Bernie The Real Feminist Pays All Of His Female Interns Biden & Warren Do Not !!!

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Warren, Biden Campaigns Appear to Find Loophole Around Paid Internships

Bernie also has his interns unionized Bernie is the one true progressive that cares about workers and women

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Bernei needs to be more upfront about how his programs are going to be enacted and be direct with his answers. Only then can he stand out compared to politicians like Warren who try to veil their programs just so they seem “not so extreme”

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In the debate, the moderator asked Bernie if he was going to raise taxes to help fund his programs, something no other candidate was asked, making it seem like only his programs would require a change in taxes. Regardless of how it was only targeted at him, he stumbled with his answers. He was not willing to directly say that,"Yes the programs will be paid for by increasing the taxes of everyone, but more for the rich than the poor." I believe that he needs to be more upfront about everything that his programs entail. This will make him seem like the honest one among a group of dishonest politicians who say anything and everything to get elected. Also, there will no longer be ground for criticizing his programs as "some socialist fairyland dream" and make them seem legitimate. He can also distinguish himself more from Warren (who he gets couched together with often) and expose how she has been advocating the same program in a sly manner just so she doesn't scare off people with irrational fear of a socialist takeover.

He should get the message of FDR out more and be more articulate in interviews and debates of how "other politicians want to enact the programs that he envisioned for America but without them costing a penny." RFK's answer when he was asked by a person from the crowd during his presidential run a out how his programs would be paid for also resonates. "From your pockets" was his simple yet profound honest answer.

If he does this, I believe it won't be difficult to topple all the phonies that share the stage with him.

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Why should I vote for Bernie Over Warren?

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Disclaimer: I’m posting this in good faith. Bernie will likely be the democratic nominee, but I honestly don’t feel the Bern. I’m not trying to debate or troll- I just want to understand him better or see if there is something I’m missing. My mind is open.

Honestly, the arguments I have seen for Bernie haven’t convinced me he’d be the best candidate for the job. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE how progressive he is. And if it was 2016, I would have voted for him.

But now it’s 2020, and all the candidates have the same platform, and Warren perfects his platform imo with her detailed plans. The fact that he’s been consistent is great, but the fact of the matter is that Warren has been pretty consistent since she’s turned into a democrat. I also haven’t been super impressed by his debate performance, and feel like he gives a lot of platitudes (feel free to argue with this).

What am I missing? What inspires you so much about Bernie that you don’t see in Warren?

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538 Debate Poll – Bernie receives second highest gain, decrease in unfavorables, largest total favorability. Warren also performs

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Biggest gains:

  • Harris: +8.7
  • Sanders: +2.9
  • Warren: +1.8
  • Castro: +1

No other candidate gained over 1, most decreased


Warren: -1

Sanders: -.1

No other candidate gained

Sanders surpassed Biden to take top total favorability

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What are some major policy differences that would make a difference in who I vote for between Sanders and Warren?

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I’m not as educated on all their ideas as I could be, but they both seem to represent similar ideas and I’m wondering what would make me choose one or the other. At this point I could probably take either as Democratic Nominee.

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So, after Warren saying nice things about Bernie tonight, a theory popped into my head…

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Going into the 2020 race, it was clear that there is a chunk of the Democratic base that refuses to support Bernie, which includes establishment “centrists” and #neverbernie types that blame him for Clinton’s loss in 2016. To overcome this and win the nomination, you’d need all the help you can get moving these voters over to Bernie. One way to do that would be this:

  1. Bernie runs as normal and continues to build up his base.
  2. Warren also runs, and uses her position to market herself as a more moderate alternative to Bernie that’s also more appealing to a lot of voters who supported Hillary. This would include pacifying the DNC linked groups by not making a pledge against accepting money from corporate PACs in the general, and making it clear that she is running to “reform capitalism”.
  3. Groups like CAP and Third Way, realizing that voters want a progressive, see Warren as a compromise candidate who can either win or prevent Sanders from winning.
  4. Assuming Biden is still the front runner (which is questionable, but a worst case scenario) when the convention rolls around, the votes are split between Bernie, Warren, and Biden.
  5. At this point, the progressive candidate who has less delegates than the other (likely Warren) agrees to pledge their delegates in order to create a joint ticket.
  6. This would likely be enough delegates to win the first count, which guaranteed victory (most likely for Bernie) and would prevent any fuckery on the part of the DNC.

I think the DNC might also be trying to play this game, which is why you see so many candidates running who have no chance nationally. If any of these candidates can get enough votes in their home state to overcome the threshold for delegates, they could then later trade those delegates to the DNC anointed front runner in exchange for a cabinet position. The problem with this is that the math just currently isn’t there based on polling trends. None of these candidates are on track to win any delegates in their home states besides maybe Beto or Harris, and even those two aren’t doing so great right now.

So this could be the reason why they are suddenly warming up to Warren, and I suspect they are attempting to make her an offer behind the scenes. It likely wouldn’t make very much sense for her to go that route, however, if she and Bernie have enough combined delegates to win outright, since Bernie is going to be much more amenable to getting her proposals passed than a cabinet full of corporate Democrats. We also know that she has a long history of bad blood with Biden in particular, who would probably go with Harris over her for the VP slot given the chance. They couldn’t do much to retaliate against her politically if she goes with Bernie, since they would be pretty much done for anyways with a Sanders/Warren White House.

Anyways, given all this, how likely do you think it will be that they might try to game the DNC this way and create a joint ticket? Also, is there anything I’m missing here as far as how the process might play out?

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