Bernie: “The time is now for Walmart, McDonald’s and the fast food industry, the airline industry, and the retail industry in general to start paying their workers a living wage — at least $15 per hour.” Let’s keep this going until we get $15 across the board!

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Take advantage of this momentum. Wal-mart, McDonald's, et al should be the next targets. The more that climb on board, the more the pressure (and employee pressure) will be on those that have held out.

We may not get the federally-mandated $ 15/hr yet, but we can do the next best thing!

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Patriotic Millionaires: “It’s time to clean the House”

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I love the Patriotic Millionaires. There is nothing more patriotic than investing in the health and education of our nation.

Here is the email they sent out today:

Hi Friends,

I’m very excited to announce to you all that our very first dive into electoral politics begins today. This morning, the Patriotic Millionaires officially endorsed 42 candidates running against incumbents who voted for last year’s GOP tax bill.

We’ve chosen these candidates for their fierce and unapologetic stand on tax fairness, and their courage to take on the millionaires, corporations, and elected officials who are conspiring to rig the system in their own favor. For more information about our first ever round of candidate endorsements, you can read today’s profile in the Hill.

Across the country, in both urban and rural districts, these candidates offer an unapologetically strong vision for our future that addresses the needs of working families and the most economically vulnerable. We’re excited to support their fight, and we hope you will too.

Listed below are the 2018 candidates we're endorsing, each one of whom is working to take back the House from those who voted “yes” to last year’s $ 1.5 trillion payoff to donors:

  • Josh Harder, CA-10
  • TJ Cox, CA-21
  • Andrew Janz, CA-22
  • Katie Hill, CA-25
  • Katie Porter, CA-45
  • Diane Mitsch Bush, CO-3
  • Stephany Spaulding, CO-5
  • Cindy Axne, IA-03
  • J.D. Scholten, IA-04
  • Sean Casten, IL-06
  • Sara Dady, IL-16
  • Liz Walton, IN-09
  • Matt Morgan, MI-01
  • Rob Davidson, MI-02
  • Angie Craig, MN-02
  • Cort VanOstran, MO-02
  • Kathy Ellis, MO-08
  • Kathleen Williams, MT-AL
  • Linda Coleman, NC-02
  • Frank McNeill, NC-08
  • Kathy Manning, NC-13
  • Jessica McClure, NE-01
  • Kara Eastman, NE-02
  • Andy Kim, NJ-03
  • Anthony Brindisi, NY-22
  • Tracy Mitrano, NY-23
  • Dana Balter, NY-24
  • Jill Schiller, OH-02
  • Theresa Gasper, OH-10
  • Betsy Rader, OH-14
  • Rick Neal, OH-15
  • Scott Wallace, PA-01
  • Mike Siegel, TX-10
  • Sri Preston Kulkarni, TX-22
  • Gina Ortiz Jones, TX-23
  • Julie Oliver, TX-25
  • Colin Allred, TX-32
  • Lee Castillo, UT-01
  • Shireen Ghorbani, UT-02
  • Vangie Williams, VA-01
  • Elaine Luria, VA-02
  • Jennifer Wexton, VA-10

Needless to say, we think each of these candidates deserve your support. If you happen to live in any of the districts they're running in, we encourage you to reach out to their campaign to see how you can get involved. You can find a list of each candidate's website compiled HERE, just click on the candidate's picture to go to their campaign page.

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Reminder: Trump supporters claimed Bernie stole campaign funds while at the same time Trump was using campaign funds to pay off pornstars

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T_D constantly slandered Bernie, implying he was stealing campaign funds, or cashed out to buy cars or houses. They posted a picture of an old guy in sports car, claimed it was Bernie. They claimed Bernie used campaign funds to buy a new house or that the house was "pay off' for co-operating with the Democrats.

Two years later, Michael Cohen has plead guilty to campaign finance violations, while Bernie is clean.

Everything they attack others they do themselves. They just make up slander every day, because they're bad faith actors.

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