We’re killing it in Iowa – Phonebanking

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Just thought you'd all like to know that phonebanking in Iowa has been going on for a couple weeks now and it's going great. Thursday alone we made 10,000 calls into the state. Right now, we're targeting 1's and 2's (strong support and leaning) from 2016 to invite them to barnstorm events around the state where the campaign will work to turn attendees into volunteers. Response has been great. There are plenty of people who have signed up to attend and many more who are supportive, but can't make it for various reasons. There are still a lot of people who are undecided, but we're doing persuasion too and I'm confident a large portion of them will come around. The number of people ages 50+ who are deciding between Bernie and Biden baffles me, but it doesn't bother me because our floor of supporters is huge.

The system we have this time around is head and shoulders above 2016, data entry is done simultaneously during the call with the push if a button. That means no paper, no going back later to do data entry, and no wasted time. In Iowa in 2016 we had to manually dial numbers off of a paper list, this time we have an autodialer that only connects us to people who have picked up the phone. So those 10,000 calls are 10,000 people who answered. I can't imagine any other campaign has anywhere close to the headstart we do, which leaves me so freaking optimistic about our chances here.

I encourage EVERYONE to phonebank, its so easy, super non-confrontational, and is one of the best things we can do to ensure a win. We won't need as many people doing data entry this time, so come out if your shell and give it a shot! We've got great scripts so after the first couple calls it becomes routine and your nervousness just melts away. Do it!

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