Do you think there will be a Democratic debate in April?

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So, it's April and there's still no Dem debate scheduled. From everything I've seen, Biden is running away from the idea of this at all costs, while it was ~1 week ago that some news outlets were reporting that Bernie would debate in April if one was held. Can't find anything that's been said about the matter since then.

Seems to me that there should absolutely be a debate for multiple reasons, but particularly because so much has changed in just the last couple weeks not just globally but also with further information out there about Biden's shady history with women.

What do you think? Will we have a dem debate in April? When will they announce it if so?

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I’ve got a friend that is determined to be a Biden voter. Is there a primer, or a list of links to sway her?

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She's adament that Biden is the only chance to defeat Trump. I've sent her some info about how that isn't true, but am wondering if someone has a concise list of the skeletons Biden has, evidence of Bernie's unwavering history, and whom will be the stronger candidate.

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Some observations as an European for M4A against the argument that ‘there are long waiting times’

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So I saw The View (and don’t want to get more into that) and one of the hosts made the claim (which I’ve seen before) that under M4A there would be long waiting times to getting an appointment and what if you can’t wait for so long. I live in Europe and my country’s healthcare system is basically what Bernie is advocating. To some specialized doctors – yes, there can be waiting times up to a month or so.

However, what I haven’t seen anybody address is that even though some rare cases you might have to wait for a little amount of time is that in case you cannot wait, you can always go to the emergency care. Urgent care does not only cover the care for immediately life threatening cases but also cases in which you cannot get help from anywhere else in the necessary amount of time (thus some urgency is needed). E.g. there are eye infection emergency rooms separate from others. You just don’t call the emergency number but you just go to the emergency room yourself. I’ve never heard that anyone who really had any problem that needed to be addressed would have been denied care. We also have an alternative to face-to-face help – there is a 24H line you can call and general practicioners answer – they will help you based on your symptoms to choose where to turn to with your problem. Additionally, you can e-mail your own GP with pictures etc and they can write you a digital prescription, if they are sure of the diagnosis. You can get emergency help for all conditions – including mental.

Also I have to mention that if you are insured under your coutries policies then your country will usually cover your healthcare if anything is to happen to you in another EU country, so you don’t have to worry about having emergency care in other EU countries and receiving a huge bill for that.

Maybe you can use this as a counterpoint in a conversation or maybe this just helps to complete your understanding of (one of) Europe’s healthcare system(s). (Wrote this on my phone so excuse for any grammar/spelling mistakes)

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Is there an alternate route for revolution?

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So we can all see that the primary elections are rigged and that the current system isn't working. Even the failsafes the founders of this country put in place are not enough to override the willpower of the people in power.

I want more than anything to have Bernie Sanders as the President and I still have hope but I think we might need to find alternative and more aggressive fallbacks just in case.

What I would like to explore is what systems are in place that would allow us to have a say in the way the country is run?

My first thought was using the power of unionizing to take this massive unemployment that is going to happen and turn it into a bargaining chip (maybe a website or social media job placement system). Can we sign people up for unions while staffing is low?

Like if a company laid off everyone except a few people can we get to the 50% threshold to unionize? Should be much easier now.

Is it possible to get the unemployed jobs through a system that would force collective bargaining? There will be a demand for labor when this is all said and done, Some companies will have trouble competing.

Can we take all this free time people have and start training people to run for lower offices? Online training seminars for people who are interested? Talk about how if you love to argue your qualified!

Can we publicly shame companies that got bailout money? Maybe tie their donations to politicians with policy? Like Company A is against gay marriage (* tiny print: Because they donated to a politician that is against it )?

I mean right now companies are weak and may be easy to topple, Would it not be the time to do boycotts of companies that are obviously contributing to this corrupt system?

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Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, and Americans Abroad vote tomorrow. Make a list of people you know there now, and get in touch. Tell them you want them to vote for Bernie tomorrow.

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🙌Same day voter registration in Idaho, Illinois, Michigan, North Dakota, and Washington. Reach out to someone who's given up on politics, who's never voted, and tell them what's at stake. Get them to show up for Bernie.

Don't wait to vote for Bernie! Click your state to find out more on where to vote early

Arizona – Early Voting ends 3/17/20

Florida – Early Voting (not available in all counties) ends 3/15 or earlier.

Georgia – Early Voting ends 3/20

Illinois – Early Voting ends 3/16

Michigan – Early Voting ends 3/10

Ohio – Early Voting ends 3/16/20

Washington – Early Voting ends 3/10/20

Currently out of the country? Vote in the Democrats Abroad Primary– Voting ends 3/10

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[Serious] – is there a good percentage of one’s income to donate on a monthly basis?

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I'm fortunate enough to have a decent income. I want to do my part to help get Bernie the nomination and ultimately the Presidency. I believe that this man cares about us, and will FIGHT for us. I want to help him help us!!!

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Wondering if there are any former Repubicans and Trump supporters out here?

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Yes, I admit it. I voted for Trump in 2016. But please hear me out.

I had already voted for Bush, McCain, Romney. It wasn't necessarily that I liked the Republicans, it's just that I suppose my family was middle class, Christian, and white… that I never really questioned it. I'm no longer Christian by the way.

I suppose that I had always truly been apolitical. At the time, something about Hillary didn't sit right with me and I ended up getting conned by all Trump's talk of "draining the swamp". I was bamboozled and believed "Candidate Trump's lies that he was a populist. Instead we got someone who was more corrupt that you can even imagine. He didn't even get into office honestly – then began going after anyone who criticized him like a tin pot dictator!

Had I been wiser at the time, I should have seen a liar and a con man. Instead of helping the middle class, we saw the complete opposite giving tax cuts to the 1% and appointing his personal friends into positions of high power.

As an older and wiser individual, I belive that Bernie Sanders is principled, intelligent, honest. His policies are what we need to drive America forward. To rebuild our middle class especially and to fight for not just the "average" person but also people who have been persecuted/disadvantaged over the years: women, members of the LGBTQ+ community, Black and Hispanic people, the poor and so on.

Bernie is simply an amazing human being and the person I want as my next President.

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