Targeted pitches for Green New Deal – this proposal gives us millions of new voters if we can explain how this benefits them. These are (some of) the sectors and industries where people need to make aware

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Auto Workers – Billions of investment into EVs that will stimulate the sector. Trade in program that will generate sales for dealerships.

Steel/Heavy Industry Workers – The amount of machinery and goods used in this transition. Manufacturing for renewable generation technology, smart grids, batteries, public transport lines. Billions of dollars of value to the sector, if not trillions

Electricians and Electrical Engineers – New Smart grid system will be a massive stimulus to the sector

Renovation and Construction – Trillions in investment for retrofitting of existing homes and businesses. Affordable housing construction

Electrical/Chemical/Materials Engineers – Billions of dollars in investment into these sectors.

Construction Workers – Absolutely bonkers the amount of work they will have with new transport, electrical, water etc networks. Road System

Farmers – High $ $ $ per acre for carbon sequestration through renewable agriculture

I'm pulling these benefits from, I'll keep updating as others contribute

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If immigration is such a HUGE issue for swing-state voters (in Pennsylvania and so on) who voted Trump, then what can Sanders do to show them that he wants both (1) humane immigration-policy as well as (2) reasonable immigration-policy and (3) secure borders?

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Some pundits think that the Democratic base will "handcuff" the Democratic nominee on the immigration-issue, and make it impossible for the nominee to appeal to swing-voters based on immigration.

What can Sanders do to avoid this pitfall?

See these comments from one pundit.

The point is that:

  • these voters don't really like Trump at all

  • they worry about overcrowded California schools (too many people, I guess? hopefully this isn't a racist sentiment, and it's just the overcrowding issue)

  • they hear nothing about border-security from Democratic politicians because the Democratic base will spin any talk about border-security as some kind of racism

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13% of Obama voters voted for Trump and only 77% overall voted for Clinton. Also 25% of Clinton Voters Voted for McCain The media should really stop scapegoating Bernie Voters.

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Link to the numbers

Link to Vox article independently verifying those numbers.

So yes we can in fact prove that more Hillary voters voted for McCain than Bernie voters voted for Trump. The bottomline is that Hillary was just not a good candidate. She was dancing with Paul McCartney when she should have been campaigning in the rustbelt. There were other variables that played into her ultimate demise but it's just easier to say that it was Bernie's fault than to actually examine the real issues of her candidacy.

There's a reason she had the lowest favorability ratings of any Democratic nominee in history and the fact that we were all led to believe she was the most electable candidate should count as journalistic malpractice. Not to mention the billions of dollars in free coverage that the media gave to the Trump campaign in 2016.

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Here’s an idea I had to help Bernie reach out to older voters: A 1-800 number people can call to hear him talk about his policies.

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Like the title says, have an automated 1-800 number/Bernie hotline for people to call, and they can listen to different policy positions using the key pad. To make it easy, have 9 issues explained by Bernie, and limit them to issues that appeal to older voters. Have it set up so every number that calls is logged, and volunteers can use the log to follow up with them and make sure we get their vote. To get the word out about the hotline, make a cheesy retro "CALL NOW!" short commercial featuring Bernie and run it during Judge Judy, Matlock, etc.

I realize this is low-tech outreach, but I think this would be a better way to reach elderly voters than an app or a website.

What do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? Any suggestions? Also, if this could work, how do I suggest this to the campaign?

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