Registered Nurses Have Higher Rates Of Injury Than Construction Workers! Then They Lose Their Health Insurance! Medicare For All! Donate To Bernie!

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having health insurance based on your job is tough on businesses and when someone gets injured they lose their health insurance

In British Columbia , Canada they no longer require RN's to lift patients

People have to work jobs to have health insurance … then get injured and lose it

Many nurses have worked at hospitals and saved lives only to find oot later that they cannot afford medicine, surgery…. etc

many nurses are 5'1' to 5'4'' and weigh 100 -125libs

the patients that they are required to lift , move and prevent from falling can be 6 ft and 250-350 lbs "Nursing has the highest rate of nonfatal occupational injuries, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. … Beyond physical injuries, nurses are also susceptible to emotional damage — 82 percent of nurses surveyed in the ANA Health Risk Appraisal said they had a significant risk for workplace stress.May 12, 2016"

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Support Sanders but he needs to do more for sex workers

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Sanders is easily the best possible candidate for president, but as it is the movement is leaving behind sex workers. Along with most of Congress and the Senate Bernie voted for fosta-sesta. This was a series of legislation that further criminalised and endangered sex workers. On this issue we need to move Sanders left and leave no one behind.

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