Next time someone mentions the Alabama abortion law, ask them if they think women who are jailed as a result should be allowed to vote.

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This new law perfectly illustrates Bernie’s thinking with preserving the right to vote for all Americans.

Next time you see/read a non-Bernie supporter bemoan the Alabama abortion law or any other unjust law, ask them what they think about people being disenfranchised as a result.

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I think we should write to The Carter Foundation asking for Jimmy Carter’s endorsement.

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First, let me remind people that previously in the 2016 primary, Jimmy admitted he had voted for Bernie over Hillary. Later after she won, he formally endorsed her, but privately, he had voted for Bernie prior to that. It is likely that if he preferred Sanders' policies then, that he probably still prefers them over Biden's centrism now.

The reason I think this is important to do is very simple: I want to win this. I have to live on this planet for another forty, fifty years, and if Biden or Trump wins, or really anyone aside Sanders or Warren (and Sanders has a far more likely chance of winning the primary than her), then I'm going to live in a real-life Fallout in a couple decades. I don't care about the argument, "Well, Pres. Carter should be free to decide on his own what to do without being badgered." His only publicly available address is from The Carter Center, and it specifies he doesn't check e-mail. He only, voluntarily, looks at physical mail by choice, knowing it's from fans or political activists of various sorts. It is not as if I'm asking anyone to badger him at home. Secondly, I think even if it were mildly annoying, which I doubt it is to begin with, I think our cause is simply more important than that.

Just yesterday, Jimmy Carter broke his hip and needed surgery. He is 94 years old, and 95 in October. Quite frankly, there aren't too many more primaries in Carter's future.

I understand what it would mean even if this became a reality and Carter came open in favor of Sanders during a primary. It'd probably trigger Obama endorsing Biden publicly instead of his sleeper-endorsement with Biden saying, "I mean, I had to ask him to not endorse me," humblebrag.jpg. I also know it'd be used as some sort of attack against the senator. "Wow, the worst Democratic president in living memory endorsed you, that speaks for itself." But I really think that a lot of Dems quietly and shyly fondly remember Carter, and that even those who don't like his history universally tend to agree that he's had an excellent post-presidency fighting disease and hunger worldwide via The Carter Center. He's already supported this subreddit's candidate of choice, and honestly, who cares about a general election endorsement. By then, outside of a tiny number of people in swing states, GE endorsements have no effect, and even then they have very small ones – most people simply have already made up their minds.

I encourage people to just look at that link's address and write a letter to Carter.

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