Still plenty of time for climate to dominate this election cycle

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Election cycles in the US are looooooong !!

If you're sitting here worried about Biden leading in polls, don't be. 8+ months until the first caucus is an eternity.

Most people think of climate change as something that's really going to take off in the intermediate future with incremental pain along the way. They may be right. Or not.

While most of us are obsessing over the horse race, I'm watching with fear as the Arctic melt season is evolving. So far, the traditional metrics (sea ice extent and area), have this year as the second lowest on record. Nothing super alarming so far.

But the ingredients are there for a potential blowout in the Arctic this year.

If that happens, we can look forward to weather we've never seen before as the polar circulation just breaks down.

We've also got an entire summer with a hurricane season, heat waves and wildfire potential and then a good chunk of winter before any voting.

We've already had the wettest 12 months in US history. Crop lands are flooded. The dial is getting turned up quick.

And Joe Biden's chief climate advisor Heather Zichal is a fracker. Not a good look at all in 2019.

We need Bernie because unfettered capitalism isn't going to cut it when it comes to avoiding a climate apocalypse. We're going to need something like the command economy of the early 1940's that got us through WW II.

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