After driving around to multiple voting locations trying to find one that actually opened, I voted for Bernie today in Indiana. I’m disappointed with how the primary has gone. I wish it felt more meaningful. But even if we can’t win, I couldn’t let the opportunity go by without voting for him.

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I'm still holding out a glimmer of hope that things will take a wild turn and Bernie will end up with the nomination. Crazier things have happened in 2020.

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My experience voting for Bernie and his separate delegates in Pennsylvania’s with the debut of the ClearVote system (hand-marked paper ballots/scanner fed-proprietary read). Major tech fail today.

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Pennsylvania went to ClearVote™ "tech" (hand-marked paper ballots/scanner fed-proprietary read) since 2016. I traveled back East to visit family and to engage in the State's Primary this afternoon. MAJOR TECH FAIL.

No line. Older poll workers I remembered from the last Primary working again. Face masks required.

I was informed that the printed ballots, as delivered, WERE TOO WIDE TO FIT INTO THE SCANNER which was the reason for them…

being trimmed with scissors(!)

…at the sign-in table before being handed to me. Even so, I was alerted that a large number of these "trimmed" ballots were still being rejected by the scanner.

Several scanners were available. If there were three attempts/rejections on each of the scanners, the paper ballot was then to be taken and slid into the hard plastic/single-sheet opening of the "secured" soft-sided luggage that the County elections board provided, which I had to do.

Each scanner's screen indicated how many had been successfully "accepted". I totaled those in my mind and went back to the sign-in table for some info. Less than 100 individuals had voted by that time.

Up to that point, 42.9% of the hand-marked/trimmed ballots were sent into the luggage. UPSIDE: these will be hand counted.

Hashtag #Hand-Marked/Hand-Counted-for-Bernie-and-Delegates

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