst cubic zirconium in you. A politician who genuinely cares about the

American people. A politician who genuinely wants to change the country for

the better.

what happened in 2016 was a downright shame. later, we the people found

evidence that you had no winning chance at all. Clinton's dealings with the

dnc strongly point to a rigging of the primary. I'm not completely sure if

that is true, but given Clinton's record, I wouldn't put it past her.

I'm here to talk to you about something very important Bernie.

I see in front of me a country falling apart. And I believe you hold the key

to fixing the mess we all see.

When you lost the democratic nomination in 2016, I believe you made the right

decision in supporting (reluctantly) Hillary Clinton. To do otherwise would

have been political suicide. But despite your actions, i and many other Americans

believe the DNC is staunch in there efforts to squash you in 2020. The way i see

it, the Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same twisted coin. The

Democrats would rather lose to trump in 2020 than see a hero like yourself

giving power back to the people.

As you know, we do not live in a true democracy any more Mr. Sanders. Our once

beautiful nation founded on the idea of standing up to tyranny is now lead by

wolves in coyote's clothing. Not even scared enough to pretend to be sheep, as

we see

time and again their hypocrisy, negligence, and blatant corruption. We the

people of the united states of america have been fooled into oblivion Mr. Sanders.

Presented each and every year with a false dichotomy, beckoned to choose the

lesser of two evils.

If I am correct, you have stated that you will support whichever candidate is

chosen as the democratic nominee. Mr. Sanders, I'm writing this letter to beg you

to please not do this. Do not uphold this lie any longer. I believe you have a

unique ability that will die with you Bernie. The love and support of the people,

and a sincere desire to create change in our country.

If I am correct, the race for

challenging trump will once again culminate in you and another candidate,

(perhaps Joe biden, a watered down clone of mrs. Clinton for all intents and

purposes). I believe, if you do not downright crush your challenger, you will

have no chance in this race. The DNC will band together as they did in 2016

and eliminate your chances at winning.

But hope is not lost for us in this case Bernie, in fact I believe this is a

blessing in disguise if only you make the right decisions moving forward.

Bernie, I am here today to ask you to run as an independent candidate when

the nomination is inevitably stolen from you. Hear my reasoning.

Make no mistake, I am not under the conviction that you have any chances of

winning as an independent in the 2020 race. Furthermore, I understand that if

you were to run independent, there is a good chance that Trump would retain

his presidency for a further 4 years. Personally, I don't think that makes a

difference though. I do not believe that the democratic nominee will be enough

degrees better than trump for their victory to make any meaningful impact.

(in many ways, even if it was you. the congress would oppose you in every move

you made) However, if you ran

independent, you would win more support than any other independent candidate in

modern history. I'm certain a significant portion of your supporters would

rally behind you as an independent whether or not you have a chance at winning.

It is my prediction that you might manage to finish the race with upwards of 10%

to 20% or more of the popular vote. This is the wake up call we desperately need in

america. We need to see that there are more options available to us than

the shit show we have today. No other person in the world could do this

but you Bernie. It is my belief, that this action, win or lose, would show

people that the democrats and the republicans are not our only options.

That we no longer need to be held down by the status quo. That we can unite

as a people against the established plutocracy. That we can change the world.

In the words of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, mr. Sanders. "Courage begets courage."

Be the hero we need, if you lose the nomination, do not support these crooks.

be the first significant independent, so that we might see more.

You are nearing the end of your life, make this your legacy.

We need you Bernie, the world is falling apart. Please consider my thoughts.

sincerely, A citizen left behind.

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As I see it, this presidential race is really about people standing united against corrupt elites. It would be an awesome move to see Senator Sanders visiting tragic sites in the US’s past to acknowledge how important the journey towards equality is.

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Some of those sites that come to mind.

Trail of tears

Black Wall St.

Japanese Concentration Camps

There are many more. The point is that this is ammunation for the argument of equality. Lets not ignore it.

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What is this communty’s opinion toward universal basic income? Senator Sanders seems to be considerate of the idea, but why not have it be a major goal of his campaign.

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universal basic income seems to be a very progressive and bipartisan solution to ecomic disparity. The more I read about the concept the more it seems like a viable, but also unavoidable, solution to auttomation. It could easily work in conjunction with Bernie's other plans that work towards ecomonimc equality. Am just curious about others opinions on the concept or as a platform for the Sanders campaign

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