As a current Trump Supporter, I really like Bernie. He is very genuine and I believe he wants to do good in the world but could you guys help me understand where all the money is going to come from?

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I like Bernie but I found a comment in an AskAnAmerican thread that got me wondering how he is going to pay for everything…

"It's hard for a lot of people to see how the government could afford to pay for single-payer healthcare, and $ 1.6 Trillion in student loan debt forgiveness (his numbers), and $ 2.5 Trillion to build new federal housing (his numbers), and $ 70 Billion to renovate current federal housing (his numbers), and $ 200 Billion to the Green Climate Fund (his numbers), and $ 16.3 Trillion to basically recreate the CCC (his numbers), and $ 62 Billion in new VA infrastructure (his numbers), and $ 81 Billion in medical debt forgiveness (his numbers), for a total of $ 20.81 Trillion at least. His proposed billionaire's tax would bring in $ 4.35 Trillion over 15 years (his numbers), that still leaves us with over $ 16.4 Trillion (not including the cost of healthcare) needed.

All of the reasons listed would help people, there's no question, but how is it paid for? And before anyone brings up the military budget: 1. Bernie's website says nothing about cutting military spending. 2. One over-inflated budget doesn't give you carte blanche to ignore costs.

Some other issues like a bank in every post office just don't seem very logistically viable."

How can he fulfill these promises?

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Centrist here, trying to educate myself. Looking for honest, judgement free answers to help me understand Bernie and his platforms.

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Quick history on me. 35yo white male. I was unaffiliated and uninterested in politics until the night of Shock and Awe. Bush showing a strong hand and sticking to his word lead me down the path of the right at the time. That, but also that my parents were always conservative, but never pushed the issue, they just lived it so the ideology felt natural to me (bootstraps and whatnot). Now, a decade and change later, I’m significantly less in love with the right than I used to be, and at least had the foresight to not vote for Trump (I grabbed me some Johnson). That being said, and in all honesty, the word “socialism” IS still a scary/bad word to me. Call it indoctrination, call it what whatever you want, but that’s still in my head.

I see a lot of folks like you following Bernie and you all really seem to like what he has to say, but I’m having a hard time finding neutral opinions on him that aren’t seriously skewed for or against. I know you’re all supporters so they’re going to be skewed for, but I’m hoping to have a civilized honest discussion with you, actual real people. So, here are some of my questions that I’d love to have a discussion about.

One last thing, I know some of these questions are easy to look up to get answers. I’m hoping to have some honest back and forth discussion so that I can better understand your/his positions.

  1. Free college AND healthcare: what is the plan here exactly, or is it just still a vague concept and rallying cry? Has there been a solidified formula to show exactly HOW that would work? Also, I feel like just paying for things isn’t actually fixing the issue, when it’s the cost itself that is the problem. Has he proposed ideas to lower the cost as well as help pay for it?

  2. Gun control: I’m not a gun nut by any stretch, but I do support gun ownership and own a few shotguns and a pistol that were hand me downs from my dad. What are his proposals around gun ownership and purchasing/sales?

  3. Taxes: My wife and I make about $ 174k/year combined which I consider to be middle/upper middle class for my area. We have two kids and recently bought our first house. How will his proposed tax plans affect my family, if at all? Follow up, I work at a small business that makes about $ 3m per year and provides health, dental, vision, and a 3% 401k match. How will his tax plans affect my employer, if at all?

  4. COMBO! Taxes AND Healthcare: my wife works for a large healthcare company that owns and runs a network of hospitals, doctors offices, and urgent cares. Has it been explained how his ideas surrounding healthcare will affect these companies, if at all?

  5. Abortion: yeah, I’m against it, and I’m not looking for a debate on the topic. You’re not going to get me to change my mind here, but what are his thoughts on maximum gestation period and monetary coverage? I’m going to tread lightly here, so I’m really just looking for an answer.

  6. Death penalty: I assume he has an opinion. I’m fairly neutral and definitely see both sides, though I’d always err on the side on NOT killing someone. What has he said on the matter?

  7. BONUS ROUND: I’ve been around long enough to know that if you agree 100% with a politician then I have a bridge to sell you. What are some things that he’s said that you DON’T completely agree with?

Thanks everyone. Looking forward to discussing and learning.

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Trying to Understand the Intense Bernie Hate and How that is Ramping up the Antagonism between Sanders and Warren Supporters

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As a veteran of the 2016 Bernie campaign, I am seeing some similarities between the sort of abuse Bernie got back then from HRC supporters and what he is getting now from a segment of Warren supporters.

I am concerned about this because while I want the differences between Bernie and Warren to be discussed openly and fairly–and I recently wrote just such a comparison on means testing–I do not want to see a return to the toxic trolling and hate that became the 2016 pattern between Bernie and HRC.

I don't think this is good for either Bernie or Warren, but is is especially toxic for Bernie, because Warren has the entire news media treating her pretty much like Queen Elizabeth.

To put this in context, I went to the Hillary board in the fall of 2015, identified myself openly as a Bernie supporter, and I told folks there politely that if they believed HRC would win the nomination she would need to have the support of Bernie people to win the general election. And she would need to have the activist energy of Bernie's young base to win as well. So I told them it was in their interest to cool it with the attacks on Bernie as a racist, sexist, greedy, phony, millionaire, incompetent, egomaniacal blowhard. Bernie supporters were routinely characterized as racist, sexist, spoiled, lazy and stupid. I told the Hillary subreddit that it would be counterproductive to continue in that vein. Discuss the actual meaningful differences instead, and win support on those grounds. But knock it off with the below the belt stuff, especially about Bernie's supporters.

The response at the HRC subreddit was immediate and furious. I was told in no uncertain terms to fuck off and that Bernie and his supporters were all total assholes who deserved everything that got from the HRC camp. I knew then that HRC was in trouble, even if she won the nomination.

It seems like the most obnoxious element of Warren supporters–those who routinely and groundlessly demean and distort Bernie and his supporters–are increasingly Hillary supporters from 2016. They are not a majority of Warren supporters by any means, but they are a notable caucus.

I have long thought that part of the intense anger some HRC supporters had toward Bernie was that he exposed what a corporate establishment shill HRC was. Many of HRC's supporters wanted HRC to be seen as much more progressive than she actually was and not be seen as a hack. Recall that Hillary was blindsided by Bernie's surge in 2016 and was unprepared to defend herself from attacks on her left. I suspect these HRC supporters disliked many of HRC's positions–like her vote for the Iraq war and her coziness with Wall Street–but for a variety of reasons were never going to go as far left as Bernie…and as I said they hated Bernie for making them as well as HRC look like sellouts. They really hated Bernie supporters for seeming holier-than-thou. These 2016 HRC supporters get what they wanted now with Warren–she is superior to Hillary in my opinion–and they can keep up their blind hatred of Bernie and his supporters. Its a two-fer.

I get pissed off as much as anyone at some of the idiotic and unfair attacks and putdowns Bernie and all of us get from this crowd. It is ever-present on CNN and MSNBC and proliferates on Twitter. But let's follow Bernie's lead and not get dragged into the gutter. Keep the debate on issues that actually matters to working-class Americans and not get distracted by the toxic sludge of Bernie hate. These attacks are a refection of an inability to take Bernie down on the stuff that matters and should be treated as such. Follow Bernie's lead. That is the path to success.

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Can someone create easy to understand meme about Bernie’s plan to eliminate student loan debt?

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I have many friends with student loan debt that are not involved in the political process. I'd love a straightforward meme that anyone could relate to about Bernie's plan to eliminate student loan debt (and how he'll pay for it). Easily shareable to spread the good word! If you got it, please post here!

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How do you help fearful and misinformed friends and family get past or understand socialism?

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I know when we talk about specific policies and ideas most Americans are on our side but I also know many people who say they can't ever see themselves voting for a socialist. How do we help them past that stumbling block??

I would love love love if Bernie made a 3-5 minute video stating something to the effect of:

I'm Bernie Sanders and I'm a democratic socialist. Here's what that does NOT mean.
Seizing Capital
Curtailing freedoms
Anti market
Enabling and increasing laziness

Here's what that DOES mean
Fully supporting democracy wherein a vote is more important than money. Creating a government that Americans can trust and believe not clouded by dark money and corruption.
Having what our government does reflect what Americans want much more than what corporations and the obscenely rich want, fighting the oligarchy.
Making the rich and powerful pay their fair share
Standing up for workers and the dignity of work
Health care for all
Protecting the environment and our futures
Prioritizing 5, 10, 20 years over short term self-interested political gains in the next year
Combating racial and economic injustices
Making sure technological gains in AI and robotics benefit our society as a whole not just the very rich

A lot I know…what do you think?
How do you help people in your circle of influence see the light?

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