In the beginning of this year I was Anti-Bernie, now I’m one of his biggest supporters. Here’s what happened:

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I don't know where to put this but I wanted to rant about this. Here's a little bit of background on me. I supported Bernie in 2016. I was 16 years old. I was also an anti-SJW and anti-PC, and just generally an awful person. I was a "Bernie Bro" some people might fight against that characterization, but that stereotype definitely fit me even though I'm not white. The next year I went through something traumatic. And this experience changed my perception of life completely. I became and I still am full-on SJW, and I'm proud of that fact.

That being the case everything since that event took place, my life has been a response to who I used to be. I started doing things the opposite. So when this election cycle first started up in January, I didn't support Bernie. And I was essentially anti-Bernie. I thought a lot of the criticism about Bernie was coming from a progressive place. And while some of that is true, no candidate is above criticism. However, most of the anti-Bernie people on twitter are criticizing him from a very conservative place. But they called themselves progressives, and that's what tricked me, that's how I fell for that.

Anyways, E_S_S. I went on E_S_S and I thought I had found people who were progressive that just didn't like some of the toxic supporters of Sanders (before I get slagged off for this, every candidate running has toxic supporters that harass people). And I do believe there were a lot of genuine progressives at first. But as time went on and I started to cool off, I noticed a lot more conservatives and conservative talking points. Stuff like "looney left" and "fracking is actually good for the environment." A lot of misunderstanding about basic civil rights, people were complaining about BlackLivesMatter, about Colin Kapernick, and people were complaining about the MeToo movement when Biden got hit. So the fake-progressive veil that I was looking at these guys through was being pulled back, and I was seeing the ugly conservative face that they really had.

So I stopped going on that subreddit. And for a while, I was kind of in the middle. I wasn't exactly supportive of Bernie, but I didn't hate him. I knew that if it came down to him and Biden I would vote for Bernie hands down. But my preference was Warren and my second place was Kamala. Well, what ended up happening is that I decided to read more liberal and progressive news sources. I was reading The American Prospect, The New Republic, The Nation, Current Affairs, and I was listening to The Majority Report with Sam Seder. And I was reading and listening to a lot of criticisms of Kamala, and I agreed with them. She was already really disappointing me with her walk backs on Medicare-For-All and other progressive policies. And the arguments from these progressive news sources were so good and I couldn't find anything wrong with them, or anything that I disagreed with, that I ended up dropping my support of her. I couldn't be a progressive and support her, I just couldn't.

And Bernie was already becoming more likable in my mind and I was firmly putting him in second place behind Warren. And then he had his heart attack, and I realized how important of a figure he was to progressives. It's really incredible how he was able to push the Democratic Party to the left, and how he was able to change the conversations we have about healthcare and education, in a huge way, with only one Presidential run. That's something that had never really been done before. I had also realized that I could support him, not in the sexist hateful way that I did before, but as someone with more empathy and compassion.

And as soon as he was back I was happy. I was genuinely happy to see him back in there fighting for us. And then I read a few more things.

This article from Politico highlighting Latino support for Bernie.

This article from the New York Times about the same thing.

And this article from The Nation about his immigration plan.

As a Latino, and as a child of immigrants, this really struck a chord in my heart. How could I not support him if so many of my people are supporting him? How could I not support him if he's willing to stop the terror that ICE is inflicting on my people in a way that no other candidate is willing?

I still love Warren. And I think we would be lucky to have her as the nominee. But my heart lies with Bernie, para mi familia.

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THIS IS NOT A DRILL: There are less than 100 days left until the primaries, we need to make sure that we’re doing everything we can to get Bernie into the white house.

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tl;dr Make sure that you're putting in the work to make your voice heard. The media isn't going to give Bernie fair coverage so we have to do our best to spread the word, we need to make sure that everyone knows what Bernie is about, and how much support he has. Volunteer for the campaign, donate, phonebank, go door to door, tell everyone you know about Bernie, make sure that they're all registered to vote. Go set up a booth somewhere and talk to anyone who wants to. Even if it's just upvotes, likes and retweets, this is the time to put in work and every little bit helps. Even just subscribing and following all of Bernie's social media accounts helps. So whatever you choose to do, get out there and let them hear you loud and clear!

• • • • • • •

This is getting down to crunch time and we need to act like it. We're in the home stretch and we need to put in extra work spreading the word and doing whatever it takes. Make sure to do something every day that helps the campaign, even if it's just checking reddit to see if there are any Bernie threads that you can check. Do your best to correct misinformation and fight back against smears. Post comments to show people info that they might not see otherwise, like how much support Bernie really has, how he has most of the youth vote, how he has a record-breaking number of donations, all that good stuff. Post news articles and opinion pieces and any other links you think would be good. Ideally there would be at least one Bernie post on the front page every day.

But if you're up for it, volunteering is probably the best thing you can do. No matter where you are, you can phonebank (and text) to spread the word, even if you're not in the US. Due to our silly electoral process, if you're in an early primary state like Iowa or New Hampshire than you can have a bigger impact than most people, and you can make a bigger difference by going door to door or setting up a booth.

I know that there are a lot of people who aren't doing as much as they can, but I also know that many of you are working incredibly hard and I'm not trying to diminish that. Keep up the good work 🙂

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How would you answer this question to someone who’s skeptical?

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I've been posting about Bernie on Facebook and posted the tax infographic for Medicare For All yesterday. I got this question, and wanted to be sure I answered it to the best of my ability for the campaign's sake and to give the most information possible.

Question: "How exactly is he going to make this work? Until there is a detailed financial plan it's just a pipe dream, smoke and mirrors."

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CALL TO ACTION: Want to help set the stage for Bernie to get elected next year? Then you NEED to VOTE tomorrow. Elections this year will have numerous effects, from reducing voter suppression and blocking gerrymandered maps.

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27 states are having elections tomorrow, on November 5th.

The massive turnout in 2018 resulted in numerous Democrats getting elected to local, state, and federal seats – the blue wave was real. These gains have had obvious impacts from the ability to impeach the president, to the number of bills passed in the house, and allowing state Democrats to prevent voter suppression tactics and gerrymandering.

The MOST impactful action you can take is to vote in every election, regardless of how competitive it is. Voting once increases the chance of voting again; furthermore, the better Democrats do in elections provides momentum to attempt again the next cycle. With so many disenfranchised voters supporting Bernie, it is incredibly important for us to help Democrats get elected to state legislatures – so they can reduce barriers to voting.

Links to resources that will prepare you to vote tomorrow and provide any needed information. I highly recommend reading the links in order

  1. Check if you have an election coming up
  2. Check your registration
  3. Register to vote
  4. Find your nearest polling place
  5. Get an absentee ballot
  6. Sign up for text & email election reminders
  7. Watch a YouTube video that explains the voting process in your state
  8. Find volunteering opportunities on
  9. Donate on Act Blue to Democrats in elections and organizations like SwingLeft and League of Conservation Voters

Tips to improve your voting experience and increase your impact.

  • Figure out how you are getting to polling place.
    • Making a plan and making sure you have a ride to the polling place greatly increases voter turnout.
  • Go to the polls as early as you can
    • Lines to vote get longer throughout the day, by going early you can help reduce congestion.
  • Bring friends and family with you
  • Post a picture of you with an "I Voted" sticker on all of your social media
  • Share these resources with your network

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