There is one fundamental question that Biden, Trump, Buttigieg and the opponents of Medicare-for-all cannot answer and do not want to be asked

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This is it:

If the US style health care system with private insurance is so good, why do no other nations on earth have political movements striving to replace their Medicare-for-all-type systems with the American health care system? None, zero.

These are all nations with loud free market anti-government right wing movements, like the UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden etc etc. Yet there is no mass movement of any kind anywhere to turn health care over to private insurance companies and let the free market work its magic.

The answer is clear: Once countries have universal free health care it is embraced. In Britain both sides of the Brexit debate ran on the idea that their approach to Brexit would be best for saving and improving the National Health Service. Even Margaret Thatcher, Reagan's neoliberal accomplice who detested the very idea that government could effectively solve problems on behalf of the people, understood that the NHS was beloved and admired by all Brits and untouchable.

And in all these other nations, there is no clamor in the business community for a US style system. The last thing businesses want is to have to worry about health care for their employees. That is the government's job.

Sheldon Adelson, the gazillionaire who bankrolls the "free market right" in the USA, is a loud proponent of Israel's socialized health care system. He only opposes it in the USA because it would open the door to all sorts of other policies he detests, like the ability to start labor unions, consumer regulation and progressive taxation.

These systems work. They vary in form but all of them are universal and private insurance plays, at most, a marginal role if any role at all. That is why medicare is such a wildly popular program in the United States, even with Republicans. That is why when we extend it to all and get greater economies of scale we can improve its quality and efficiency.

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I found out I was able to go to the rally today for Hahnemann Hospital and saw Bernie there. I wrote this on the way to work this morning.

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Since the beginning Bernie Sanders has walked the walk for

you and I,

for the voiceless,

the oppressed,

for us,

the people who have to decide between putting food on the table or paying a bill,

for us,

the people who must decide between packing a healthy lunch for our children or making sure there is fuel in the vehicle to get to work.

Bernie has fought for us and won for over 30 years.

Now is the time for us to put him in the seat where he will bend the bars of power,

help us escape the prison constructed for us out of broken education, crippling debt, unpayable healthcare costs, and fear.

He will bring the robber barons and cartels, the thieves and bankers to pay their fair share in this grand experiment called the United States, to the
nation’s true founders:

The enslaved

The slaughtered Native Americans

The steel workers

Mill worker and butcher


Mothers and fathers

Immigrants and undocumented workers

Sandwich counter owner and carpenter


Engineers and janitors


The nurse and the mathematician

The undaunted women who moved history just to cast a vote

the true patriots who fight and win to protect and help


not just a privileged few.

Help us put Bernie Sanders in the Oval Office where he can stand up and fight back.

With the will of the people, the strength of all of us behind him, we can shift our country to a new trail and take back our place as leaders of people,
become the beacon of hope and true strength for our world and those who will follow after.

Bernie Sanders for President.

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There needs to be a real push for the sitting Progressives in Congress to endorse Senator Sanders

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A lot of people in r/politics love AOC, but half of them don't even realize that she was made possible through Justice Democrats, even less know who helped start Justice Democrats, and almost none of them know why they were started in the first place.

We need these people not to pull an 2016 Elizebeth Warren, sitting on the side lines while Senator Sanders needs them most. They need to make the pubic aware of how they came into Congress, who inspired them to run, and who they support.

I honestly can't wrap my head around how Warren supporters don't give Senator Sanders credit for the young progressives in Congress, or popularizing Medicare for All after 2016. Is this cable news influence, or just willful ignorance at this point?

If Bernie loses, it is very likely the Progressive movement will be co-opted by the Democratic establishment, but if he wins we could see the entire Democratic party transformed and actually represent the interests of their constituents, and not bow to big pharma.

Because shit like this has to stop, and we desperately need new leadership.

I get we keep saying that she's waiting until the NY primary, but what about CA, all the States before NY, and the increasing division between Sanders and Warren supporters? We need all the help we can get.

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