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What if those with healthcare horror stories reached out to Commondreams, Washington Post, and other publications?

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Maybe part of our problem is that these stories aren't being told, we've seen so many recently thanks to the 'My Bernie story' trend here and on Twitter. These need to be shared, so that the media understands what is happening.

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The difference between polling the general public and those who will actually participate in the primary

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We shouldn't allow ourselves to get discouraged by polling one bit. Polling already has some issues, but what's more is that they poll the general public, usually people that identify as democrats. These people have average interest in politics. But, the people that actually turn out to vote in the primaries are those people that are very interested in politics.

In 2016, there were an estimated 61 million registered democrats in the USA. Only 30 million turned out to participate in the primaries, whereas almost 66 million people voted for Clinton. My point is that there is a difference in voting groups, and I think that it is a fair assumption that Biden has a larger following among voters with a passing interest in politics, and will have the largest loss in voting strength come primary time.

Bernie was consistently 10 to 30 points behind Clinton in the polls in 2016, and yet Bernie got 43% of votes. Hell at this time in the campaign cycle in 2016, Bernie was trailing Clinton by 40 to 60 points. 12 points back is a lot better than that.

We have 1,000,000 volunteers and more donors than any candidate in history. We need to remember that it's the active few that are going to determine this race, not the docile many.

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