Please Spread the Word, and Stop The Candidate Who is No better than Trump.

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There is the recent news of the sexual accusation of Joe Biden from his former female member, Tara Reade. Almost none of the media ever made a single coverage of her report. So I urge you guys to spread the word. And especially on Bernie Sanders, because I'm worried if Biden wins the nomination and more American people began to know of his past actions. I worried this year might be a repeat of the 2016 elections.

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Is the Maxine Waters plan the same/better than Bernie Sanders plan to deal with COVID-19?

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So Bernie has this:

But I'm seeing a lot more references to a plan the Democrats came up with

I don't know much about Maxine Waters, a quick search turns up that she's an incumbent of 20 years in a very safe [D] district, has had some corruption allegations once and was called a "Low-IQ individual" by trump. And claimed that the "Democratic Party is not a Socialist Party". Does not seem like a lefty progressive but more centrist by US political standards.

Is this the classic Bernie blackout strategy or just a coincidence?

The Waters plan seems very similar to Bernie's except that it comes from a "DNC approved source". One funny thing is that Bernie proposes $ 2000/person but the Waters plan is like "oh yeah? I raise you 1K per child!"

Since a lot has been happening over the past few days it's hard to figure out which came first. And it would just be fine either way if any help plan is implemented no matter which one but it seems to me like another attempt to suppress Bernie Sanders by omission.

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Bernie Sanders is FAR MORE ELECTABLE than Joe Biden. Here are 6 reasons why — share them with the electability skeptics you know!

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While our policies are way more popular than Joe Biden's, people over the age of 45 believe that Biden is more "electable" than Bernie. This is a false belief, and we need to politely steer these folks in the right direction if we want to win.So here are…

6 of the Most Powerful Reasons why Bernie Sanders is Far More Electable than Joe Biden

Share these facts with the Electability Skeptics in your life!

1. Bernie is a New Deal Democrat.

Bernie Sanders is a New Deal Democrat, just like FDR (they called FDR a communist, too). Bernie is not trying to nationalize industries. He just wants to increase social welfare programs, like Social Security and Medicare. He wants America to have the best-educated population of every country on earth. Public services like public education, fire departments, and healthcare are not communism. The New Deal is what transformed America into a global powerhouse in the 20th century. Bernie Sanders is the man to guide America into a 21st century New Deal.

2. Come November, the country will be in recession due to Coronavirus pandemic. As the architect of Medicare For All and a lifelong champion of worker rights, Bernie Sanders is going to look like an Oracle compared to Trump. Biden will just look the same as Trump.

The ideas Bernie Sanders has popularized are going to be insanely popular come November, especially Medicare For All.

Joe Biden, meanwhile, just said he would veto Medicare For All if it ever passed Congress. He told a group of insurance and bank CEOs nothing would change under a Biden administration. He's going to look the same as Trump on this issue, and have absolutely no edge on Trump.

3. Joe Biden would collapse in the debates with Trump. Bernie Sanders will beat Trump at his own game.

Donald Trump is literally a pioneer of the reality TV genre. You may hate him, but the guy is a master of the televised format. Biden can't reliably get through a speech even using teleprompters right now. It will be ugly. Trump would come out of it looking smarter and more eloquent than Biden.

Bernie Sanders on the other hand, speaks extemporaneously for 30-60 minutes 3-5 times everyday. His authenticity and well-spoken nature makes him the only choice left standing to handle Trump on a debate stage.

4. Bernie Sanders is far more successful with independents than Joe Biden. You need independents to win a general election.

Bernie Sanders is beating Joe again and again with Independents. Trump beat the Democrats in 2016 in part by winning Independents by 5 points. Bernie Sanders is most successful independent in American history. Sanders will wipe the floor with Trump on independents. Biden, the product of the party machine, will not.

5. Joe Biden is not up to defeating Trump, mentally.

Fair or not, the GOP is already hammering Joe for having clearly lost a step between 2016 and today. This is going to be a major story and relentless narrative after the primaries. Biden will not be able to defend against it because he cannot reliably speak well in public anymore.

6. There is way more enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders than Joe Biden. When a general election hits, Joe Biden's turnout will fail him and the Democrats will lose.

It will be 2016 all over again. Joe may win the popular vote, but he'll lose across the Rust Belt, winning only the Northeast and West Coast. Trump will handily defeat Joe in the electoral college.

Share your own reasons below! We will be posting more stuff to help our community politely make this argument to those questioning the fact that BERNIE SANDERS IS FAR MORE ELECTABLE THAN BIDEN

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More than HALF of the states haven’t voted yet. Click here to vote for Bernie Sanders!

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Reach out to people you know in these states and tell them you want them to vote for Bernie.

Get the BERN app to help you reach out.

Click your state to find out more on where to vote

Alaska Register as a Democrat, send in your mailed ballot, or vote in person 4/4.

Arizona – Early Voting ends MARCH 17th. Primary: MARCH 17.

Connecticut Register as a Democrat by 4/23. 17 YEAR OLDS CAN VOTE. Vote 4/28

Delaware Register as a Democrat by 4/4. Request a mailed ballot here by 4/24, or vote in person 4/28.

Washington D.C. Register/Affiliate as a Democrat by 5/12. Vote early here 5/16-5/28. Vote in person on 6/2.

Florida – Early Voting (not available in all counties) ends MARCH 15th or earlier. Primary: MARCH 17th

Georgia – Early Voting ends MARCH 20th. Primary: MARCH 24th

Guam Vote 5/2, 10am-6pm.

Hawaii – Register, then Affiliate as a Democrat here. If you haven't received a mailed ballot, Vote in person 4/4.

Illinois – Early Voting ends MARCH 16th. Primary: MARCH 17th.

Indiana Register to vote by 4/6. 17 Year Olds can vote. Vote early from 4/7-5/4 in person. Or vote in person 5/5.

Kansas Register/ Affiliate as a Democrat. 17 Year Olds can vote. Return your mailed ballot, or vote 5/2.

Kentucky Register as a Democrat by 4/20. Vote 5/19.

Louisiana Register/Affiliate as Democrat by MARCH 14th. Vote early here MARCH 21st- MARCH 28th. Vote 4/4.

Maryland Register/Affiliate Democrat by 4/7. Request a mailed ballot here. Vote early in person here 4/16-4/23. Vote 4/28.

Montana Register on site. Vote early 5/4-6/1. Vote 6/2.

Nebraska Register by 4/27. 17 Year olds can vote. Vote early starting 4/13 here. Vote 5/12.

New Jersey Register or Affiliate as a Democrat by 4/8. Vote early here 4/18-6/1. Vote 6/2

New York Register as a Democrat by 4/3. Early vote here 4/18-4/26. Vote 4/28.

New Mexico Register/Affiliate as Democrat by 5/5. Early Vote here 5/5-5/30. Vote 6/2.

Northern Mariana Islands Vote MARCH 14th.

Ohio – Early Voting ends MARCH 16th. Primary: MARCH 17th.

Oregon Register or Affiliate as Democrat by 4/28. Send in your mailed ballot.

Pennsylvania Register/Affiliate as a Democrat by 3/29. Get your Mail In Ballot here. Vote 4/28.

Puerto Rico Vote MARCH 29th.

Rhode Island Register to vote by MARCH 29th. Vote 4/28.

South Dakota Register by 5/18. Vote early here 4/17-6/1. Vote 6/2.

U.S. Virgin Islands Register by 5/6. Vote 6/6.

Wisconsin Vote early MARCH 24th- 4/5. Vote 4/7.

West Virginia Register by 4/21. 17 Year Olds can vote. Early vote here 4/29-5/9. Vote 5/12.

Wyoming Send this form here by MARCH 20th. Vote early here on MARCH 28th. Vote 4/4.

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WASHINGTON STATE: We have less than a week to seal this state as a win for Bernie.

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This is a state that understands the existential crisis of climate change. It is the state that is currently being hit hardest by the coronavirus, and we understand that healthcare costs may dissuade people from getting the help they need to combat it. This is a state that is facing an affordable housing crisis in Seattle and too many people living on the street. This is a state that understands the need for Bernie's policies NOW, not in ten or twenty years.

That's why we can win here. The people know deep down the need for these policies, they just need to be reminded. So phonebank, text, and knock on doors, and let's be the second state on a west coast sweep!

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Phonebanking opens in less than an hour. Let’s show the establishment that their power moves will not discourage us

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Please, everyone. If you have even a single spare hour today, please get some phonebanking done. Call just 20 people today!

Phonebanking training takes less than 15 minutes to get through, and it's so much easier than you think it would be! We need all hands on deck today to show the establishment that we will not be silenced this year!

Let's do this people

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