If somebody asks what Bernie did during the civil rights era, talk about his leadership rolls in CORE and SNCC rather than the March on Washington

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While Bernie was at the March on Washington, the statement of Bernie marching with MLK has gotten tired for a lot of people and the moment someone brings it up they shut it out. Instead talk about his leadership roll with CORE (congress of racial equality) and work with SNCC (student nonviolent coordinating committe). CORE organized a 15 day sit in of university apartment buildings that were refusing to rent to black students in violation of school policies which Sanders helped lead. With Sanders as chairman university chapter of CORE merged with university chapter of SNCC and Sanders announced plans to take the fight to Chicago and followed through organizing picketers at a Howard Johnson in Cicero. Sanders stated they organized there to keep pressure on the restaurant chain after 12 CORE demonstrators were arrested trying to eat at a Howard Johnson there. Sanders left his leadership role there shortly afterward because his grades were suffering so terribly due to his activism, but he kept active with CORE and SNCC. After returning from the March on Washington he was charged with resisting arrest after protesting segregation on the city's south side, which is where the famous picture of Sanders being arrested is from. I know people are well meaning when they use Sanders marching on Washington as the justification that he was active during the civil rights era, but people often are instantly suspicious when speaking of MLK in this context because his image has been so misused by so many people. Try to talk about the very real activism he did during the civil rights era instead.

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Isn’t UBI ($1,000/month) better than $15/hour or Federal Job Guarantee?

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I am geniunely asking what your thoughts are.

The way I see it I would rather take a UBI of $ 1,000 /month not taxes on it and no strings attached (Which is what candidate Andrew Yang is proposing) than $ 15/hr. (to be worse off you would have to be 1- working 40 hours a week every week (not miss any work or get cut) and 2- make around $ 7/hr. I think there's very few people in that situation. Plus if you're between jobs you keep receiving the UBI.

In regards to the federal job guarantee, I have questions in regards of what kind of job, where would that job be, what if you hate your job. We can assume that the pay would be $ 15/hr? If so, see above why I think UBI of $ 1,000 could be better.

Please share your thoughts. I like Bernie but Andrew Yang makes a lot of sense.


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Has There Ever Been a More Pro-Labor Candidate for President than Bernie Sanders?

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For the life of me, I can’t think of one, at least in my lifetime, and that covers elections going back to 1964. McGovern ran on a terrific pro-labor platform in 1972, but times were very different. Labor was closer to its highpoint, not its nadir, back then.

Bernie’s core stump speech now includes the following planks:

  1. Guaranteed jobs for all Americans at a living wage
  2. $ 15 per hour minimum wage
  3. End of “right-to-work” states, where it is almost impossible to form labor unions
  4. Easing the ability of workers to form unions, so as soon as a majority of workers in an enterprise sign up for a union, they get it. End of story.

Then there are all the other elements of Bernie’s program that are traditional concerns of the labor movement: progressive taxation, health care, public education, infrastructure, trade deals, Wall Street regulation, etc. etc.

(And in view of the gaping increase in economic inequality over the past four decades, these are policies that will go a long way toward making the USA a more egalitarian, humane and decent society. Everyone, not just workers, has a stake in them.)

But just sticking to the listed 4 points above, any union that does not support Bernie, and work for him aggressively has got to take a long hard look in the mirror. You cannot help but wonder if such a union has internalized and accepted its decline and is simply trying to slow down the path to its extinction. In 2015-16 several union heads endorsed Hillary over the concerns of their members. The rationale, as I recall, was that Hillary was most likely to win the nomination and election and if unions did not support her from the get-go, she would be unsympathetic to their concerns once she got in power.

I think the lesson should be that unions demonstrate their strength by going whole hog for Bernie, who at the very least will finish in the top three for the nomination. (I would go a step further and say that aggressive support from labor would make Bernie's chances of winning the nomination increase significantly.) Then, if another candidate does get the nomination, the nominee will have to earn labor’s support and take their concerns seriously because they cannot expect unions just to mindlessly endorse anyone who is not a Republican, and make no demands upon that candidate. Labor has to play offense.

I imagine some of the other Democratic candidates might pick up on some of these points in their own platforms, like they have with Medicare for all, when they see it begin to poll well with voters. I think some of them may be sincere advocates for labor, but none of them is close to Bernie’s league. Labor is just another constituency they deal with and need support from. For Bernie being pro-labor is in his bone marrow. Fighting for the poor, the oppressed and the working class defines him. He has always been there, polling numbers be damned. That is why you know he will do everything within his power to make those platform planks reality if he is elected president. When it comes to labor and workers rights, he is the real deal.

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Should AOC endorse Bernie sooner than later?

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AOC endorsing Bernie at the end of this year would be better.

I want Bernie to look the strongest coming into the primaries. If AOC endorses during NY primary…might be less impactful.

We all want Sanders to have the strongest opening possible…that involves AOC earlier on.

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