Bernie raised 6 million in 24 hours from tens of thousands of individual donors donating around $27. Beto raised 6 million, but we have no idea what his average was. Could it be that a couple thousand wealthy donors donated the max, $2,700? Details are important to gauge actual grassroots support.

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Tens of thousands of small donors gave to Bernie's campaign in the first 24 hours, raising 6 million.

Beto apparently also raised 6 million in the first 24 hours, but we haven't been given any details about his average donation amount, how many donors, etc.

This is important because ~2,000 wealthy dems giving the max, $ 2,700, could raise that amount on their own.

It is important to know these details to know if there is actual grassroots support behind Beto, or if he is being fueled by a few thousand party elites all donating the max to boost their guy.

Also, giving $ 27 more to Bernie today. Join me.

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