So apparently, for the majority of Biden supporters, Sanders is their second choice.

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Sadly, that implies that a number of them are making their choice based on name recognition. This does, however, present an opportunity for changing some minds. If you come across a Biden supporter, or supporter of any other establishment candidate, don’t start the debate by listing their candidates flawed records or short comings. Instead, make them think by asking them these questions:

  1. What are your candidates specific policy positions?

  2. What details have they provided for how they plan to implement their policies?

  3. What specific details of their platform do you agree with?

  4. Who is your second choice and why?

If their chosen candidate has so far not had a well defined platform, and has offered only platitudes like Biden, then these questions can create cracks in their perceived image of the candidate. It would force them to think and wonder “Hey wait, what are they offering that will improve my life and the lives of my loved ones?” You don’t have to get them to say “I’ve changed my mind.” You just have to plant a seed of doubt in their brains.

Now, for the final question, if they answer that their second choice is Sanders, then that creates an opening probe even deeper. Ask them what they like about Bernie? Compare and contrast their candidate with Bernie, in a non-judge-mental way. Paint a detailed picture of how they differ policy wise. Perhaps, if we do this, we might start to get results. Try this online, or with your friends and loved ones and see where it goes. Patience is key. We have a year to change some minds. Let’s not waste this opportunity.

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We Asked All Of The 2020 Presidential Candidates Their Thoughts On Vaccines. Here’s What They Said.

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Bernie Sanders:

"Bernie believes that vaccinations work and are crucial to overall public health. Instances of serious but preventable diseases have been significantly reduced and many have been eliminated altogether as a result of vaccines," a Sanders spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Vaccines go through rigorous clinical trials as well as oversight by the Food and Drug Administration, and there isn't evidence they cause autism, the campaign added. Exemptions should be rare.

"Bernie believes opting out can create deadly risks for children suffering from illnesses who may not be able to receive a vaccination and are then exposed to children who are not vaccinated. Any exemptions should be rare and consistent with public health needs," the spokesperson said.

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SandersForPresident: search results – bernie