[Correcting the CTR] After a years-long exhaustive effort of inflammatory anti-Bernie social media activity, Sanders’ favorability among Democrats is now… *squints* still higher than Clinton’s.

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Gallup, Sep. 4–12 2018

Among all Americans Favorable (Net) Unfavorable No opinion
Sanders 53 (+15) 38 9
Trump 41 (-17) 58 1
Clinton 36 (-24) 60 4

Among (D)emocrats Favorable (Net) Unfavorable No opinion
Sanders 78 14 9
Clinton 77 ?? ??

Among independents Favorable Unfavorable No opinion
Sanders 54 35 12
Clinton 30 ?? ??

Common anti-Bernie arguments and their counters:

"BernieBros are white and male / Black Americans don't support him"

– Sanders favorability among whites +/-: 49/46 (net +3)

– Sanders favorability among non-whites: 64/21 (net +43)

Available polling has had Bernie with a higher net fav. rating among women than men

"Bernie is not a Democrat. (Dems don't want him.)"

– Bernie has consistently had a higher favorability than Clinton among Dems since 2016. Virtually no-one in the party thinks him being an Independent is a detriment.

Bonus: "Bernie has gotten nothing done in his time in Congress."

Amendment King Bernie Sanders

Amazon is raising its minimum wage to $ 15 following pressure from Bernie Sanders


Americans Maintain a Positive View of Bernie Sanders

Hillary Clinton's Favorable Rating Still Low

Dunno why Gallup refuses to give a proper PDF of poll results, instead of scattering crumbs over a dozen articles. If anyone knows how to get full results, please let me know.

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