Q: Why isn’t anyone talking about how many state’s primaries are structured in a way that prevents independents from voting in them?

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I was just reading a thread that went through the typical talking point maelstrom: DNC corruption vs. didn't support Hillary vs. not a real Democrat vs. 3rd parties split votes, FPTP system vs. doesn't fundraise for party vs. progressive caucus Etc. Etc.

No one ever seems to talk about reforming the many state's closed primaries so that they're more inclusive and alllow for more independent participation. It's arguable that this was a large component among the many other advantages Clinton had over him in the primary, no?

He did great in states with open caucuses and poorly in closed primaries. It was certainly a talking point at the time(https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.vox.com/platform/amp/2016/4/28/11469468/open-primaries-closed-primaries-sanders) but for some reason doesn't get hurled by Bernie Bros at Shillbots with nearly the same frequency as these other, arguably less important, tired old talking points.

The issue of super delegates was dealt with. What gives?

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California residents, please plan on voting in the CA Dem Party ADEM elections taking place this weekend (Jan 12, 13) and next (Jan. 26, 27)

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From a recent email from Our Revolution:
Elect Progressives to the CA Democratic Party this Weekend
"This weekend, Californians can vote in delegate elections to select a slate of progressives who are running to lead the CA Democratic Party. These candidates will fight for Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and the progressive policies that Sen. Bernie Sanders championed in his 2016 run for President!

Go to https://www.adems.vote to find the progressive slate in your district. No one person can effect change on their own. We’re asking that you support the entire slate. Voting will be either this Saturday or Sunday [or next weekend] depending upon which district you’re in. You can find the exact date, time and location, as well as Our Revolution-supported slates at https://www.adems.vote."

(I added a correction in brackets to indicate that the ADEMs are taking place over two weekends this year.)

What are Assembly District Delegates? (I am taking this right from the adems.vote website):
"Every two years, the CA Democrats elect 7 self-identified females and 7 other than self-identified females from each Assembly District in CA as delegates to the state party. Those who are elected will have a chance to vote for the new party chair and other leadership. The race is hotly contested and will determine how welcoming, grassroots-focused and innovative the party becomes or how beholden it will remain to big money interests.

Delegates elect Party officers, endorse candidates for statewide, legislative and congressional office, attend the annual convention, network with other Democrats, represent your constituency, promote the California Democratic Party agenda, and vote to endorse resolutions and ballot measures.

You get 14 votes for delegates, 1 of which you must also vote for Executive Board Representative."

Other notes that may be useful:

  • In order to vote you must be a registered Democrat. If you currently aren't, same day registration and re-registration (to change your party affiliation) are allowed at the ADEM meeting.
  • There are 2 ballots for this election. One for the 14 delegate positions available (7 women and 7 men) and another ballot for the one position available for Executive Board.
  • Another website where you can find your assembly district (it will be under the header "State Assembly"): http://findyourrep.legislature.ca.gov
  • ADEM Candidates/Locations page from the official CA Dem Party website: https://www.cadem.org/our-party/adem/elections
    Here you can see a list of ALL candidates and their candidate statements for each district.
  • You don't actually have to stay the entire meeting (although it would certainly be ideal for you to stay to hear the candidate speeches, talk to the candidates in person, view the ballot counting/tallying process, etc). You only have to show up sometime within the registration/voting time window to get your ballot, vote, and then you can leave immediately after you turn in your ballot. Unfortunately you do need to show up in person in order to vote (ie. no absentee voting).
  • For people who live in an assembly district that has its ADEM election on Jan. 12th, there might possibly be some or a lot of overlap with the Organizing for Bernie livestream event. I believe it is important to prioritize voting first and then attend the livestream event afterward. Your vote is important in helping to change the Democratic Party from within, which is a goal that Bernie has emphasized time and time again.
  • In 2017 a number of ADEM meetings were influenced by shady, corrupt behavior from establishment Democrats. (For example, calling police to kick out grassroots candidates, giving fancy luncheon to their supporters at the site and on the day of voting in exchange for their votes, refusing to count/tally votes in public, etc). It's important to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity and do your best to keep a record of what happened.
  • Here are interesting news articles about the ADEM elections:
  • For an educational 2 minute video about these elections please see the link below:

Thanks to /u/Antarctica-1 for some of the information in this post.

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Berning Hindsight: Nominations & Voting for the Best of r/SandersForPresident 2018

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It's time to fan some flames for Reddit's best of 2018 awards here on r/SandersForPresident where we make progress by educating, organizing, & mobilizing people brought together.

Please reply to the flared comments below with nominations of comments or posts (unless specified). Return later & vote on your favorites from 2018 in each category.


  • Best meme / fan made video
  • Best call to action
  • Best self post
  • Best humanity
  • Best research or idea
  • Best change of mind or community member introduction
  • Best AMA question
  • Best hidden gem
  • Best insight or explanation

One week of Reddit gold will be awarded to the winner of each category. A week will be granted to a nominator chosen at random from among the winners as well. You can nominate your own thread. Nominations & voting will close at midnight EST on New Years so let's GOTV before then. This post will be linked in the sidebar and in many pinned posts.

Dedicate some attention to Bernie by subscribing if you haven't.

Fun facts:

The discussions on Reddit helped keep our most active online supporters engaged and up-to-date on campaign developments. They provided a big morale boost to those of us on the campaign.

-Jeff Weaver

When people talk about how well we did with young people, clearly one of the reasons for that was our success with social media… If corporate media won’t change, and they won’t, start new media. The Internet offers revolutionary prospects. The future is in your hands. Let’s get to work.


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Help, voting issue

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My friend is in Kuwait and cant figure out how to fax a signed copy of the form that was generated from the overseas absentee voter website to his voter district fax to have the ballot sent to him. Can anyone walk me through it who might have some experience with over the phone tech help? Every time he signs the pdf on his phone and saves it, he goes to fax it with TinyFax and his signature is gone. Thanks.

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Voting recommendations for the New Hampshire primary (Tuesday September 11)

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New Hampshire primary

Note that New Hampshire has primaries that are open to unaffiliated voters, which means that if you are registered with a party, you have to vote in their primary, but if you are not registered with any party, you can choose which primary to vote in.


Both Steve Marchand and Molly Kelly are pretty good candidates, though they are not calling for a Medicare-for-All type policy for NH. I think Marchand has a more detailed website and well-thought out plans for the state.

US Senator:

There is no US Senate race in New Hampshire this year.

US Representatives:

NH-01: There are lots of good candidates (and lots of candidates overall) I suggest one of the following: Levi Sanders, Deaglen McEachern, Mindi Messmer, Terence O’Rourke or Lincoln Soldati.

NH-02: Incumbent Democrat Annie Kuster is very conservative for a Democrat. She does not support Medicare-for-All, but she does not have a Democratic primary opponent. Among the Republicans, Stewart Levenson says he wants to get rid of Obamacare, but keep protections for pre-existing conditions and allow children to stay on the parent’s policies up to age 26. He’s the only Republican running who says anything about needing to find a way to cover people with pre-existing conditions.

Here are some state-level races, which I didn't have time to research. The links will take you to lists of the candidates, so you can decide for yourself.

State Executive Council: (also called the Governor’s Council. It’s role is to approve the majority of expenditures in the state budget and oversee receipts and spending for state departments and agencies)


State Senate:


State House:


State Ballot Measures:


Only three states are left to vote for primary candidates. We have two more elections this week (Rhode Island (Wednesday) and New York (Thursday)). Louisiana does not have a primary. They go directly to the general election (November 6th), with a runoff in case no candidate gets at least 50% of the vote. Here is a link to Louisiana candidates, so you can support the progressives now and hopefully get them above the 50% level (or at least into a runoff)!!

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Recommendations for Progressive Candidates in the Primary in Rhode Island (Primary on Wednesday 12 September 2018, mail voting available now)

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Rhode Island primary

Note that Rhode Island has primaries that are open to unaffiliated voters, which means that if you are registered with a party, you have to vote in their primary, but if you are not registered with any party, you can choose which primary to vote in. Also please note that voting is on a Wednesday in Rhode Island this year, rather than Tuesday.

Below are candidates from our BKAS series that have progressive values. In general, the list contains candidates who have Bernie-like positions – Medicare-for-All, increased minimum wage, getting money out of politics, free college tuition, etc. However, not every candidate may support every position Bernie has. If you don’t know the candidate, check out their linked webpage. If you are not comfortable voting for any of these candidates, you can find others running in these races listed on the Green Papers or Ballotpedia for US Senate, Ballotpedia for US House or Ballotpedia for Governor.

Starting in mid 2017, I began doing the Better Know a State (BKAS) series describing candidates for various offices in each state. I started alphabetically (Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, etc.), but then realized I probably should do them in order of their primaries. So, I switched to that system. It happens that New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Louisiana have the latest primaries of all the states. So, they were the last three states to be finished for the BKAS. As it turns out, I didn’t manage to finish those 3 BKAS posts before I got overwhelmed with actual primaries where I had to post voting recommendations. All this is simply to say that I have not completed a BKAS post on Rhode Island.


The current Governor, Gina Raimondo, is running for re-election. She is being challenged by Spencer Dickinson, who supports universal healthcare and getting big money out of politics, and Matt Brown, who supports Medicare-for-All, reversing cuts to Medicaid, $ 15/hr minimum wage, union rights, 100% renewable energy in Rhode Island by 2035, etc. I think both Dickinson and Brown are better than Raimondo. Also, note that Matt Brown is endorsed by Our Revolution and is a Justice Democrat candidate. There is also a candidate of the Compassion Party, Anne Armstrong.

Lt. Governor:

The incumbent David McKee is running again. Aaron Regunberg (Justice Democrat and endorsed by Our Revolution) is more progressive and supports Medicare-for-All, paid sick leave, fighting climate change, etc.

US Senator: Incumbent Senator, Sheldon Whitehouse, is very progressive and signed on as a co-sponsor of Bernie’s Medicare-for-All bill (S.1804). He does have one challenger, Pat Fontes, an activist for peace and environmental causes. She says she’s running for Congress “to find out what happens when a first-time senator tries to promote legislation which would benefit most Americans”. I think she would promote progressive policies, though her website is a bit skimpy.

US Representatives:

RI-01: Incumbent David Cicilline is a fairly progressive Democrat and a member of the Medicare-for-All Congress. He’s a member of the Anti-Trust Caucus in Congress and he favors net neutrality. He has an opponent Chris Young, who is something of a perennial candidate. Young seems to support the ability to discharge student debt and raising the cap on Social Security, though I found his policy positions page to be a little difficult to understand.

RI-02: Incumbent Jim Langevin is pretty conservative for a Democrat. He was a late co-sponsor of HR 676 (Conyers’ Medicare-for-All bill), only signing on about 7 months after the fill had come out. And he has not joined the Medicare-for-All caucus. His only opponent is Republican Sal Calozzo.

Secretary of State:

There is only one Democratic candidate, current Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea. She talks about elections and cybersecurity on her website. Rhode Island state law calls for risk-limiting audits of elections, which minimizes the chances for tampering with the vote.

Attorney General:

The current Attorney General cannot run again, due to term limits. There is only one Democratic candidate, Peter Neronha. His website discusses gun safety, environmental issues, public integrity and crime. His opponent from the Compassion Party, Alan Gordon, has filed a complaint to the Democratic Party about Neronha’s candidacy, because Neronha is covered by still-binding federal security clearances and related non-disclosure agreements from his time at the Department of Justice. Gordon states that these agreements will impair Neronha’s ability to prosecute certain cases. Gordon’s website talks about child trafficking and it appears he wants to fight that. But it does not give any information about his background or other policy positions.

Also, here are Ballotpedia links for other State-level races. I haven’t had time to research these candidates, so you’ll have to do your own research on them.



State Senate:


Endorsed by Our Revolution

District 5 – Sam Bell

District 30 – Jeanine Calkin

State House:

You may want to read this article about progressive RI State Representatives before making your choices in state races.


Endorsed by Our Revolution

District 5 – Marcia Ranglin-Vassell

State Ballot Measures:


Finally, I may have missed some candidates, so if anyone else knows of a good progressive I’ve left off this list, let me know.

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