My Local Paper Covers Our Bernie Debate Watch Party

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From the piece written by reporter Montana Samuels from The Pekin Daily Times:

Not so long ago, putting the words “Tazewell County” and “progressives” in the same sentence would have been oxymoronic.

Pekin’s reputation historically as a “sundown” town and one-time hub of the Ku Klux Klan often precedes itself in conversation.

Now, a Toyota Prius with a “coexist” bumper sticker sits outside of the United Steelworkers Hall on McLean Street in Pekin while inside, a mostly white crowd talks about the appearance of Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren on the nationally syndicated hip-hop radio show “The Breakfast Club” (the appearance in which host Charlamagne Tha God referred to Warren as “the original Rachael Dolezal”).

What a time.

Simply by spending less than $ 100.00 for pizza and pop and sending out a press release, we were able to garner Bernie's campaign some free media.

Be sure to to read the entire piece here.

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Anyone else watch the Bernie Speaks segments from the 1980’s?

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It seems like they were shot on a low budget and for a local channel in Burlington in the 1980s when he was mayor of Burlington. I've watched a bunch of them on YouTube and it made me like Sanders even more than I already did. I recommend watching the one where he is interviewing people at the mall because it gives you a good picture of who Sanders is and why people in Vermont are so loyal to him.

He interviews a whole range of people from two goth teenagers, a little girl and even a woman who appears mentally handicapped who walks in on his interview with a security guard. Sanders never talks down to any of these people and he treated each of the people he interviewed with genuine kindness and respect. I highly recommend watching them because they really drive home the fact that Bernie is one of the few people in this race who is genuinely committed to making people's lives better.

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CTA: Call to Awareness! Always watch for attempts to control the narrative!

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Just a few months ago, a thread was posted here that has proven more and more useful as time goes by.

Not everyone posting here is actually a Sanders supporter.

Keep an eye out for attempts to control the narrative- if someone mentions an irreverent or irrelevant anecdote from two years ago, or four years ago, or something that happened to their cousin/father/local politician, be critical. Exercise the discriminating and thoughtful abilities that brought us here in the first place.

If someone is suggesting that Sanders supporters and Trump Supporters "want the same thing" that's a red flag and warrants further investigation.

If someone tries to bring up Hillary Clinton when you're talking about Joe Biden, or tries to make Joe Biden look good by comparing him to Hillary Clinton, just remember that deflection, projection, and redirection are hallmarks of the very cult that we are trying to overcome.

We are here to talk about Sanders and the good he can do for each and every one of us- even for those who fight against him tooth and nail. Be vigilant and watchful; the more successful we are in uplifting Bernie, the more the people who fear us will try to tear us down.

As a side note: the trolls are running out of naming algorithms, so keep an eye out for two-word "they make sense but who decided this was a good name?" names like atomicmagnet and LCD_lights.

Lastly, I wanna acknowledge the mods of this subreddit. It cannot be easy mending the fences, pruning the roses, and keeping this sub in such good shape, especially given how many weeds are trying to take over.

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