Sanders being a better candidate than Warren Argument

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A lot of people have been discussing Warren vs Sanders. Let me give certain points why Sanders is a far superior candidate than Warren –

  1. Past History & Struggles – Sanders displayed extreme courage to go to jail in his 20s protesting segregation. He fought against Republicans & Democrats promoting oligarchy through incredibly hard 3rd party politics & had a much tougher road than what he would have had he taken the easy road through a Democratic Primary. He ran in 2016 to shift the ideological position. Warren was a life-long Republican while Reagan was destroying the social fabric, attacking single mothers, cutting welfare & cutting taxes on wealthy by half. She was the progressive option but displayed no courage in 2016. She stayed out & let Hillary run through which would have brought Neoliberalism back, only because she could VP or something of that sort. She didn't endorse Bernie in 2016 despite the ideological similarity.

  2. Visionary vs Copycat about Medicare for All – Warren has little expertise on Medicare for all but worse over 6-7 years, she never supported it while Sanders has supported it for decades. She campaigned on building the ACA & only reluctantly agreed to support M4A after Booker, Gillibrand, Harris & everyone else was on board & she did it to not look right wing. Sanders took an issue which had 0 support in Senate & made in mainstream. When there will be 100s of Millions of $ by Pharma & Insurance who will stand his ground. Who has the guts to pressurize Bennet or Coons? Elizabeth Warren can never get Medicare-for-all past. She is an okay ally to have on that policy on that Senate, but not as the leader as the POTUS.

  3. Movement Leader & Grassroots Support – Sanders has 1M Volunteers & 2.5M donations. Warren doesn't have half of that. Sanders has a committed & dedicated & passionate base who will be with him after the election to help make change. Warren doesn't have the base that Sanders has & no plan to make change.

  4. Past Results – Veterans Bill 96-4, War Powers Act, Amazon & Disney raising 15$ Min Wage, US House passing Bernie's 15$ Wage, Amendment King in House, US War/DOMA Vote, War Powers act & so on. Warren has 0 accomplishments & is flop in terms of results.

  5. Warren is the candidate of Rich White Elites – Warren is doing horrible among Black & Hispanic voters despite very high name recognition & likeability. Not only that her primary voters are above 100K$ in Income while Sanders' key base is 50K$ & under. Warren is the candidate of majorly White High Income voters while Sanders represents black, white, brown low income working folks. Who do you want to see represented in the white house?

  6. Warren's bad Foreign Policy record – Warren previously over the years time & again, has voted for Trump's 700B$ Military budget & has taken hawkish stances on Israel. Sanders is a known anti-war candidate preaching humanity & human rights & voting against huge military budgets.

  7. Political Courage vs Political Expediency – Sanders was in the frontline leading against Dakota Pipeline while Warren never took a stand. Neither did she take one in 2016. Warren takes politically expedient calls to further her political ambition & may sell out on M4A if need be & in other areas while Sanders can take tough positions including like giving felons the right to vote.

  8. GE Candidate Strength – Warren may win or may lose as she is politically not smart instinct wise. She played into Trump's hands with the DNA test. She has lied about being Native American previously in various employment opportunities. And she foolishly responds to Trump. Trump has control over Warren. Plus the Dem Candidate needs to win big over Trump so that the Senate & House Dem Candidates also win. Otherwise nothing passes with Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader.

Warren has had 0 criticism. Not 1 question about how she implements her policies or lies about being Native American or GE vulnerability or being a follower in terms of M4All. The Corporate Media is using her as a tool to steal Bernie's progressive base & is fawning over her.

Bernie is the last chance of a Historic Political Realignment which happens once in 40+ years (FDR is 30s, Reagan in 80s). Sanders can lead a new progressive era. Sanders & Warren are not the same candidates. He is a more honest, authentic candidate has been in the picketlines for labour, who resurrected a dead progressive movement single handedly.

Also don't go by the polls only. They change. Many of these polls have 20-25% of voters above 100K income which is nowhere near the voting population. The Fox poll didn't sample Independents. Polls give a general feeling & are all over the place. 25-30% may well be enough to win early states.

Sanders needs to win over Warren. I hope above argument is enough to convince others. Feel free to add more points

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Bernie is RIGHT. Medicare for all would save the vast majority of Americans money every single year. The amount you would save from not paying monthly premiums, no co-pays or deductibles would be far more than the new taxes that would fund medicare for all. Never let anyone twist the truth!

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The media and the right always like to whine about how you'll have to raise taxes in order to fund medicare for all.

What they do NOT talk about is the fact that the amount of money folks will save from not having to pay monthly premiums, not having to pay co-pays, not having deductibles, etc. is FAR MORE than the tax increase the average American would see in order to fund medicare for all.

For the vast majority of people, medicare for all would save them money, not cost them.

Never let anyone spew lies. #

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