Why I, a Bernie 2016 supporter who has been uncommitted in this primary until recently, think it’s important we remain positive and act with integrity

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A year ago I didn't even know if I wanted to get involved in the Democratic primary, or who I would support. I supported and even campaigned for Bernie in 2016, but I wasn't terribly excited for his campaign last year. To be frank, the radical and/or extremely negative Bernie supporters really turned me off. And no, please don't drop the "russians/bots" excuse. I was there in 2016, finding myself slinging mud at Hillary because I was so worked up. I know plenty of it comes from real supporters. But I digress.

Early in 2019, Mayor Pete felt refreshing. He talked about democratic reform more than any candidate, he could talk off the cuff about a lot of issues that other candidates were less willing to, and he had a calm demeanor and articulate speaking voice that felt very Presidential. Eventually, he showed his colors when his campaign started losing steam and he needed ways to build it back up, largely by attacking other candidates, as well as finding new sources of funding (spoilers: not small donors).

Around the time that Pete was coming down, Warren was hitting her stride. She had a great progressive message, came at a more compassionate angle than Bernie, and just felt like a very well-rounded candidate. I've always been fond of her, so I was getting very excited for her instead of Pete. Eventually, she showed her colors when her campaign started losing steam, first by backing off on some of her progressive positions, and now by feeding into this awful smear "leaked" by her staffers.

For the last few weeks I haven't actually been "feeling the Bern" but instead remembering why I had felt it in the first place back in 2015: there's simply no one else. Bernie isn't perfect, no one is, but the dude has more integrity than any other politician, just, like, period. His consistency is unrivaled for someone who has been in politics for this long. So if you give me a "he said, she said" involving Bernie, the answer is always gonna be Bernie.

The claim is so ludicrous that it's dead on arrival to me without any evidence, but I also don't want to have to call Warren a liar. I think she would make a great President, and you can dig through my history–I think if she had run in 2016 she would actually be President right now and I would have loved to have voted for her. But she's just not as honest and consistent as Bernie. No one is. People like him aren't meant to survive the corrupt political system that has pervaded this country.

It's not a coincidence that in the span of a week, Trump tweets about "crazy Bernie's" surge, the media suddenly starts spamming stories about him (both good and bad, but by this point, mostly bad), and Warren chooses not to take the high road but instead double-down on a claim that can't be proven to be true and would be insanely out of character for Bernie to say.

What's truly disappointing is how so many people with different views and in different positions of power all fear the popularity of someone who has such an unapologetically positive message. I'm just tired of all of the negativity. I implore all of you to be positive. Don't attack people. We can see no matter how positive these other campaigns started out, they all went negative when they start to struggle. DON'T fall into that trap. Be better.

If Bernie wins it will be because WE helped convince a majority of the party and a majority of the country that Bernie represents them. Negativity won't change people's minds. Remember that every time you engage with someone.

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I am a European and I think about coming to Iowa and volunteer for Bernie. I have some questions !

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Hello everybody !

So. My name is Jan and I am from Prague, Czech Republic. As I'm very interested in US politics and I am a big fan of Bernie, I've had a foolish idea today, to just take a plane and go to Iowa for cca the last 2 weeks of the campaign. Firstly, do you think that the Bernie campaign needs people like me, not speaking English perfectly, so not very useful for speaking with voters ? (But I guess there's always a lot of other stuff to do ?) Secondly, my budget is very limited and the tickets would be expensive of course, so I cannot come unless some other volunteer can provide me accomodation for 2 weeks. Do you know how it works for people coming to campaign for Bernie to a state they're not living in ? Is it common that the volunteers living in the state help the others and let them sleep on their sofa or something ? Where to get in touch with them ?

I've already registred for today's "webinar" on Bernie's site, so hopefully they will be able to answer my questions, but I thaught that you guys may have some experience and advices too.

Many thanks !!


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Scowling works. Scowling says “I don’t care what you think, I just want change”

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Business Insider: Mitt Romney said everyone in the Senate is 'really nice' except for Bernie Sanders, who 'just kind of scowls'. https://www.businessinsider.com/mitt-romney-senators-really-nice-except-bernie-sanders-2019-10

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