PROGRESSIVES UNITE! If you want Biden to pick a progressive VP, there’s still time. BUT WE MUST ACT NOW.

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Let's make this thread a place to strategize (quickly):

Rationale: While Biden himself is likely not to change much of his own message of moderation — which is his main strength — he's surely seen the positive emotion, energy, and support of this movement while campaigning against Sanders. Biden knows that his campaign needs more energy. He knows that, despite his current momentum, things could change in an instant, *especially if Republicans are successful in their anti-mail-in-ballot and voter-suppression campaign.* He needs the fire of people that want real change, not just to beat Trump. He needs people who play to win, not just to not lose.

In short, he needs our support. (and much better campaign slogans)

I think the best way that he can gain that support is by choosing a progressive VP. I like Warren for this, but it doesn't have to be her.

I've been trying to come up with ways to get letters sent to him and his campaign managers — ones that he will read directly, not just get skimmed over by an intern. I have a rough draft of one here, but it's too long and still doesn't contain a couple more important points that I've got. I've considered starting a petition, but I could really use the help of people who are more experienced in activism, cause I've really only been involved in anything political less than a year.

What do you all think? Letters? Petitions? Are there blogs about this and/or people already pushing for this that we can assist? He's supposed to decide sometime around August last I heard.

EDIT: For the people of this movement who don't want to support Biden: Bernie is voting for Biden. He has stated he will support Biden if Biden is the nominee, which he is.

Bernie isn't going to sit around and pout. He's joining Biden's fight against Trump. By not doing the same, you're just a talker and not a doer. This movement is about doing.

I respect people's right to not participate in politics. But consider what you're doing, what you're enabling to happen by tapping out. To quote South Park "every election is between a douche and a turd sandwich, cause they're the only people who were suckups enough to make it that far." In this particular case, the turd sandwich is up against a cross between Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin, Bill Cosby, Kim Kardashian, and Chester the Cheetah.

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I just want to give a shoutout to Bernie supporters for having solid judgment

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This is kind of a pointless post, and I'm sure it will be brushed off as Bernie circlejerk by some, but I just want to emphasize some of the ways in which Bernie supporters have been proven right (since we're generally not the "I told you so" type). Bernie supporters are portrayed very negatively in the mainstream, so I thought it would be fair to balance the scales by injecting some positivity into the equation.

Money in Politics/Income and Wealth Inequality: One of Bernie's top 2 issues in my opinion. What happened when the economy collapsed due to COVID? Millions of working people went on unemployment while the wealthy elites increased their wealth by hundreds of billions. Bernie is a data-driven guy—he has seen the data showing that the top 1% has increased their wealth by over $ 20t while the bottom 50% has seen a wealth decrease by $ 800b over the last 30 years. Corporations have been investing in stock buybacks for years because they know the government will never let them fail. Our system is socialism for the rich.

Healthcare Reform: The other top 2 issue. This is a no-brainer. Countries with socialized medicine have had exponentially better responses to COVID than the US. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that those millions that lost their jobs during the economic collapse also lost their health insurance since the two are tied together in this country. Add that number to the millions that were already uninsured, and you can see why the US is being hit hard by COVID.

Police Reform: Bernie has been calling to "Demilitarize the Police" for a long time. Again, Bernie is data-driven—he sees that the data shows people of color are disproportionately impacted by law enforcement. Beyond the obvious issue of police treatment of minorities, Bernie understands that our police forces should not be decked out with the best military technology on the market. When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Today people are calling to "Defund the Police" which involves demilitarization.

Climate Change: This one is still ramping up, but we've seen previews of what is to come. The Australian wildfires for example. Bernie has called Climate Change "the greatest threat to our national security." He has seen the data, and he trusts scientists.

The 2016 Election: Hillary was a weak candidate, we all recognized this. Despite the fact that more Bernie primary supporters voted for Hillary than Hillary primary supporters voted for Obama in 2008, Hillary still lost the presidency to a reality TV star. Now here we are.

These are some of Bernie's top campaign issues that he has been running on all along. No other candidate has been this dead-on with their rhetoric.

In conclusion, I just want to say congrats to Bernie supporters for recognizing that these were big issues before they reared their ugly heads, and thanks for trying to do something about it. You have solid judgment. The establishment would like for you to question your judgment and fall in line—I hope you stay just the way you are. You have been proven right more times than the supporters of any other campaign, so who are they to advise you on what's right?

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I just want to say thanks to Bernie.

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There's so much bad sh*t going on in the world right now. I needed to take a moment today to reflect back on a dude named Bernie who's brought just about the only glimmer of hope to America (and me) over the past 4 years.

Don't know if I'm allowed to post my own video link here, but in case any y'all wanted to hear. Thanks.

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